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†Please Daddy...


~You're touching me just right. You Pause. Fingers hovering in the air. I whisper, I whimper, please touch me again. You grin. That smile creeping 'cross your face. The one (you know) That sends shivers racing a pace. Your fingertips descend caressing the air above my yearning skin teasing, tantalizing me with almost touch. This delicious agony has me arching up and up. Begging, pleading, a honeyed mess. You groan. Inhale then... Lick me up.~



A u r é l i a ~ B o u r b e a u

A u r é l i a ~ B o u r b e a u

~19~ Strong, Bossy, Studies at NYC Ballet.

H a r r y ~ S t y l e s

H a r r y ~ S t y l e s

~26~ Powerful, Deceitful, Dominant.

V a l é r i e ~ D i e u d o n n é

V a l é r i e ~ D i e u d o n n é

~18~ Delicate, Falls easily for the wrong person, studies at NYC Ballet.


  1. |Don't Hold Your Breath|

    ~Give It To Me Just Like That~

  2. |Bitter Sweet|

    ~I Love The Way You Taste~

  3. | Heat |

    ~You Touched My Soul~

  4. |Just Enough|

  5. |Im Hungry Daddy|

    ~Feed Me~

  6. |Wet|

  7. |No Need For GoodBye|

    ~Your Words Send Chills Down My Spine~

  8. |Times Are Changing|

    ~All Fun Must Come To An End~

  9. |No Tears|

  10. Instagram Account

  11. |Imagine|



@Teresa Horan
Haha, I hope you enjoyed. It was pretty crappy but they'll get better.

Please update :)

Omg!!! I have been waiting for you too come back please continue with the story don't leave me hanging please please!!!!!