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Lots of One Direction short stories

Spin the Bottle- part 2

Later that evening

The doorbell to our suit rang. I got up to get it. I assumed it was Jo’s dad coming to check on us and say hi as he hadn’t seen us since we arrived yesterday evening. I padded bare foot to the door wearing my skimpy pyjama shorts and a baggy but short shirt that came to my belly button. What can I say I normally sleep naked so I needed my pyjamas to be cool and comfortable for when I needed to wear them. I opened the door and was shocked at who was standing their smiling at me. All five members of One Direction were standing at my door holding bottles of wine, beer and takeout. “Hey Hannah, thought we could hang out, mind if we come in?” Harry asked. I nodded and invited them all in. I introduced myself to them and they all introduced themselves to me, as if I didn’t already know who they were but hey I didn’t want to seem rude.

We all sat down in the living area of the suit watching movies and eating take out. Jo and I had already polished off a bottle of wine between us and the guys had had several beers. We had been talking for a while and these guys were even nicer and down to earth than what I had originally thought. “Hey we should play a game” Niall suggested. “Ye! We should play spin the bottle” Jo shouted excitedly “Hannah is great fun to play with she always does her dares” she says as she winks at the guys. Harry smirks clearly thinking about what I told him earlier about Jo and I making out. “No I don’t think so Jo maybe we should play something different?” I say slightly worried as to how the evening might turn out if we really did play spin the bottle. “Aww are you chicken?” Louis teased “Ye, I mean if your too scared to play with us Hannah then maybe we should play something a little more tame and boring” Harry joked. “Fine we can play, I’m not one to ‘chicken’ out” I sigh. “Yesss!” Jo exclaimed. “Oh and by the way boys we normally play dirty” Jo laughs.

We started off the game quite tamely. After a couple spins Zayn ended up asking if I was a virgin. “No I’m not” I inform them. This got me a few smirks off the boys. The bottle landed on Harry, he picked dare, “Mmmmm let me think…… ahh yes I dare you to take off your cloths and play the rest of the game in your boxers.” Jo says eagerly. Ok so she is a lesbian so clearly she wasn’t asking this for her benefit, I glare at her slightly. “That’s a smile dare” Harry laughed as he stripped to his underwear…. Wow I trailed my eyes up and down his toned and tattooed body. “In case you girls didn’t already know Haz here enjoys getting naked” Louis laughed.

The bottle landed on several more people before it landed on me. Zayn ended up doing a strip tease for Liam which was hilarious, zayn quickly got dressed again before daring Louis to kiss Niall. Niall looked disgusted but laughed when Louis launched himself at him and gave him a hard kiss on the lips. This evening was turning out to be really fun. Jo selected truth when the bottle landed on her, “would you want to make out with someone in this room?” Harry asked. Jo giggled “yes” Harry grinned at me knowing who she must have been talking about, the other guys looked around trying to work out who it might be, they haven’t figured out that she’s not into guys therefore it only leaves me. Niall was dared to play nervous with me, the loser had to take a shot of vodka (In case you don’t know nervous is a game where you slowly run your hands up someone’s legs getting closer to their groin until that person says ‘nervous’). Both Niall and I sat with our legs out in front of us facing each other. We decided that Niall would go first and see how far he got without me saying nervous then I would have ago, whoever got the furthest wins. Niall slowly started at my ankles and brushed his warm smooth hands up my legs, he winked at me when he passed my knees, he applied a little more pressure as he very slowly rubbed his hands up my thighs, “Oooo she’s not going to say it” Harry giggled. “Ye she is, Harreh, look at her face it’s slightly flushed” Liam sniggered. Niall’s hands continued to work their way up my thighs, he gently pushed me backwards so I was lying on the floor, he towered over me his face inches away from mine. I let out a slightly shaky breath as his fingers reached the bottom of my little shorts and dipped slightly under them as his hand rose higher, as soon as his fingers lightly brushed my centre I caved “N..nervous” I breathed. “Wow you lasted longer than I thought you would” Niall laughed “shame you didn’t last a bit longer though” he giggled. I took my turn with Niall…. “Wait this isn’t really fair I’m not wearing much and you’re wearing jeans” I say frustrated. “Hannah’s right, it’s not really fair, take them off” Louis agreed with me. Niall sighed and took off his jeans so that he was sitting in front of me in his boxers. Mmm two hot guys in the same room as me in their boxers, what a great night! I slowly worked my hands up Niall’s legs when I reached his Knees I straddled his lower half of his legs, he smiled widely. My hands reached the bottom of his boxers and his gaze was fixed on me, he didn’t look at all nervous, in fact he looked like he was really enjoying this. My hands reached just below his slightly forming erection. “You’re not going to say it are you?” I ask Niall. “Keep going and you’ll find out” he winked. I sighed I already knew he was going to win and I really hate vodka! My fingertips lightly brushed Niall’s member which caused him to moan slightly, but he still didn’t say it. I sighed “Fine!” I gently grabbed his member through his thin boxers and lightly squeezed, he moaned and grabbed my hand keeping it there. “I knew you wanted to touch me” he breathed heavily as he forced my hand to rub him. I snatched my hand away slightly embarrassed. “Ok you win Niall!” I took the shot of vodka and made a funny face that made the guys laughs. Niall put back on his jeans which was clearly uncomfortable as his erection had grown.

The bottle was spun again, it landed on me. I had already chosen truth so I picked dare, even though I felt like I had just done a dare rather than Niall as he seemed to enjoy his a little too much. Harry quickly jumped in with a dare before any of the other guys could say anything “Oooo I know! I dare you Hannah to full on make out with Jo, tongues and all.” I sigh “common really?” “Ye Harry that’s a great dare, but they won’t do it.” Niall sighs sadly. “Well it’s not like you haven’t done it before it is?” Harry smirked. Jo gave me a look as if to say how does he know. “Fine, we’ll do it, only if it’s ok with you Jo?” I say as I crawl up to her “Hell yeah!” she says excitedly. The guys, apart from Harry, look confused. Harry just smiles like I am playing out his biggest fantasy. Well I guess this is most guys’ fantasy after all they seem to like to watch girls making out. I straddle Jo’s legs so I am flush against her, I lean in and slowly start to kiss her, she opens her mouth allowing my tongue entrance, she moans against my lips as her hand comes up to my back to pull me closer to her, she then grabs the back of my head and runs her hands through my hair gently as I deepen the kiss. This kiss feels really weird as it is with a girl but I had kissed her before when I was drunk, even though I’m not really drunk now it’s ok because it’s Jo and she is my best friend after all, I know that this won’t affect our friendship. Jo lets out another moan when our tongues fight for dominance, I can hear the guys behind me whispering and moaning as well. I break this kiss and smile sheepishly at Jo, she winks at me, clearly she enjoyed that as she is slightly panting. I crawl back to my place in the circle and see that the guys have all covered their crotches with pillows. I laugh at the fact that I did that to them. “Holy fuck, what was that?” Liam asked. “Jo’s a lesbian” I say “oh so when she said she wanted to kiss someone here that was you!” Zayn sniggered. “Ye” I smiled slightly embarrassed. Jo just laughed. “So are you a lesbian too Hannah?” Niall asked looking a little depressed. I laughed “No! what is it with people asking me that, Harry asked me earlier. I am 110% into guys” they looked at me a little disbelievingly. “Oh my god! I like DICK!” I clarified. They all laughed. “Well you certainly put on a good show then!” Louis smiled. “And I’m sure I speak for all the guys when I say that we are glad you like dick” Niall giggled as he winked at me.




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