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A Bit of A Mix

Chapter 1.

Me and my best friend Bai finally finished unpacking our clothes. We've just moved back to London, from America. We we're finally taking the time to relax and put on some Pj's and watch Tv.
Our Pj's : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=54155812

"Hey Bri!" My best friend shouted.
"Yes B?" I yelled back.
"Whatcha wanna eat tonight?"
"You can choose." I told her as I walked into the kitchen.
"What about Nandos?" She asked with her phone in hand.
"Uhh Sure! But... That was Niall's favorite place" I mumble.
"Bri Shut Up About Niall! You haven't seen him in like two years."
I was quiet for a minute. She was right. I need to give up on Niall. "C'mon B! You Going To Starve Me?" Is what I finally blurted out.
"Bri, you eat more than a hamster!" She smiled back happy with her answer.
"God B! Anything eats more than a hamster" I said between laughs.
"Nuh Unh! Not ants!" She replied confidently.
"Okay then. Hurry up I'm hungry!"
"Fine." She said while dialing the number quickly.
"I'm going to go find something to watch."
"Aight! Make sure it's something good!"

I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch and started to look for something to watch. I was flipping through the channels and found some type of show like E! News. It was talking about a boy band that's big right now called "One Direction." Ehh Why Not. I thought to my-self. I went back into the kitchen to tell B what we're watching. She didn't sound to thrilled but allowed my choice.

"Who knows. May be some cute Brits." She said with a wink.
"Maybe!" I Told her back, laughing.

10 minutes later...

The door bell rang. We both looked at each other.
"Well? Who's gonna answer it?" I asked her.
"Let's do it together!" She said quickly.
"Okay!" I said as we walked to the door to answer it.

It was the delivery guy. We paid for the food and went to watch the show that was on. It was on commercial so I told her I had to pee and told her to fill me in if I miss anything. Of course I was in and out quickly and when I got to the living room I saw B. Her face as pale as a ghost.

"What's wrong?" I asked her with quite a bit of concern. And she pointed to the screen.
On the screen it showed the names of the five boys in the band known as "One Direction." And Among Those Names Was Niall James Horan.

"Oh My God."


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