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7 Day’s later

“Oh Hunter harder please” I moan as he thrusts into me, his lips bite hungrily at my neck leaving small welts behind, I feel my release growing in the pit of my stomach. He groans into my ear
“ Fuck Mia” He’s breathless, breathing words of nonsense into my neck. I tighten my legs around his midsection waiting…and waiting… and waiting… I grunt uncomfortably as the release once present in my stomach fades to nothing. Hunter pours passion into me and I feel him stiffen up; then he breaks and stills.

He pecks my lips softly… What the fuck was that? He gets to finish and be all happy and he’s just going to leave me unsatisfied.. suddenly I’m really angry with him, I mean we’ve had this problem allot lately, he’s always into it and I’m not…

I dismiss the thoughts into the back of my head, it’s probably nothing, and my body is just under a lot of stress right?

I turn over and I feel the bed shift as he does the same. I grab my phone and click it on. I can’t be here, I stand up and pause waiting for Hunter to ask where I’m going. He says nothing… I roll my eyes and walk into the kitchen. It’s dim, not dark, it’s only about 10:30pm. I wrap my loose cardigan around my body.

I hear the door creak and abruptly turn my head to expect Hunter asking me to come back to bed, it ends up being the wind. “Oh my god” I whisper to myself and march back down the hall, Hunter is fast asleep, snoring quietly. I feel the tears building up.

I dial Selena’s number and hold the phone up to my ear shaking while I lean on the pantry door.

“Hey babe” She sounds cheery and I can hear people in the background.

I try to keep my voice under control, breathe Mia breathe…

“Wh-What’s up” Fuck I crack

“Whoa what’s wrong” Her tone changes completely

“Nothing, can I come over?” I cry desperately into the phone.

“Of course, stay the night cause Miley’s engagement party is tomorrow and we can get ready and go together”

I sniffle and hang up the phone. I rush to throw on my flip-flops and grab my dress from the front closet, I scribble down a note for hunter and leave it on the counter.

Went to Selena’s meet me there tomorrow at 4


“It’s just weird Sel” I sigh as I finish explaining my story to her, she pauses and looks as if she’s still analyzing it.

“So you guys were having sex and you just weren’t into it?” She cocks her head to one side. I sigh again, it’s not just that I wasn’t into it.

“No, I was and then I just wasn’t and then I left and he said nothing and I don’t know maybe I’m crazy” I rub my temples, this is all confusing.

“You’re not crazy, a lot is going on right now, you’re probably stressed” She puts her hand on my knee soothingly. I want to believe this is stress, but I can feel something more than stress.

“I guess, we should go to bed, Miley will be here early and knowing her she’s probably going crazy right now” I fall back onto the pillows.

“This engagement party is probably going to be more stressful than the wedding itself” Selena laughs her famous laugh and lays next to me.

I switch off the light “ Night Selly, love you”

“Love you too”

“This dress is too tight” Miley complains, I’m about ready to slap her.

“It’s not too tight Miley it’s a body dress it’s suppose to be snug” I zip it up and she steps forward.

“I like it, how do I look” She turns and a grin tugs its way across her face.

“You look great” Selena steps foreword and all of us are in view of the mirror.

“We look great” (http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_17/set?id=95080366) My eyes widen as I look at all of our outfits, we all look so grown up and dressy.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married” I say breathlessly

A knock breaks our moment as a suited up Hunter Hayes appears.

“You ladies look wonderful, may I steel my girlfriend away now?” He smirks and I feel my body warming up, this makes me happy, it means I’m still in love with him.

“She’s all yours” Miley and Selena laugh.


Harry’s P.O.V

“Haz your worse than a girl” Liam groans as I change my outfit for the 4th time, I frown.

“How do I look?” I ask and they all raise an eyebrow

“Fine, can we go now?” Dani complains

“I’m surprised you were even invited” I laugh, Miley and her have a rough past.

“I wasn’t, I’m Liam’s plus one” I hear the ere in her voice.

“ So you have a thing for Mia, don’t you?” Louis begins I can hear the concern in his voice.

I think about it and there’s no need to deny it any longer, “Yeah I guess I do”

This is bad, I’m basically setting myself up for heartache.

Mia’s P.O.V

We arrive at the Country Club, it’s a stunning venue.

I see flashes from cameras before the door is even open, I was hoping this would be paparazzi free. Hunter opens my door and I step out taking his arm.

Instantly questions start being yelled at us about the state of our relationship, Hunter wraps his arm around me protectively and guides me into the building.

“You okay babe?” Hunter looks at me, I snap out of my faze of looking around the place at all the people.

“Yeah I’m fine” I walk towards the bar

“MIA!” I hear yelling and turn to see Miley “ Mia come over here” she gestures me over, the bartender hands me the coke and rum I ordered and Hunters gin and tonic.

“I’m going to go say hi to Tim” Hunter touches the small in my back, I look over to see Mr. McGraw and nod.

“Hey babe” Miley speaks as I reach her and Selena

“Where’s Liam?” I turn around to make sure I haven’t missed him

I down the rest of my drink “He and Justin went to get a golf cart or something” Selena laughs

“This is going to be a great party Miley” I rub her shoulder, she smiles looking down at her shoes

“You seem off, and you’re already drinking, what’s on your mind?” Miley looks me dead in the face.

“Hunter is just, we’re kind of in a rough patch that’s all” I angle my head.

And that’s when I see Harry, he looks amazing, I mean he always looks amazing…

Shit did I just say that. He locks his eyes with mine. I smile shyly and I receive a slight smirk from him in return.

I notice the rest of the boys, Dani and Perrie crowding in behind him and then they start walking in our direction. Fuck, quickly I adjust my hair and dress and stand straight.

“Ladies” Niall acts very coy

“Selena, Mia nice matching dresses” Perrie is the first one to notice Selena and I are basically twins tonight and then hugs us all.

“Who invited you?” Miley sneers at Danielle, Dani gawks and laughs “I’m a plus one”

“Soon to be a minus one” Miley grows

“Whoa” I step in the middle of them as Louis and Zayn start making bets on which one would be the winner would be if they fight.

“Lets not fight please, tonight is suppose to be happy” I stare down Miley, they’re acting so childish.

“Fine by me, Mia, Selena always nice seeing you too” She smiles sweetly at Selena and I and I return one, which earns me a dirty look from Miley. I don’t really care though, I mean Dani and Miles have issues, I have none with Dani and I actually like her allot.

Liam decides it’s a good idea to take Dani to find their seats and get away from the heat.

“Congratulations Miley, on your engagement” Louis hugs her and then stands beside me.

Everyone starts mingling with each other and then I wonder, where’s El?

“Where’s Eleanor Lou?” I turn

He frowns “ We’re fighting, I don’t know if we’re together or not”

He pauses “Where’s Hunter?”

“Oh we’re fighting too, but he’s somewhere around here”


“Want to get drunk?” I grin

“Yes” He grabs my arm and we head back to the bar.


After a few drinks I think I’ve shared every aspect of my life with Lou, from my childhood to my sex life, and he’s done the same.

“So why does Harry not talk to me anymore” I giggle

He laughs a loud laugh “Don’t worry, Harold is a weird one”

I see people start making their way to the proper tables as dinner starts being served

“Shit, we should go sit down” I stand and Louis follows.


I sit at the head table, since I’m a maid of honor, I see Hunter placed at the opposite end as he is one of the groomsmen.

I’m feeling a little buzzed I’m not going to lie, but it comes as no surprise when I’m asked to make a speech before dessert comes.

“Well where do I start” I laugh and they room copies me “Miley and Liam are very close to the perfect couple” Again they laugh “Seeing them in love and being around them has taught me allot in life and in my own relationship, it’s taught me that no matter what happens, no matter the situation you never give up on the one you love, also that when you find that one person that you want to be with that you know is the one” I pause for dramatic effect and I notice tears building up in Miley’s eyes “You never stop trying for them, you never stop trying to make them smile or make them happy, and you put that person before yourself, So here’s to Miley and Liam, congratulations” I raise my Champaign glass as does the 100 other people in the room.

As diner ends the party picks up, people are drinking, I think about 75% of the room is drunk, people are dancing and we’ve literally took over the place.

“Babe” Hunter starts before twirling me around with the song. I put my hand on his shoulder and his goes on my waist as we start dancing.

“I have to go, there’s an emergency at the studio, missing tracks from the album or something” He shakes his head and stares at me waiting for me to answer… Is this a fucking joke.

“Um, okay” I step back out of his arms, his face raises into a grin

“Thanks baby I love you” He kisses my lips quickly and rushes out of the room.

He leaves me standing in the middle of the dance floor all alone… I feel the tears building up and there’s no fucking way I’m making a scene in here. I rush through people and walk to the back of the club, I exit and walk a while before I find a bench placed by a pond, it’s actually quite beautiful the stars are in view.

I sit down and let everything out, I sob into my hands quietly but I can feel the tears hitting my bare legs. I sniffle and look up to the sky.

“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be out here crying” A deep husky voice speaks from behind me.

I turn, and even in the dark I can see his big green eyes, and surprisingly I’m glad and thankful he’s here.

“May I sit?” He asks, I nod.

“I know what it feels like, to not have things together but being expected to keep it together all the time” He bows his head

I rub my eyes “It’s just everything lately is wrong” I whisper

Harry studies me and I can tell by his facial expression that he cares and is concerned. A small gust of wind blows past us, and a piece of my hair goes onto my cheek. Harry studies me for a few seconds before moving his hand up to my face his long fingers glide along the piece of hair before tucking it away behind my ear, his hand touches my cheek briefly and I quickly put my hand over his to hold it there.

The feeling this brings me is indescribable, sparks radiate through my clavicles and down my body. Gently he brings my head closer to his, our foreheads touching, his face is full of emotion, his eyes glossy and his mouth parted slightly. I blink and a tear falls off my eyelash, his brows furrow when he sees it and he quickly wipes it away with his thumb.

I bring my face closer to his and slowly he pushes his lips against mine, his hand drops from my cheek to around my waist, he pulls me closer and I end up sitting on top of him, I kiss him back, our mouths moving in sync with each other. I place my hands on his jaw. He pushes his tongue through my lips and it explores my mouth. Oh Mia… what are you doing. I know what I’m doing is wrong but it feels so right, kissing him feels right. My body tingles from all the butterflies forming, like fireworks sparks ignite. We make out for a few minutes before I break the kiss and stand… Why did I do that. I shake my head as guilt fills me. I love Hunter, you love Hunter Mia.

“Mia” Harry is breathless, he stands.

“Harry, stay away from me” I walk away quickly but not quick enough, he grabs my arm and spins me around, crashing his lips into mine once more. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his around my waist meeting at the small in my back.

Fuck. “Harry stop” I whisper but make no movement away from him. Why why why am I doing this.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t feel anything to” He says quietly, staring me at me deeply. I did feel something and that’s what’s scaring me.

“I can’t do this right now Harry” I step back and start walking to the club.


“Hey babe, where have you been?” Selena asks when I return to the main hall.

“Just needed some air” I answer quickly, I see him enter the same place I did and Miley’s face grows questionable.

“I’m going to get a drink” I walk away before she can ask.

A slow song starts playing as I finish my 7th, 8th or 9th shot of Jack Daniels.

“It’s always fun getting drunk alone” I hear Harry I turn quickly and almost stumble. He gives me a supporting hand.

“Harry” I slur “Stay away from me” I narrow my eyes at him and he looks hurt.

“Give me one dance, please” He offers me his arm. I pause before giving into him. I’m such a push over.

He pulls me close and has a tight grip on my waist, he’s quiet a bit taller than me. I rest my head on his chest. I hear him smile and I find myself smiling too.

Selena’s P.O.V

“Did anyone see that coming?” I gesture over to Mia and Harry dancing, thank god Hunter left or he’d be having a hernia.

“I did” Zayn raises his hand

“Yeah I did too” Liam laughs

“Haz admitted to having a thing for Mia earlier today to me” Louis studies Mia and Harry’s dancing, they aren’t that far away from us, just far enough not to hear the conversation.

“I think Harry and Mia make a better couple than Hunter and Mia” Niall voices his opinion.

“I just hope Mia knows what she’s doing” I say quietly.

Just wraps his arm around me.

“Aren’t you guys going on tour together?” Miley looks around

“Yeah we signed the papers yesterday” Liam raises an eyebrow

“Well that’s going to be one very interesting tour” Miley downs the rest of her drink.


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I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

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