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Mia’s P.O.V

“Wake up beautiful” I hear the cooing of Hunters warm voice in my ear. I smile with my eyes still closed and groan.

“It’s 7:30 baby, I’d let you sleep but I have work and you have an interview” He plants a swift kiss on my cheek before leaving the bed. I sit up and open my eyes; it’s dark until Hunter opens the blinds, and light fills the room and welcomes me.

“I’m going to shower, Miley called” Hunter informs me; I yawn and nod before standing.

I stagger a few steps to pick up my phone and dial her number. I stretch as she answers.

“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all morning where have you been?” She hisses into the phone

“Um sleeping, what’s up?” I laugh

“Well you know my engagement party is coming up right?”

Shit, I forgot, I mentally punch myself.

“Uh yeah how could I forget?” I agree

“You and Selena are the maids of honor so I want you guys in a matching dress the same color as mine, and can you come over later to help with the catering? These people don’t understand what I want” She complains, I’m not looking foreword to this matching thing, how tacky.

“Yeah sure can I come around two?” I rub my aching temples this wedding is stressful.

“Actually I need you to go dress looking first, for you and Selena, Selena has a recording session and I’m going to be at the country club all day dealing with these people” She babbles on and frankly its making me want to kill myself, it’s not even 8am and she’s already starting.

“ I just want to get these dresses out of the way, my dress is black, that should give you endless ideas, also Liam’s wondering if Hunter wants to come golfing today around 3pm with Justin and him since we have the country club booked for the next little while ”

I sigh to myself silently

“So you want me to go dress shopping alone? And I’ll ask Hunter when he’s done in the shower” I complain

“Well find someone to go with you, take El don’t take Dani she hates me and I think Perrie flew back to London for a family thing,” she continues on not aware I’m barely listening to her

“I can’t take a girl dress shopping unless it’s you or Sel because every other girl will say I look great in everything” I whine and she laughs

“Than take a boy I don’t know but it’s my wedding just do this for me please” I can tell she’s pouting from the other line.

“Fine” I give up

“And come straight over after caterer is coming over at 7pm, love you” She makes a kissy noise and hangs up. I groan loudly and fall back on the bed.

“What’s wrong babe” Hunter strides out of the bathroom with a towel hanging off his waist.

“Wedding drama with Miley, oh Liam wants you to go golfing with him and Justin today at 3” I bend my head to look at him

“I’ll be done at the studio by then, I’ll text him, go get ready Nicki will be here soon” He kicks my behind with his foot playfully

I pout; he cocks his head to the side and awe’s at me.

“I do believe I haven’t gotten a good morning kiss” I whine and he steps closer to me, bends down slowly than quickly pecks my lips then walks away

“Hunter you tease” I say while stepping into the bathroom.

I quickly turn on the shower and step into it, I’ve never been a fan of hot showers, and they give me headaches.


I look at my self in the foggy mirror, my hair is black and matted from the water, I smile and I look happy but I don’t feel like I look, I’m not unhappy… I feel… fine, I feel neutral not sad or mad or happy or unhappy but sort of all of them built up into one. I shake my head and resume dressing.

I look outside the bathroom window, it looks hot today, Nicki said dress professional, and I’m 21 years old how do I dress professional?! I decide a summer dress is the best way to go.

I finish touching up my lip stick and walk out of the bathroom (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=94366189)

My phone says 8:08 I smile I’m on time. The kitchen is vacant, Hunter’s probably left for work, I open the fridge and grab a yogurt, I peel back the lid and take a spoon full, just as I finish Nicki walks through the door.

“You’re ready? I’m surprised” she crosses her arms and grins at me.


I look out the window as we drive, this all looks unfamiliar

“Where are we going?” I turn to her

“A meeting about your tour, it’s in Santa Monica” She replies

I nod and lean my head against the door watching the scenery fly past me.


“We’re here,” Nicki announces after driving for 35 minutes. I extend my arms to stretch them; sitting in this car has been boring. I step out and hear the loud roar of the fans.

Security bombards around me taking me threw them, I wanted to stop and sign autographs and take pictures with them since it was the least I could do, every time I looked back Nicki told me to keep moving and put my head down.

“I hate doing that” I look outside the door as we reach the inside of the building. “ I hate not being able to talk to them, doing that makes me seem like I’m not grateful for them, which I am immensely” I look at the ground

“There’s a time and place for everything, now the meeting is going to start soon lets go” Nicki pushes me down a hallway we turn into a big professional board meeting room.

I turn my head and to my surprise I see Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn all sitting in a row playing with the paper cups present for refreshments, they’re making some sort of pyramid.

Harry sees me first; he stops playing abruptly and clears his throat awkwardly, I giggle because the others don’t catch on until he kicks Niall in the shins. I see Simon Cowell at the farthest end of the table and confusion rushes over me.

Nicki walks to him and takes her place next to him.

I sit down to the chair closest to me.

“So I’m sure you all are wondering why you have been brought here today” Simon stands, the boys don’t look like they’re paying attention, and I cross my legs and look up at him.

“Boys please, I’d like you to hear this” Simon scolds them

“We thought it would be a good idea to bring you all here together without you guys knowing” Nicki stands as well

“As we all know, Mia is going to start her tour in 8 weeks, and we are still deciding upon the opening act”

I narrow my eyes, she and I were supposed to talk about the opening act this weekend.

“We have the time slot booked in each concert across the globe we have yet to find a band to fill that time slot is what our concern is”

I stifle a giggle at Nicki trying to sound professional, she shoots me a death glare and I swallow down any up in coming laughter.

“So Nicki has come to me to see if One Direction would like to open for Mia Apparo on the Before The Storm World Tour”

I gasp and all eyes are on me, Simon gives me a questionable look “Mia, what do you think about that” Nicki talks to the room but its like she’s just talking to me, I think about it, I wouldn’t mind going on tour with them, they’re fun guys but we don’t really know each other and travelling the world with Harry frightens me.

“Sure, I mean I don’t have any problem with that as long as every one feels good about this decision” I look at the boys

“We haven’t been on tour in a while” Liam looks to Simon

“We haven’t done anything with music in a while” Louis looks to Liam

“I think this is what we need to get back in the business” Zayn smiles

“I’m in” Niall gleams “ Harry?” He pats Harry’s shoulder, he takes his eyes off me “Um yeah sure I don’t care” He stutters.

“Well you guys have 8 days to think about it before the contact comes in, so get to know each other” Simon claps his hands.

We spend the next two hours discussing rules and requirements and song/dance choices. Harry keeps his eyes on me, unless I look at him then he quickly averts his eyes.


“That was a long meeting” I complain quietly

“I can drop you off at home” Nicki takes out her keys

“OH actually I was wondering if I can borrow your car and call the car service for you, I have to go dress shopping for the engagement party” I smile kindly hoping she’ll give me the car

“Fine” She hands over the car “But only because you were good in the meeting, I know you aren’t thrilled about this arrangement” the boys walk out of the room together

She looks at them “We’ll talk later” She walks down the hall.

I puff my lips out I don’t want to go dress shopping alone, I look over at the boys, they’re laughing at something Louis said.

I walk up to them

“Why hello Mia” Louis curtsies

“Hey” I smile quickly at them all

“What can we do for you” Niall looks me up and down.

“Well I have to go shopping, and I don’t want to go alone, what are you guys doing this afternoon?” I ask graciously

“Well I have plans with Dani, we’re looking at furniture” Liam frowns

“I have to pick up El we’re going to look at puppies” Louis smiles fondly

“I’m going swimming in the ocean with Paul and then we’re going for supper” Niall claps his hands together.

“And I have a Skype date with Perrie” Zayn says non-chelontly.

“Well Harry?” I look at him nervously

“I” He starts then pauses “Have no plans” a small chuckle rises through his throat.

“Fantastic, want to come with me? Please” I plead

“Sure, want me to drive?” He walks past me, I quickly hug each boy then follow

“No I have Nicki’s car”


“You don’t mind coming with me?” I say as we enter the SUV escaping the screaming fans

“Not at all, where are we going?” He smiles with a closed mouth

I start the car and turn out of the parking lot “ Um somewhere downtown, I have to get a dress for Miley’s engagement party”

He looks at his hands and then back up to me “Yeah we got an invitation to that yesterday, fancy invites” I speed up and he grips the arm rest

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive?” He looks scared, I laugh

“I’m not that bad of a driver” He smiles shyly, I use to live in New York, the drivers are crazy and I guess I’m still in that state.

“Hey lets go look in there!” I spot a Chanel and make a swift turn causing Harry to make a loud shriek

“I think I should drive” He adjusts his hair.

“Lets go princess” I put on my sunglasses hoping people wont recognize me


The disguise fails and as soon as we get out people start staring. None of this seems to faze Harry.

He seems nervous, he hasn’t said much to me, and I frown.

“You’re not very talkative” I tease, he smiles but doesn’t respond.

Harry’s P.O.V

She tease me, I smile but can’t think of an answer, jeez Styles you’re fucking this up.

I think of all the things I could say and nothing seems good enough, we enter the store and her eyes pop at all the clothes stacked along the walls.

“Oh my god its Mia Apparo and Harry Styles” One of the workers recognizes us, shit.

“C-Can I help you” she staggers forward, Mia gives her a huge smile and it makes my insides warm.

“Could you start me a dressing room?” Mia speaks kindly too her, like she’s a friend, I grin small to myself.

“You’re really kind to fans” I say out loud, shit.

“ I remember when I saw Madonna at Barneys in New York, I was so star struck and she was so nice to me, I want my fans to feel comfortable with me, being bitchy and rude is dumb, we’re all humans”

She skims through a rack of clothing and I notice her arm getting filled quickly with garments, I take them from her.

“Oh, thank you” She blushes. She’s beautiful.

Mia’s P.O.V

I walk into the change room area, the worker I interacted with earlier stands waiting patiently.

Harry hands her the garments, I feel myself blushing again.

“Wait here” I say before walking into the change room.

“You’re going to come out and show me right?” He demands

I smirk “Of course”

I take my clothes off leaving on just my underwear and slip on the first dress, I’m having trouble doing up the zipper.

“Harry” I grunt while trying to zip up the back

“What’s wrong?” He calls

I pull the curtain “Can you zip me up?” I ask nervously, I see him gulp and slowly walk towards me, his long fingers touch my back and I shiver, I hear the zip and I’m thankful.

“So what do you think?” I sashay my hands out jokingly

“You look.. amazing” He sounds breathless on the last word.

“I really like it, do you think it’s appropriate for a engagement party or is it too revealing?” I turn to examine the back with the mirror

“I think you look lovely” He runs his hand through his curly hair and takes a deep breath.

“I’ll try on the others and then we’ll see” I step back into the room


Harry zips me up once more into the second dress he steps back and makes an uncomfortable face.

I laugh loudly “You don’t like it?” he chuckles “ Um it’s not the best choice”

“I’ll listen to you on this one Mr. Styles” I put my hands up and walk backwards.


“What do you think of this one?” I walk out and his eyes pop, his jaw drops.

“Do you like it?” I ask shyly

“You look incredible, I like this one the best”

I turn and look at myself in the mirror, “ I like this one, I think Sel will like it too” I turn to the sales women “I’ll take two, same size” She smiles gratefully and rushes to the rack where I found it.

“You’re total will be $1,479” She hands me the debit machine.

“That’s allot of money for two dresses” Harry observes

“But when you think about it, how much are your suits, one is like five thousand dollars”

“Well said”

My phone rings as we drive along the highway

The Bluetooth allows me to answer it hands free


“Mia, where the fuck are you?!” Miley screams into the other end.

“I’m on my way” I quickly take the exit to Miley’s house

“Hurry up we’re about to do the first course” She hangs up before I can say I’m with Harry

“Want to come with me to a food tasting?” I mutter nervously, shit I’m so stupid.

He laughs and I notice his two dimples “Sure why not”

“Hi sorry we’re here” I see Miley sitting at the table with Selena alone. She looks at Harry and eyes me suspiciously.

“Harry and I went dress shopping” I sit next to Selena and Harry sits next to me.

“First course” A very French chef comes and puts plates in front of all of us.

“This is the Beef Wellington” He announces

I take a small bit of the vegetable’s present on the dish

“Oh Mia don’t worry, I’m having a vegetarian meat option” Miley laughs at me.

“You’re a vegetarian?” Harry looks at me

“I have been all my life”

Second course is Caesar Salad with a Chicken Marengo and the main is a choice of Lobster Newburg or Delmonico steak, we remain quiet through the tasting but I notice that Harry has impeccable table manners. For dessert we had choices of Crème Brule, Tarte De Fraise and other French things.

“So what did you guys think, you all were really quiet” Miley gawks

“I liked it” Selena says simply

“Delightful, it was all really good” Harry folds his hands together.

“I should show you the dresses, and I have to drive Harry home” I stand, Harry stands with me

“No, I’ve already called a car service, you don’t have to drive me, Miley thank you, I’ll see you at the party, Selena, Mia” He walks to the door

Selena and Miley gesture me to follow him most inappropriately.

“Hey Harry” He stops but doesn’t turn around

“I had allot of fun today thank you for coming with me” I smile big at him, he smirks small and avoids all of my eye contact.

“What’s wrong?” I touch his shoulder, he steps back.

“I think my car is here, goodbye Mia” He steps out the door without looking back. Why did that seem like a forever goodbye and not a goodbye I’ll see you in two days?


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I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

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