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Stars & Stripes

Team Hazza.

Louis had advised Harry to make it up to Olivia.

Usually, Harry’s first idea would have been makeup sex. But, that was the reason they were in this mess. And the mess was elongated for another week. Harry couldn’t believe their luck. While the other lads were rejoicing over the fact that seven more shows had been added, Harry was cursing management for this cruel and unusual punishment.

So, when Olivia had grudgingly given them the news that they were stuck together seven extra days, Louis told Harry to make it up to her.

“But, how?” Harry grumbled, frustratedly running a hand through his mess of curls. He couldn’t charm her. She wouldn’t fall for that. He couldn’t get her drunk either because Olivia wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

No, Harry was going to have to go old school. He was going to have to properly ask her out on a date.

“What?” Olivia’s defiant tone was discouraging when Harry did pop the question.

“I thought I was speaking clearly enough.” Harry furrowed his brows.

“I just want to make sure you know what you’re asking me, Harry.” Olivia glared. “You, Harry Styles, are asking me to dinner?”

“Right,” He nodded.

“Without the boys?”

“I’m sure they can survive one meal without you.” Harry shrugged, trying to act nonchalant.

“No,” Olivia answered.

“No? We went over this, like, two weeks ago. You don’t want to offend Lou again, do you? They’re fully capable of making a simple meal for themselves; I assure you Niall’s been eating for years himself. They can do it.” Harry told her.

Olivia shook her head. “Not what I meant.”

“I’m lost.” Harry grimaced.

The teen rolled her dark eyes, letting out an exasperated snort. “Of course you are. You can’t say you’re sorry. You can’t take rejection. Is there anything you can do, Harry?”

He recoiled, not expecting this reaction. Of course he hadn’t been expecting a quick ‘yes’, but he had had the nerve to think he would get one at some point.

“There’s no need to be cruel.” Harry muttered, backing away. Olivia clenched her jaw and watched him slip out the front door, not caring where he ran off to.

“He was right you know.”

“Oh, fuck off, Louis.” Olivia countered. Louis stood his ground, giving her a sincere expression.

“He was trying to apologize.”

“He was trying to get me in bed again.” Olivia growled, “The words ‘I’m sorry’ are never going to leave that asshole’s lips.”

“You know how he is.” Louis sighed.

“Unfortunately,” Olivia muttered, glancing at the window and then back and Louis with a sick feeling.

“Olivia,” Louis wetted his lips, “He’s trying. And that’s saying a lot for him.”

“I’m sorry,” Olivia shook her head, astonishment clad on her face, “Are you defending him? Who was the one who said—and I quote—‘Leave her alone, Harry, you always do this’? As if implying he’s a man-whore who shouldn’t be worth my time?” She stared up at the Brit pointedly, crossing her arms as if to finalize her point.

Christ, Olivia,” Louis’ eyes widened. “That was within twenty minutes of knowing each other. How can you possibly remember that?”

“I’ve got a great memory.” Olivia said.

“Girl memory.” Louis muttered, “That shit gets me in trouble with Elle all the time.”

“Maybe you should watch what you say, Lou.” Olivia snorted, “You can’t take things back, even if you do say you’re sorry. Even if Harry apologized, he couldn’t take back what happened.”

“Unless you’re crying rape, Harry’s not the only one at fault here.” Louis pointed out annoyingly.

“I’m not crying rape.” Olivia shot back defensively.

“Does that mean you’re admitting that maybe you should apologize too?”

Apologize for what?” Olivia reared.

Louis simply shrugged. “I don’t know. Do you have anything to apologize for?”

“I will kill you, Lou.” Olivia threatened irritably. Louis failed to hide his childish smirk. It wasn’t the flirtatious one Harry always sent her, but it reminded her of how much she had grown to crave it in three weeks. It was sick. It was masochistic.

Instead of responding to Louis unneeded words, Olivia pursed her lips and made to follow Harry.

“Give his ego a few more minutes, yeah?” Louis advised. “You wouldn’t want to walk in on him crying his soul into his hands, would you?”

“Fuck off, Louis.”

+ + +

Harry didn’t come back for several hours. Olivia became increasingly worried as the moments marched on, but no one would let her call him. Niall confiscated her phone, only allowing her to see it if anyone called her about them. Then, it went back into his sweats.

“This isn’t funny, guys.” Olivia pled. “Something’s up.”

“Are you sure that isn’t your guilt eating you up inside like a shot of acid, babe?” Liam tilted his head sweetly.

“Seriously,” Olivia huffed, “Whose side are you guys on?”

“Team Hazza.” Zayn said simply, “Obviously.”

The American gave them all a significant look. “Why?”

The remaining members of One Direction exchanged a glance before Niall stared at Olivia with his large, sincere blue eyes, “Because we like you, Olivia. You’re good for him.”

The door to the hotel room popped open and a tired-looking Harry came through. Relief flooded through Olivia and she almost had to urge to run over and hug him. But, then she became annoyed that he had caused her so much worry, and Olivia wanted to punch him more.

“Where the hell have you been?” Olivia demanded with her hands firmly placed in a very motherly stance.

“About.” Harry answered simply before slipping down the hall into his room.

Olivia was so shocked by his simplistic behavior that she forgot to follow. At first.

She peered over at four pairs of nosy eyes that quickly busied themselves when they noticed her looking.

Olivia threw back her held and let out a prolonged groan. She felt like everyone was against her. First, Julia was pressuring her. Then, Olivia gets drunk and lets the player in. And then, his best mates (who were all for keeping Harry away from her) want Olivia to chase him!

She didn’t understand what was happening but her feet followed the soft sound of guitar strumming. A soothing voice flowed methodically through her open ears, “And in the morning, I’ll be with you, but it will be a different kind. ‘Cause I’ll be holding all the tickets and you’ll be holding all the fines—

“Harry,” Olivia knocked softly. “Can I come in?”

The music stopped and disconcerting silence followed.


Olivia leaned her forehead against the cool door. “Don’t be a baby.”

“You’re a baby.” Was his childish response. “I’m just sitting in here, not being good at anything. Don’t know why you’d wanna come in so badly to hang about with a loser like me.”

“Harry, I’m really sorry.” Olivia muttered to the sealed door. “I’ve been a bitch when I shouldn’t have been. You’re great a lot of things. I don’t know if you know this,” Olivia cracked a small smile, “but you’re a really good singer. You should start a band or something.”

The door pulled open and Olivia almost stumbled through. “You mean it?” Harry asked quickly.

“The singing part?” Olivia asked, shocked. “Obviously, Harry—”

“No, the apology bit.” Harry interrupted.

“Well,” Olivia thought about it, “yeah. Generally when one does something wrong, they apologize for it.”

Harry pursed his lips.

“Unless you’re Harry Styles and you’re too good to apologize.” Olivia raised a brow. Harry breathed through his nose, fighting a smile.

“I forgive you.” He said, “And I’m sorry you can’t handle your liquor.”

“That’s as close as we’re ever going to get, isn’t it?”

“I hope you can deal with it.” Harry started to smirk.

“I guess I’ll have to for another week.”

“Right, another week.” Harry tapped his chin thoughtfully, “How will we pass the time?”

Olivia couldn’t help but notice how kissable he looked when he was playful.

“How about that date?” She suggested casually.

Harry eyed her apprehensively, as she would suddenly laugh in his face and tell him it was a joke.

But, she didn’t. She stood there, waiting for his reply.

“I’m busy tonight.” Harry grinned, “But, I’ll have my assistant pencil you in, love.”

“You’re an ass, Harry.” Olivia shook her head with a laugh etched upon her cheeks.

“I won’t apologize for it.” Harry replied cheekily.



I can't find it on mibba did you change the name?
Lovingly lonely Lovingly lonely

Could you post it on here?
HopelessDream HopelessDream
I apologize! I thought I had put up the first chapter! RuthlessAdandon is correct. It is up on my Mibba page.
oh ok thanks :)

It's on her Mibba page under the same username.
RuthlessAbandon RuthlessAbandon