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Try To Scream

We're Both Smiling

I woke rather early. Someone was banging frantically on my door. I got up and opened it to a girl no older than 12 or 13. She had fear in her eyes as she rushed in the room and cowered behind me. "Okay, come in." I shut the door and looked at her. She had thin, straight blonde hair, bright golden hazel eyes and fair skin. "Can I ask what you are doing?" I scratched my head and grabbed my bathrobe, covering up my usual lady bug shorts and tank top. I pulled my glasses on to see her better. She was crying quietly.

"I am so, so sorry! My friends , they shoved me in the elevator, pushed the floor button and said if I chicken out, I wasn't allowed to hang out with them anymore." I sighed and offered her a spot on the bed to sit. "Please don't call security; I didn't want to do it. I was afraid I was banging on one of management's doors." She took a shaky breath.

"Do you want some water, soda?" I opened the mini fridge in my room and smiled at her slightly. She reminded me of a light haired Ellie. She was sweet and easily pressured by her peers. "Don't worry, I won't call anyone." The girl relaxed. "What's your name?"

"Tessa." I smiled and handed her a coke. "Thank you."

I handed her the remote to the TV and pulled out my suitcase. "If you can sit here while I get dressed, don't go through my things, I will find a way to meet the boys." Her eyes grew big as she nearly choked on her coke. I laughed slightly. "I'm trusting you. I suggest you use the hotel phone and call your mom as well. You might be here for a little while; Zayn, Harry and Niall aren't good with mornings."

She quickly nodded and stood to use the phone, "I promise I won't touch anything else. You are amazing, Munro."

I grabbed my blue sweater, a white embroidered skirt and green tights. I could take a shower later, there was no time now. I ran my hands through my messy curled hair and grabbed my mocha beret. I pulled it on my head and sighed. I grabbed a few bow accessories and walked out of the bathroom. Tessa sat quietly on the bed watching MTV. She turned to me and smiled, "You look so pretty!"

"Aw, thank you, sweetie. Let me put my shoes on and I'll get the boys." I sat down and pulled my brown wedged booties on. I looked over at Tessa who was still slightly shaking. I sighed as I thought of what I would say to my sister at this point. I sat down beside her quickly and looked her in the eyes. "There is one condition to meeting the boys, Tessa." Her hazel eyes stared back at me, I had her full attention. "You need to promise me that you will find better friends. What your 'friends' did was wrong; it could have gotten you in a lot of trouble. You're lucky you picked my room." I watched her gaze fall to the ground, "Listen, you realize that one day, it's not going to be, 'Run around the hottest boy band's hotel room floor.' one day, it'll turn into, 'Smoke this pot, drink this booze, have sex with this boy.' It'll escalate and you will get hurt."

"I-I know." Her voice was soft as tears came to her eyes. She bit her lip and wiped her eyes, "I promise, I'll find better friends." I knew she wasn't lying. And if she was, I'd be keeping an eye on her. Somehow, she seemed really genuine. I believed her. I told her to wait as I went around waking people up, avoiding any and all management and security.

I started with Cora. She'd help me with Zayn. Harry would be easy, a nice cold cup of water to the face. Niall, all I had to do was bribe him with food. Louis would get up pretty easily and so would Liam. As we collected the bunch, I wondered why I was doing this. Was it the sisterly instinct in me?

After everyone was awake and dressed, I lead them to my room, where Tessa was sitting nervously on my bed. She hadn't moved an inch in the 20 minutes it took me to get everyone up. The boys welcomed her with open arms. They hugged her, signed things and took pictures. They took down her twitter and invited her to have breakfast with them. We had a whole day to ourselves before the concert. Of course sound check was in there somewhere, but there was still a day to waste.

Cora and I showed Tessa to the car. The boys soon gathered in with a confused Paul. He questioned the extra passenger, but we all smiled and shrugged. When we got to the diner, a good distance from the hotel, we all got out, sat together and ate. Soon after, we dropped Tessa off at home and left to find something to do.

I had done a little research and found a place we could play disc golf. I wasn't a fan of regular golf or any other sports, really, but I had a soft spot for disc golf. After begging endlessly, the boys finally sighed and agreed to go. With most of them liking golf to begin with, you'd think they would have agree instantly.

We got to the place and got everything we needed. We decided to divide into teams. Harry and Liam, Zayn and Cora, Louis and I. We looked at Niall and realized we were uneven. So we made a quick fix, calling in Josh. He was usually with the rest of the band doing something, sneaking in to occasional activities with us. With Tessa showing up, we completely forgot to invite him. Our mistake was quickly fixed when Josh excitedly accepted. Paul sent someone to grab him. While we waited we all warmed up, throwing the disc at the basket.

When Josh arrived, he and Niall teamed up. Things got very competitive the moment we started, but it was fun and there was lots of laughing. In the end, Louis and I had won, Niall took a disc to the face, Zayn and Cora failed the entire time. It was fun, though.

Paul had taken us straight from Disc Golf to the arena for sound check. None of us realized how late it really had been. In just a few hours, the arena would be packed with screaming girls.

Cora and I decided to sit in the dressing room and debate on what we wanted to eat. We could hear the boys fooling around as we Googled Sushi places. We didn't care whether or not the boys like sushi, they could get what they wanted at the Chinese place we picked. But the moment they finished sound check, we gathered in the car and took off.

The restaurant was pretty quiet. It quickly changed when the boys got in though. Cora and I tried to control them, but gave up. I was surprised to hear the music in the background, a local top 40's station. I expected something more serene. We got lucky when no one recognized the boys. I ordered a few different vegetarian sushi rolls. We had to eat quickly. We tipped well also. As we left, the boys’ current single started playing. They belted the lyrics as we danced out of the door. Needless to say, we creeped the waitress out. But there was a smile on her face when she realized we left her a hefty tip.

We rode quietly to the arena. Nearly all of us were stuffed. There was only a 20 minute break between arriving and starting the show. Cora and I would hang out backstage, avoiding the screaming girls, seeing as we’ve heard enough for a life time.

The concert went well, I knew I wasn’t going to go to every show. I loved the shows, the boys were amazing, but there was no way I could handle hearing the same songs hundreds of times. I’d get sick of them quicker than anything and I’d rather I didn’t. Cora and I agreed that tomorrow night’s show in Boston would be a no go for us.

As the boys did a mini meet and greet backstage, I stood outside the backdoor and chatted with a few people. “Munro!” Came a deep voice, I turned to face the adorable stranger I met in the bookstore yesterday.

“Alex. Hey.” I smiled and got one in return. “It’s great to see you again. How’s Sarah’s Key treating you?” I ask curiously.

He gave a little laugh, “To be honest, I only used the book to talk to you. I bought it and all, but I only read the first few pages.”

“Oh, I see. Well, that’s sweet. You don’t have to read it, it’s a little emotional, I guess. But I do recommend it.” I playfully pushed his arm and rubbed mine where my sweater stopped. “Where is your sister? I can bring her in to introduce her to the boys.” Alex glanced behind him and bit his lip.

He gave a small “Ah.” And shook his head. “She’s sort of sick, I wouldn’t want her contaminating the boys if it’s contagious. But maybe next time.” My eyes searched for a girl who looked to be with him, I shrugged when I didn’t see anyone that would have stood out. “Can I have your twitter or something? I’d love to keep in touch.”

I smiled and pulled out a pen from my small bag. I wrote “@MunroEllis” on his arm and added my cell as well. “Text me, I’m not the biggest twitterer, tweeter?” I laughed, as did he.

“Great. I’ll be seeing you soon, Munro. I should get my sister home.” He kissed my cheek lightly and took off, disappearing in the crowd of girls. I let my hand linger on my cheek before turning and meeting up with everyone inside.


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I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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