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A Bit of A Mix

Chapter 2.

I sat down on the couch and stared at the screen. Thoughts we're racing through my mind. I sat and looked at B, a smile slowly creeping onto my face. I jumped into the air with happiness the stopped and thought. "Wait didn't he leave without telling me?" And suddenly anger, saddness, and betrayal started to grow inside of me. B must've known how I was feeling, so she opened her arms and brought me into a hug. For some reason I started to cry.

"It's alright love..." She cooed to me making feel slightly better.
"W-Why did he do this without telling me?" Is all I could manage to get out before bursting into tears again.
"He's a Ass that's why." She told me as she patted my back.
I sat up and hugged her tightly. "How do you put up with me?"
"Sometimes I ask that myself." She said smiling.
I smiled slightly.
"There's the girl I know." She said while making me first bump her.
"Your stupid B. You know that? But I love you anyway!" I told her smiling, laughing a small bit.
"I know! And I love you too!" She said grinning ear to ear while crossing her eyes.
I laughed and hugged her once more.
"Your the greatest!" I told her happily.
"I know!" She said Happily.

I turned back to the T.V. and started eating some of my dinner. I was happy for Niall and all, but just a little pissed off at him not telling me he was leaving. As I was watching, a question about his childhood came up.

Interviewer: "So Niall what was your favorite thing to do when you were younger?"
Niall: "Well, me an' this bird Bri would always go to our favorite tree. It was a willow I do believe."
Interviewer: "Tell us more about this Bri."
Niall scratched his head and thought for a moment.
Niall: "Well, we we're best friends. Until..."
The Interviewer looked at Niall with curiosity. Probably thinking 'Oooh. More Stories = More money.'
Interviewer: "Well? C'mon. Until What?"
Niall blushed and thought long and hard.
Niall: "Well I didn't exactly tell her before I left for The X- Factor. And I guess we kinda lost touch with one another. Bri if your out there listening I wanted to say I'm sorry."

I quickly turned off the Tv and looked at B. And thought to myself. "Apology Accepted."


Thoughts on this? Yes it's a bit cheesey, but this is from the begginning, when I first began t' write. It gets better as I go on. Love you, seriously, vote and stuff! ~K


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