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A Pretty Lost Direction

Chapter One

Aria's P.O.V

I smiled, as the sun shone down, and we walked across the Hollis parking lot. I couldn't believe I was finally graduating, after majoring in english. I looked to my left, and my eyes widened. I saw the familiar face of Ashley Marin, walking towards me. "I thought I'd surprise you." She grinned, fixing my graduation gown.

She was followed by Mr and Mrs Hastings, and Mrs Fields. Oh, and of course, Jason. I know what they were all thinking. How much I wanted my friends to be here. How much Ashley wanted Hanna to come back. How much Mr and Mrs Hastings wanted Spencer to graduate some ivy-league school. How much Mrs Fields needed Emily. And How much Jason wished he knew where his sister was.

It was like a play. We were all there smiling, hiding the pain at the very back of our brains. I missed everyone so much, and I'd probably never see them ever again. Tears rose at the back of my eyes, but as my own parents coaxed me on in, I felt slightly..dizzy.

I got my diploma, and I managed to stay on two feet. "I'll take you for a coffee, okay Aria?" My dad said, as everyone wished me luck. Ashley hugged me, and whispered in my ear, "If you ever hear from hanna.."
"You'll be the first I tell, Ms. Marin." I whispered.
"I know." She replied, and smiled.

I sighed, getting in my car.
We went to the coffee shop, and my phone vibrated in my pocket.

Spencer Hastings;

SOS. Aria, we need you.


I'm SOOOOO Happy this sequel started.
I'll fail all my exams, but YOLO.


Maybe maybe not;) caoimhes meant to write but lord knows how long that will take:')
You're alive!!!
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx
Hallelujah bitches!!
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx
okay i uunderstand now.
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx
okay i uunderstand now.
HeyKevin.xx HeyKevin.xx