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Try To Scream

I'm Trying So Hard to Hide

I drove behind the tour bus most of the way to Maine. I finally found it in myself to write down the tour schedule. I was ready to travel with her. Ready to watch her always. I had a motel room in Augusta already. Then I had one in Boston, waiting for me when they get there. I made plans to call around for a Florida motel soon. Boston was one night. I couldn’t drive the hours it took to get to Florida, so I would take a plane out in the morning, beat them there. That would be a lovely surprise for Munro, would it not?

As I drove behind the bus on our way to Maine, I noticed Munro had trouble sleeping. I got a bit jealous when I saw her holding one of them. Not the one she went to dinner with, no, she was holding another one, Liam. Was she really moving her way through boys? Inching in one by one, leading them on…. No, that wasn’t my Munro, she was mine, she had to know it. But I couldn’t act jealous. I knew I had no right to be, we’ve never actually talked, that couldn’t be right.

I followed her to the Marketplace later that day. I watched her try on outfits and laugh with Cora. Cora was another problem with me. She wasn’t a god friend. Cora always went off with Zayn. Zayn was more to her than Munro. I knew I’d have to deal with her later, she had no right treating her friend like that. Without her, she would have never even met Zayn. I knew it. She knew it. She should show a little more respect.

I admired her as she tried on the dresses at American Eagle. She looked so beautiful. Her long, lean legs. Her deep brown eyes showed pure joy. She smiled so perfectly. I knew I had to have her soon. I followed her back to the hotel. I sat outside and waited for her leave. But by night fall, it seemed she was in for good this time. It was then my phone buzzed. Munro had tweeted she was going on Twitcam with a couple of the others soon.

I put the car in drive and made it back to the motel in time for the Twitcam to start. She sat in between Niall and the drummer. Josh, his name was. She sat in between them. I watched the Twitcam to the end. When it finished, I turned off the computer and settled down to read a bit. I opened the book and started the first chapter. 

Paris, July 1942


BambiWithLove BambiWithLove
@BambiWithLove Thank youuuu! :D
MissyLoves1D MissyLoves1D
Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
BambiWithLove BambiWithLove
Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
MissyLoves1D MissyLoves1D
Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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