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Change My Mind (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Chapter Three; Give it up to Carrie.

Niall's P.O.V

We arrived in New York today. Mam's sent me with an old album, a prayer book and some food for the journey. Typical Mammy. I'm sharing with Harry, they're at the pool now. I'm flipping through the photo album.

A picture of me and Mammy, and one of Me and Daddy. One of me and Greg. A few family holidays, days in the sun. But the faded picture of a little boy an a little girl on a wall, makes me laugh. The little girl looks naive, and out of place, if you remove the blonde boy on her other side. She looks too peaceful for the sunny day, and the bright bakery windows. But the blonde boy's hand is linked with hers, and she's smiling, looking at him. We were about nine then, me and Carrie.

Another one. A small, petite girl, a picture through her window. She's looking at whoever's taking the picture, grinning. She's leaning out the window, her hair blowing in the autumn wind, and shouting something. She's waving too. Waving at me. My Carrie.

The last picture. The day before I left. Carrie's head's on my shoulder, and she's smiling, again. Her hair's down around her shoulders, and you can see our tree in the backround. I'm smiling, but I remember this picture. I was afraid.

The next day, I would break that girl's spirit, her soul. I called and texted, but replies never came. I wonder if she even acknowledges my existance, anymore.

"What is it?" Harry said, coming in, "Who put a bee in your bonnet?"

He looked at the book, and took a double take. "Who's that?" He asked, pointing at the picture of Carrie.

"That's Carrie." I whispered, a smile creeping onto my face.

"Her eyes..her hair..she's so.."
"I know. She was my best friend, before I left."
"I wouldn't have left her." He laughed, picking up the book.

I took the book quickly.
"It's complicated." I mumbled.

"She your girlfriend, then?"
"Carrie, Is she your girlfriend."

I snorted. "I wish." I said, sarcastically.
"Where's she at now?"
"You know as much as me."
"She run away?"
"From me, yeah. Everyone else knows where she is, exept me."
"She's stupid then. She knows you have an amazing friend, like moi."
"Carrie's the smartest girl I know, Harry." I snapped, "She was smart enough to not leave a trace when she left. Smart enough not to let me back in, wasn't she then?"


I got on the stage in new york. The crowd were screaming, shouting.
"Hello New York City!" Louis screamed.

"Right you guys, we're starting off with...Kiss You!" Harry yelled, and the crowd laughed. Girls were falling at his feet. Some of them, very drunk girls, mind you.

"Niall!" I heard a scream. A small brunette with freckles held out a banner, as Zayn started the song. I signed it, and smiled.
"We're going to start the fan cam, it's totally random, and a chance for you to get your face on the big screen!" Liam announced, after singing his verse.

The first face was a tall redhead, with a sarky expression. Of course, when she saw herself, she began to scream. The second, a black haired girl, grinning her head off. She looked like she had a hanger in her mouth. She didn't even notice she was on the big screen.

The camera changed, to a girl with features like a china doll, and long sandy hair. She was scowling at her friend. When she noticed she was on the screen, she pulled up her hood, making her sunglasses fall off. She had the iciest, most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. "Carrie." I whispered, as the girl, after looking me in the eye, ran up the steps, leaving the concert.

I exchanged glances with Harry, who smirked. "Let's give it up to Carrie!" He called,as Carrie turned, blushing. She scowled again, at me, and left, quickly, followed by her two friends.


Humiliation is the best potion.


Update, I love this!
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Update smelly -bro x
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I wuv it<3
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