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Change My Mind (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Chapter Four;

Carrie's Pov

I hugged my knees, as I heard the boisterous knocking on the door. I could tell who it was, It was Ali, or Milly. Kali'd told them about the 'emergency'. Unless..It was Niall. No, It wouldn't be. It made me sick to see him smiling at me, the cheek of the whole thing? Treating me like absolute shit, then smiling at me like nothing had happened. Reality check, dickhead. No. I didn't really hate him. Hate's too strong to feel against the boy who picked me up after I fell so many times. I wanted to hate him, but I couldn't. Not Really, at all.

"I'll get it." Kali smiled, sympathetically. I didn't want everyone over. I wanted Daddy, to hug me, and read to me. I wanted him to laugh and say this bad dream was over. That Niall never really left. But he wouldn't. I was being stupid. He's dead and buired, and wherever he is, he's more to be worrying about than my love life. Love life? God, I'm confused. "What's this emergency?" I heard Alison murmur, "I had to leave a date with Harrison Moore." Milly was there, I saw her at the door. She stayed calm. "What happened?" She asked Kali. "Carrie came on the big screen at a One Direction concert, and forgot to mention she had HISTORY with Niall James Horan." Kali muttered, putting her finger on her lips so that I wouldn't hear. Yeah, right, they're five feet away, I'm totally oblivious.

The TV blared and I rolled my eyes, but couldn't really look away.

One Direction Star Niall Horan has left the New York Concert Due To Jet Lag, But We Think Other things are on his mind. A mystery blonde who has been photographed with Niall a few years ago, three to be exact, has made an appearance, somewhat coincidentaly close to Mr Horan's absence. Who is this girl? Has she stolen our Niall's Heart?...

Oh, Shit. I paused the tv, and called the guys. "ALISON, MILLY, KALI!" I called, and they ran in. Their mouths gaped wide, and I threw the remote at the TV. "Bastard." I whispered, rubbing my eyes. I knew I hadn't stolen his heart, but I can tell you, I think he'd stolen mine, those years ago. I don't think he returned it.


Kinda Short, But asdfghjkl, I don't have time, I'll do more soon.


Update, I love this!
HopelessDream HopelessDream
Update smelly -bro x
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I wuv it<3
AnotherZaynGirl AnotherZaynGirl