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Fix Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Chapter 14

Liam's POV

I woke up to someone tapping me on the shoulder, I looked around and saw the nurse standing beside me,
"Her parents are here, you might want to go before they get here" she said to me, I nodded and took one last look at her, I got up to leave when I saw them walking inside, her father gave me a look that felt like he was looking into my soul.
"Oh um, Hi, I'm Liam and its nice to meet you both" I shook their hands and stood aside,
"Who are you? " Her father asked,
"I'm, uh, I'm Sky's friend." I replied, feeling kind of nervous without knowing why exactly.
"Well, thanks for bringing her here, you can leave now" he said,
"Stuart!" her mother nudged him and looked at me,
"Sorry dear, don't mind him thank you very much for looking out for our daughter, come see her soon" she said smiling, I nodded and smiled back said goodbye and left the room. Her father started me down the whole time, for some strange reason though, I felt like I have seen him before but I couldn’t remember where.

I left the hospital and went back to the collage, got into my room and I see Callie and Zayn making out on his bed.
"Really guys? no sock or anything, that’s disturbing I wont be sleeping" I said, laying back on my bed.
"Back so soon?" Zayn asked,
"Yeah, well her parents came" I said,
"Oh right, forgot to tell you...I called her parents I'm sorry." Callie said to me. I shrugged and turned the other way putting my headphones in.
"I'm going back to sleep, try not to be too loud" I said, facing the wall. they both laughed and went along with their make out session, which I found weird because I didn’t know why were together. but I guess I didn’t really ask either. I closed my eyes and all I could think about was Skylar and how I wish I could have stayed with her so she knew I didn’t leave her side. that’s what I did the whole night before I finally passed out asleep.


Skylar's POV

I opened my eyes, feeling like someone had been smashing a hammer on my head repeatedly but the weird thing was, I couldn’t talk, not even if I wanted to it was as if I could only hear myself in my head but words wouldn’t leave my mouth.
"OH THANK GOD!!! SWEETHEART" I hear someone yell and run inside. As I look over I see its my mother along with my dad. I remember all that I kept thinking was, great now I'm going to get a lecture about how I should have come home because they could have prevented this, which they really couldn’t.

I didn't say anything, fakes a half smile and she hugged me. My father who mind I say is the most stubborn man in the world and has never liked ANY of my guy friends.

"the boys are out looking for him, if they find him he is going away for a long time" he said,
I tried to speaking and for some point all I could do was whisper.
"that’s what you said last time.." I replied bluntly. My fathers the chief of police back home and he pretty much works all around the states, you can say he is kind of a big deal but he also thinks he has all the power in the world. He got Marcus sent to jail for a couple months after he got into a fight, and now I'm guessing someone told him that he is the reason why I was in the hospital. After what I said to him, he stayed pretty silent the whole time he was there.
"How do you know it was him?" I asked,
"Callie told us darling, she was really scared don't be upset with her" she replied,
"I'm not mad at her, she's the last person I'm mad at" I said back and faced the other way.

for some reason, I couldn’t remember how I got here. all I could remember was hearing Marcus yell at me and hit me because I obviously wasn’t fast enough to get away, but for a second I knew it was him. I knew he saved me again, for the second time. He barely knew me yet he has constantly been there saving my ass for trying to make me feel better and I just didn’t know how to handle that to be honest, I didn’t know what to think or what to do because I wasn’t used to this, this whole someone caring about me enough to want to save me or better yet, be my hero all the time.

"Visiting hours are over, I'm sorry but you are going to have to leave" the nurse said to my parents. I turned around seeing my parents get up.
"Sweetheart, we have to go back tonight but I am second your brother down to keep an eye on you" she said as she hugged me and my dad just nodded and agreed with her. He wasn’t an affectionate person but I knew he loved me. I didn’t say much but nodded, because I knew there was no point in me arguing with them over my brother coming. Now he is another story that I don’t have time to tell, lets just say he is my oldest brother and is the badass in the family and crazy protective over me.

After my parents left, I just lied in bed watching some boring show on TV what I didn’t know what it was even about, but I still watched because I was bored and I couldn’t leave until tomorrow. As I watch TV I see Callie and Zayn walk in fast, closing the door.
"SAFE! WE MADE IT!" Says Callie,
"Team work!" He said and leaned in, kissing her.
I gave them a weird shocked face, because frankly I was not aware of this sudden relationship.
"What...just, what....how long was I asleep for because last time I was awake you two were not kissing" I said questioning what I just saw,
"oh yeah we went away the day to figure stuff out and we kind of started then, sorry I didn’t tell you" she says to me.
I didn’t say anything, I just shook my head and smiled a little because I was actually happy for her. she deserved it and he was good to her so that’s a plus I guess. The rest of the night revolved around them telling me weird and funny stories about what they did and Callie and I shared childhood stories. I guess it was what I needed at that moment, to actually smile or even try to and to forget what happened even for a couple hours, but I couldn’t help to think where Liam was, I haven't seen him at all since I have been here, I don’t know if he was even here after he brought me in because I know they all brought me here so he had to be with them, I wanted to see him I really wanted to see him, I wish I could just ask them but I left it alone, because I didn’t want to ruin the moment, the one little happy moment I've had in a while since I started collage.




Nelliejay Nelliejay

@angieuhlmann you have made my day! thank you so much for reading :) ill add more chapters asap!! we will see what happens, im thinking of a surprise plot twist. STILL THINKING about it ahah :) glad you are enjoying!

Nelliejay Nelliejay

Things are beginning to happen now! I just wish she would open up a little bit to Liam and let him in some. Maybe now that he has saved her twice, she will be able to trust that he isn't going to hurt her the way she has been hurt by her ex boyfriend. Good fanfic!! Gotta love Payno!!

angieuhlmann angieuhlmann

AH!! thank you soooo much! i will as soon as im finished this semester in uni! which is in like a week! i will update soon

Nelliejay Nelliejay