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Paid to Love You


"How much for one week?" He asked me

"You want to buy me for every night this week?" I asked

"And morning, and afternoon. I want to pay you to be my girlfriend why I am in LA" He said explaining more and I was quite shocked.

"Well it's not going to be cheap." I said to him making sure he was really up for it.

"I'll pay anything."

"$10,000." I stated not expecting him to take it.

"Deal." He agreed and I was quite shocked again "I will also pay for you to get some clothes. If you're going to play the part you have to look the part."

"You mean I get to go on a shopping spree!?" I asked excitedly

"Buy whatever you need." He said handing me his credit card before heading off to work. "I'll go to the bank and pay you half today and half at the end of the week." He said before closing the door behind him. I am getting paid to be Zayn Malik's girlfriend for one week.. I never thought I would end up here.


Cristal Collins

Cristal Collins

20 moved to LA from Kentucky when she was 18, couldn't find a job and became a prostitute to survive.

Riz Marcus

Riz Marcus

22 Met Cristal when she first moved to LA, helped her when no one else was there. Cristal's best friend

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Everyone feels like he is loosing his mind and going crazy, when really, he is just trying to figure out who he is.



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