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Try To Scream

Would Your Eyes Turn Green

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I was on Tumblr when it happened. It was just a normal day in my boring house with my unexciting family and life. I expected nothing to happen. I would surf Tumblr and chat with one or two of my 9 followers, check facebook, maybe Skype with Cora before going to bed. I was curled up on my bed in my cute ice cream boxer shorts, a tank top, lady bug slippers with my hair pulled back, when Ellie came running in my room, her laptop hugged tightly to her undeveloped chest, I knew something was up.

She threw herself on the bed beside me and smiled. I eyed her, my brown eyes gazing into her similar orbs. “What?” She squealed and opened her laptop. Quickly, her fingers typed out the website of her favorite band. One Direction was this “super cool” British boy band that formed a couple years ago. My sister was hopelessly in love with every member, including the weird one that screamed a lot. Quite frankly, they all frightened me with their seemingly perfect faces. No one looked that perfect. Well, maybe a few people, my best friend Cora included. That girl looked like a walking photoshopped billboard ad.

“Remember that contest I signed you up for? The one mom won’t let me do, because it would interfere with school?” I nodded slowly, curious as to why she was bringing up the stupid thing again. “The results are going to be posted in a few minutes and I can’t even. I just can’t, Ro-Ro.” I rolled my eyes.

“It’s unlikely that I will even win it. Besides, what would I do with 3 months touring with a British boy band?” Her mouth flew opened as she looked at me.

“One, they are a British/Irish boy band. Do not forget about Nialler. Oh Em Gee! He’s like perf.” She sighed, poking at the blonde kid on her laptop background. “Two, you can do lots. They are hot, gorgeous, amazing Sex Gods that can sing!”

I looked oddly at her for a moment before shaking my head, “You are thirteen, you haven’t even gotten your period yet, how would you know what a Sex God is?” A loud sigh came from her before she answered.

“Well, for starters, look at them. If they are not Sex Gods, who is?” She refreshed the page and looked back at me, “Besides, I have Tumblr; I know a lot more than you think.” I had to hand it to her, having a Tumblr really did teach you things no school could.
I turned back to my laptop and signed onto facebook. No notifications, of course. An IM popped up soon after. Cora’s name blinked before my eyes. “Eeeeep! Can u believe I might actually get to meet the love of my life?!” Her IM read. I laughed. Cora had entered the contest as well. She entered as many times as the site would let her, signing up under different usernames, creating fake emails and entering. If I thought my sister was bad, my best friend was at rock bottom.

So, I haven’t told you about the contest yet. A few months ago, One Direction posted a contest. The winner would win a 3 month trip for 2 to travel on tour with the band themselves. There would be money for shopping and souvenirs. Hotel rooms and meals were paid for. Literally all you had to bring was clothes and yourself. Anyone 13 and up could enter. If you were under 18, you needed your parents’ permission. My mother was strict, I could sign up, but Ellie couldn’t. The tour was from August to October, so it would interfere with Ellie’s schooling. School started September 4th, so there was no way that my mother would allow her out of school for 2 months. Ellie’s plan was, that if I won the trip, I could have them Skype and call and get things for her.

I knew it was a long shot, but to shut up her constant begging, I entered the contest. If I did win, which I doubted, I could already tell they wouldn’t even bother with me. They’d assume I would walk around like a love sick puppy and bow down to their every move. I’m sure they figured they wouldn’t have to bother with the winner; just having them around would be enough. They were famous, why would they want to bother with a fan? What famous person spends 3 months with a strange fan and their friend?

I didn’t say any of this to my sister though. She would surely kill me. “Ah!” My sister screamed, I nearly thought she was able to read my thoughts, but when I turned to look at her, tears were streaming her face and her laptop was on the other side of my bed.

“I told you it was unlikely that they would pick me.” Ellie shook her head and pointed at the screen. When I looked closer, I read the winner’s name, “Munro Ellis” I had won.

“You won! Oh my God, I need to call my friends, I need to blog. Ah!” She jumped up and ran out of the room. I quickly turned to my laptop and opened the page, reading my name over and over again. I won. I won this contest I wanted nothing to do with. I won a trip with people I didn’t know. With guys that were my age, that are famous and expect some fangirl.

Cora’s name flashed on the facebook tab over and over, the tinging sound that indicated a new IM kept going off. I wanted to throw my laptop at the wall. I would refuse the trip, but I promised my sister. I knew Cora wouldn’t let me get out of it either. Of the millions of entries…mine was picked.

I switched back to the facebook tab and read all of Cora’s IMs. “Omg, u won!” “Girrrrrl, u betta b taking me.” “Answer me!” “Row Boat, come on!” I stopped reading and replied.

“Don’t call me Row Boat. I hate that nickname.” I sent the message and rubbed my head.

“Row row row Boat won a trip to see, the very very very best boy band from overseas!” I laughed. She was clever.

“If I say you can go, will you stop?” Without hesitation she responded with,


So here I was, sitting on my laptop going through tumblrs dedicated to a boy band I wanted nothing to do with. I felt rude not knowing about them. I entered their contest just to shut my sister up, if I knew I was going to win, I would have been taking the months wait to learn a thing or two. I started with their names. There was Louis, the loud one I talked about earlier. Harry, he was some sort of ladies man. Zayn. Liam. And the blonde one, apparently Irish, Niall.

I had two weeks to gain as much knowledge as I could and warm up to the idea. Two weeks to be pestered and drilled by my sister and best friend. Two weeks to mentally prepare myself for what I was about to get into. It wasn’t enough time. I didn’t know what I was getting into, what could possibly happen while I was out there with these guys. Traveling with them and Cora. I didn’t know anything at that point, but I would soon find out what this trip was going to hold. In two weeks I was going to find out just what fate and God had in store for me.

Both good and bad.


Title Song: Green Eyes by Joe Brooks ♪ ♫

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know who Joe Brooks is, Louis looks A LOT like him, well fetus Lou when he wore glasses. -_- I found Joe before One Direction, so yeah :P

Munro's Outfit

x Bambi


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@BambiWithLove Thank youuuu! :D
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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
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Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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