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When Hayley got to the café Harry was already seated reading a book.

She blushed before deciding to walk towards him.

"Hi Edward" she spoke standing now at his side.

"Good morning Hayley" he spoke getting up and kissing her cheek.

"What you reading the Ed? " She asked voice almost letting her down as Harry softly touched her hand.

"Um" She spoke up "I was wondering if maybe you would come with me for the weekend we are going to a cabin in the woods my parents own it's very luxury i think you'll like it please I don't want to be alone with my parents my lil sis will be at a friends pleasee edd" she practically begges looking ar him.

"Okay but only because I wanna do this some more" he said kissing her lips softly

Giggling she placed her hand on his arm as she kissed him back.

"What should I bring with?" he spoke rubbing her cheek.

"Your self and swim trunks that'll be all….. oh and you gotta be at my house early Friday morning " she threw him a charming smile.

"I won't be late" he smiled and kissed her cheek.

"You still didn't answer my question Edward" she spoke sitting across from him at the booth

"And that was? " he asked wiggling his eye brows.

"What you reading" She smiled as he ordered for them both

"Oh I'm reading to kill a mockingbird"

She smiled at him "Didn't take you for the book worm type Mr." she giggled

"What did you take me for Miss Williams?"

"A bad ass gentleman" she smiles

The waiter brought them their drinks

"Your Vanilla bean frappuccino with two pumps of raspberry." Harry spoke placing the drink infront of her.

"Oh my your like the first guy that listened when I talked" she blushed deeply.

"I actually have a question to ask" Harry spoke touching her knuckles "will you be my girlfriend? "

"I'd like that" she smiled leaning over the table kissing him sweetly.

"I want to take take you on a date tomorrow if I might" He smiled showing his dimples

"that'll be fun where will we go"

" A private place"

"Where your bedroom? " He choked on his ice water

"Even tho that sound like a great idea we will have to take it slow princess"

She smiled and kissed his cheek "i have to go but ill see you tomorrow."


It was currently eight pm and Hayley sat in Harry's car as they drove to the unknown place.

"Here we go" He spoke getting out of the car running around opening Hayley's car door for her and helping her out of the car shutting the car door and taking her blindfold off.

Hayley looked around eyes wide as they traveled from tree to tree as she saw fairy lights hanging down from them.

"wow Edward this is so beautiful"

"I know right it's my secret hideaway place when everything gets to much to handle" he spoke getting a blanket and laying it down on the floor.

He took her hand and pulled her onto the blanket before sitting down and pulled her to sit inbetween his legs before getting stuff out of the picnic basket that was next to them. He smiled handing her a chicken salad and for him he had a burger.

"This was really nice Edward I really enjoyed the piece and quiet" she spoke as they stopped at her gate.

"Anything to make you happy baby" he said kissing her knuckles making her blush like a crazy person.

He got out and opened the door for her and she climbed out.

"Ill see you early tomorrow morning okay sleep tight princess don't miss me too much Hayley" Harry spoke smirk visible on his face.

"I'll try Edward I'll try my best baby" she spoke and he placed his hand on her cheek and kissed her softly leaving her to tug his hair. Gently he pushed here againt the wall kissing her neck leaving bruises "can't wait for tomorrow" Harry mumbled against Harley's neck.

"Me to"



This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!