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Fix Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Chapter 13

I closed my eyes, thinking of him and the way he smiled, his laugh or his awkward short conversations with me so he could get a couple of words out of me."Careful, its really not safe to be here all alone beautiful", I opened my eyes and I instantly felt my heart drop to my stomach. It's as if I was paralysed, I couldn’t move I couldn’t do anything but look up that dirty smirk on his face.
"Wha-what are you doing here?" I said, stuttering a little
"Now now, haven't I ever told you its not polite to question what I do?" he says back.
I blink my eyes and it was like I wasn’t still anymore, I got up on my feet so fast that I didn’t even know how or when I did it. I just slowly walked back, moving away and he just kept coming towards me. I didn’t know what to do I kept looking around praying id see someone who could help me right now I don’t care who, just anyone.
"Where you going Sky, why are you so scared huh?" he kept walking towards me and talking
"Marcus please leave me alone...go home, why are you even here. leave. please." I begged
"You and I both know that’s not going to happen pretty" he smirked and grabbed my arm tightly, I pulled away or tried at least but his grip kept getting tighter.
"Let go of me Marcus!" I said, raising my voice
"Keep it now, Skylar" he said with a harsh tone,
"NO! LET ME GO!" I yelled, hoping someone could hear me
"I said keep it down" he slapped me across the face and grabbing me harder. I felt my face go red, feeling his hand print across my face and tears start to build up in my eyes, I was so scared and the first thing that I thought I could do is run and scream.
"Don’t touch me!!!" I yelled, pushing him off and ran across the campus, for some reason I felt like I was so far from my dorm, that this will never end and as I ran, I could just hear his foot steps following mine
"You are going to fucking get it now!" he said angrily, running after me so I just screamed for help and kept running towards my dorm, hoping that tonight isn't the night he decides to hit me until I'm dead.

Liam's POV
I was almost half asleep when I get a call from Zayn
"Dude, car broke up we are not far from the school, mind picking us up?" he asked
"Yeah, sure ill be there soon" I replied. I got up got dressed and headed out to my car. I don’t even know why he went out with Callie anyways, he is trying to get with a girl that only sees him as a friend, he will get friend zoned and blame me for not telling him -which I have- he just doesn’t like to listen. I walked out my dorm and went into the parking lot, looking around seeing how empty everything was. I got into my car and drove off to where Zayn told me he was and I texted Zayn letting him know that I'm on my way there.
About 30 minutes later, I find them sitting on the car laughing. I pulled over and looked at them,
"Move that laughter into the car, I'm tired and its late and I thought you weren't coming back tonight?" I said to them
"We changed our minds" he said as they both got into the car. I turn around and drove back to the school.
"Hope no one steals your piece of shit car" I said laughing a little
"Hey! watch it, that’s my baby" he replies smiling
"Hey Callie, you good back there?" I look at her from the mirror and see her looking at her phone texting fast.
"Callie.." I repeated myself
"What? yeah I'm okay" she said, without even knowing what I asked
"What's up?" I asked
"Nothing, just I've been trying to text Skylar for an hour now and I call her but her phones turned off" she said sounding nervous.
"We will be back soon, you can check up on her" said Zayn, trying to keep her from freaking out.
I just kept driving and Zayn kept talking about things that I really didn’t care about, then went on to a story about how he almost got killed by a girl because she liked it too rough and he was scared. I couldn’t help it but burst into laughter and so did Callie,
"What the fuck man?" I said while laughing
"It's true, if it happened I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale" he said nodding his head. I kept smiling and drove into the parking lot, parked the car and all of us got out walking back to the dorms, Callie called Skylar again but she didn’t pick up, she walked ahead of us and then stopped walking so I turned around to see why
"SKYLAR!!" she screamed and started crying, I turn around and see Skylar in the corner and I see him, the same guy that hurt her before over her, beating her down.
I don’t think I thought what I was going to do, I ran, I just ran as fast as I could and tackled the guy to the ground. I just hit him in the face as hard as I can
"Don't fucking touch her!!!" I kept repeating, feeling the anger inside me as I kept hitting him when he fought back. Zayn run over pulling me off of him, "Liam! you are going to fucking kill him! get off let him go! we will get him" he kept saying and I hit him one last time, letting him pull me off of him and I stand there breathing hard and my knuckles bleeding. he gets up and looks at me
"This isn't over, ill be back! you started a war" he said while walking away
I turn my head and see Callie beside Skylar, crying and trying to wake her up. She was just laying on the ground with blood all over her body and face. I walked over to her and slowly picked her up, heading back to my car with Callie and Zayn. It went from screaming and yelling to complete silence. Zayn held Callie as we walked back and I put her in the car having Callie with her.
I don’t think I have ever drove so fast in my life, going to the hospital and trying to keep myself calm. when we got to the hospital I picked her up and went inside, yelling for help and all I saw was everyone running toward me and next thing you know she was taken from my arms. We walked to her room and I could see them helping her, then all I see is the doctor yelling something and all the nurses ran in the room.
The door was left half open and I could hear it, that sound, that sound I didn’t want to ever hear. the flat line on the heart monitor. I held my head and fell to my knees and just yelled, crying and anger feeling every inch of my body just break right at that moment. Zayn and Callie just stared at me trying and Callie crying with me.
"WE GOT HER BACK! QUICK KEEP GIVING HER AIR, DON’T STOP, HER HEARTS BACK TO REGULAR" I heard the doctor yelling. I looked up in the room seeing them all run around to get her back and one of them shut the door. I sat against the wall holding my head in my hands trying to keep it together.
About half an hour later the doctor walks out the room.
"We had some difficulties, we lost her for a little while but we got her back, she's going to be passed out for a while. if you would like to stay with her you may" He said, then walked away.
"you guys go. ill be here, I'm not going anywhere." I said to Zayn, he nodded and picked up Callie because she fell asleep. I gave him my keys and watched them leave. I got up off the floor and walked into her room, walking into the room I felt my heart beating out of my chest then I saw her. that beautiful face hurt and swollen, cut up and bruised.
"I'm not leaving your side...I promise" I said, sitting down on the chair and holding her hand.




Nelliejay Nelliejay

@angieuhlmann you have made my day! thank you so much for reading :) ill add more chapters asap!! we will see what happens, im thinking of a surprise plot twist. STILL THINKING about it ahah :) glad you are enjoying!

Nelliejay Nelliejay

Things are beginning to happen now! I just wish she would open up a little bit to Liam and let him in some. Maybe now that he has saved her twice, she will be able to trust that he isn't going to hurt her the way she has been hurt by her ex boyfriend. Good fanfic!! Gotta love Payno!!

angieuhlmann angieuhlmann

AH!! thank you soooo much! i will as soon as im finished this semester in uni! which is in like a week! i will update soon

Nelliejay Nelliejay