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Lots of One Direction short stories

Spin the Bottle- part 3

After a few more rounds it was getting late so we decided to make this the last dare, Jo declared that it had better be the best one yet. I spun the bottle as it was my go, the bottle stopped exactly between Harry and Niall. “I’ll spin again” I say about the grab the bottle. “NO!” Jo shouted, she suddenly whispered to Zayn who then smiled and whispered to Louis who then whispered to Liam. “Ohh best by far! Ok Hannah we dare you to go into your bedroom with both Harry and Niall and do 7 minutes in heaven” Liam informs us as he gives Niall a HI five. “Wait 7 minutes doesn’t seem like long enough, how about 1 hour in heaven?” Louis laughed “we could lock them in then leave and come back in an hour, see what they get up to?” “Are you serious you want me to stay in my bedroom with Niall and Harry for a whole hour with the door locked?” I asked shocked. “Yess!!!!” Louis, Zayn, Liam and Jo shout. “Now go!” they all say as Liam pushes me, Harry and Niall into my bedroom.

I sigh as I hear the door lock from the outside. “Are they serious?” I ask Niall and Harry. “Yep” Harry smiles. I know this would be most girls dream to be locked in a room with Niall Horan and Harry Styles but it made me really nervous as I wasn’t sure what they might do, especially since they both have very obvious boners and Harry was only in his boxers still.
Harry slowly approaches me. “So what we going to do for an hour?” he asks with a wide grin on his face. “Mmmm I can think of a few ideas” Niall says as he grabs me by my waist and pulls me hard against his chest. “I…I don’t think so” I manage to say as I try to pull away from Niall. I quickly turn only to find myself bumping into a half-naked Harry. His skin was really hot and I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach. “Do we make you nervous Hannah?” Niall says from behind me. I nod my head as Harry lazily strokes his hands up and down my sides. I feel little hot tingles left where he touches me. Harry stares into my eyes and smirks. “Do we turn you on babe?” Harry asks. “N…no” I stutter. “I can see it in your eyes you want us, the thought of us both wanting you feels dirty but sexy as hell, you want us to both take you, to have our way with you, to make you scream our names as we make you come with such force you’ll only be able to think of us fucking you from this day on” Harry said strongly. “Is that right love? Is that what you want?” Niall asks as he steps into view. “Y..y…yes” I breath heavily. I did want that, oh my god I wanted that so badly I didn’t even realise. Both Niall and Harry exchanged a look then smiled at me wickedly.

Harry’s lips crashed down onto mine, his tongue quickly sought entrance. I moaned against his smooth firm lips. Niall pulled my shirt over my head exposing my deep red bra. They both sighed in appreciation. “We’ve never done this before, you know with the same girl at the same time, but your different, your sexy as hell, you’re comfortable in your own skin, your confident, you’ll happily make out with a girl because you were dared to, and you know who we are and are a fan of us but you don’t go all crazy. You’re well rounded and when we are with you we feel like normal guys who can do stupid crazy things and not feel like you’ll judge us or run to the tabloids just because we’re famous. Harry says. “Aww, umm thanks? But just you wait until you see tomorrow’s headlines. ‘Two directions and one lucky fan share a steamy encounter. Fan tells all’” I giggle. “You wouldn’t” Niall said “no your right I really wouldn’t, but that’s really sweet what you said Harry, I wouldn’t change who I am just because someone is famous…. or really hot.” I giggle

Harry led me to the bed and laid me down. Niall bent over to kiss me as Harry pulled off my shorts and panties. I breathed heavily. Harry bent his head down between my legs and started to gently run his tongue over my core, he lightly flicked my clit causing me to moan into Niall’s hungry mouth. After a few minutes of Harry’s skilled licks, sucks and gentle bites I was withering on the bed with need. Harry blew cold air onto my clit causing me to nearly come undone, whilst Niall took off my bra and started to nibble on my left nipple while his hands massaged my other breast. Harry pulled down his boxers and kicked them into the corner of the room, I gasped at the size of his erection proudly pointing towards the ceiling. He slowly pushed into my core filling me instantly, “wow so tight babe” Harry groaned as he started to gain a thrusting rhythm. I could already feel my walls tighten around Harry’s member, he groaned and started to thrust fast and hard, I tiled my head back as my eyes glazed over with lust and pleasure. I suddenly felt my orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. I squirmed on the bed moaning loudly as I came. I really hope the other guys left like they said they would otherwise I bet they are laughing their heads off….. or wishing that they had been chosen by the bottle and was in here with me as well/instead. As my orgasm ended I felt Harry empty his load into me, he shuddered and gently fell on top of me. He grinned “mmm babe your sooo hot!”

“What about me?” Niall said huskily as he stripped off his now very tight jeans. Harry and Niall swapped positions. Niall was now standing naked at my opening while Harry eagerly kissed me and massaged my breasts. His lightly damp hair tickled my forehead. Without any warning Niall thrust into me, I screamed his name as he hit my g spot. Wow Niall was really large as well, he felt thicker then Harry but not quite as long. Wow how can it be that they both have really quite large dicks…. I wonder if they all do? Nah surely not… what are the chances that in a band of five guys all five of them have big dicks? Mmmm I wonder….. Niall thrust hard and fast, while Harry continued to kiss me. I have never been this turned on in my life! With each thrust Niall hit my g spot causing me to moan rather loudly into Harry’s mouth. The thought suddenly hit me. I was having sex with 2/5 of One Direction, whilst most likely the other 3/5 were outside listening in. I giggled to myself. Niall continued to thrust hard and fast into me as my second orgasm hit me, this one lasted longer than the first and had me completely shaking on the bed. Niall jerked and came into me. As my orgasm ended and I was able to gain more control over my body both Niall and Harry kissed me passionately. Harry helped me up off the bed while Niall cleaned me up with his shirt that was on the floor. “Hmm a nice souvenir” Niall chuckled as he looked at his shirt. They both helped me get dressed as I was still a bit out of it. “Fuck, Hannah that was….amazing, that so won’t be the last time though” Harry smirked as he kissed me again. “We better get back out there” Niall sniggered as he pulled me into a tight embrace whilst smoothing out my sex hair.

We knocked on the bedroom door. The door opened. “Have fun?” Louis smirked as he Hi fived Niall and Harry. “It sure sounded like it” Liam grinned. “Ye Han that was hot, these guys couldn’t keep their hands out of their pants” Jo joked. “Hey! Neither could you” Zayn laughed. My cheeks flush with embarrassment. I knew they would probably be listening in. Harry slapped me lightly on my bottom as he suggested that we should all get some sleep as it was really late. We pushed mine and Jo’s large beds together and all pilled on to get some sleep. I woke in the night to find my head on Harry’s lap while Liam, Zayn and Louis’s arms lay over my stomach. Niall was at my feet quietly snoring with Jo cuddled up to him. Wow what a night I giggled. I slowly closed my eyes and fell back asleep.




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