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A Pretty Lost Direction

Chapter 2

Spencer's P.O.V

"Spencer.." Hanna whispered.
"I had to text her Hanna. You know Ali would want all of us looking for her."
"I've got a bad feeling about this flight, Spence."
"Aria couldn't leave that easily, okay Hanna? She can't leave us, because she knows we won't have a fairytale ending. She wanted out. So she's there, playing good girl like nothing's wrong?"
"At least one of us deserves to be happy."
"And Niall doesn't Han? Don't pretend we all don't know that she still probably wears that necklace."
"Niall is not our concern right now."
"Why not?"

I sighed. There was no point in arguing with Hanna in the airport like this.

"We don't even know if Aria's coming." Hanna sighed.
"Oh, she's coming."
"Why didn't Em.."
"She doesn't want the boys to be suspicious, so she stayed." I smiled.

It was silent for a moment, until Hanna whispered.
"Ali would have filled in that silence with a sarky comment."

I looked down. We'd been getting hints about where she was for a while. Most recently, we'd been sent tickets. For a flight, to some islands...near the bermuda triangle. We'd been sent eight tickets - so I guessed Alison was leading Aria too.

I looked up, and saw Aria. She looked the same, the year hadn't changed her. She walked towards me.
"Spencer, What is it?"
"Ali needs you."


Haven't Even Told Brona I wrote this, but super bored.

We're back, Bitches.
And We know Everything
-Caoimhe x


Maybe maybe not;) caoimhes meant to write but lord knows how long that will take:')
You're alive!!!
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx
Hallelujah bitches!!
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx
okay i uunderstand now.
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx
okay i uunderstand now.
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx