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Lina Ellis is just your average 22-year-old girl trying to make a living off working a part-time job at a coffee shop. What happens when she discovers she has a long-lost twin brother? What happens if he also happens to be famous?

Katy Mandt is anything but your average 21-year-old girl. Already a business owner, she works a full-time job and lives in her own house. What happens when her famous ex-boyfriend reappears in her life on nearly a daily basis because her best friend's famous twin is in the same band?

Their lives will never be the same.


This isn’t a normal fanfiction. This is possibly the most original unoriginal fanfiction that you may come across, for we (ThatRandomUnicorn & iceskatez) have taken as many mainstream storylines (circa 2014-ish) as we possibly could and crammed them all into one single fanfiction mash-up parody. The ideas are not ours, but this idea of the purposeful combination of all the mainstream ideas is, as are the parts that actually are original. Please do not plagiarize or steal this story that we have worked so hard on.

Fanfiction [fan-fik-shun]: fiction written by fans of a TV series, movie, etc., using existing characters and situations to develop new plots.

Keep in mind that this is a fanfiction in which things are not supposed to be realistic. Some things won’t make sense when compared to the real world, so don’t question it. Everything is mainly made up from our imagination and is most likely nowhere near what would happen in reality.

Mash-Up [mash-uhp]: a creative combination or mixing of content from different sources

This 1D fanfiction in particular creatively combines as many story lines that are mainstream, or otherwise overused, in this fandom into one single fanfiction.

Parody [par-uh-dee]: to imitate (a composition, author, etc.) for purposes of ridicule or satire

Please note that this is also a parody of 1D fanfiction and its many mainstream storylines in general. This story was made solely for the purpose of entertainment and is in no way meant to offend anyone or their stories.

So without further introduction: enjoy reading!


-Lina Ellis

-Lina Ellis

(22) the main character

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

(22) the ex-boyfriend

Katy Mandt

Katy Mandt

(21) the best friend

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

(22) the long-lost twin

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

(24) the new neighbor

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

(23) the victim

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

(23) the former best friend



I love this :') think its fab and so well written!

Loving it! Cringey, Cheesy, Loving every bit!

Plz update I love it

Hazeleyes13 Hazeleyes13

yay i cant wait :)

So good to know you are both fine and writing! It'll be great to have you back :)