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A life of Payne

Chapter 26

Niall's POV
*31st December 2013* (3 days later)

"And we can't stop! And we won't stop!" Katie sang along with the radio next to me in the back seat of Liam's SUV.

I tickled Katie's side to make her stop singing and just as she began to giggle and give up on the song, Ashley started singing along to the irritating lyrics of Miley on the other side of me since some how I ended up being suckered into sitting between the two of them. If I knew how annoying these girls could get on road trips then I would have never agreed to sit with them.

Currently we're on our way to the cabin we all bought together that is up in the woods. It's a really good place to spend new years which is what were doing with us and a few extra friends, nothing too big this year.

We had to take two cars whenever we went places now that it wasn't just us boys that we had to look after. Liam said he would drive his car up here since it's quite big, In his car it's him driving and Harry in the passenger seat with Katie, me and Ashley in the back.
Zayn decided that he would drive his car as well with him, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor and Sophia. Of course Sophia was not happy that she was in a different car to Liam but it was actually Liam's idea to keep Katie and Sophia separated. The only reason Liam let Sophia come was because she said sorry to Katie about the first time they had meet so now Liam is letting Sophia come around to their apartment again but is still very cautious about them two being alone and I don't blame him.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard Ashley's singing increase in volume which caused Katie to giggle next to me. Ashley continued to sing very loudly which caused Harry and Liam to join in with her, I turned to look at Katie just to find her looking out the window watching the trees pass us by.

I intertwined our fingers together and brought her hand up to my lips, I placed a very soft kiss on the back of her hand and watched as she turned away from the window to look at me with a huge smile on her face.

It was the kind of smile that Katie rarely used. It was the kind of smile that actually reached her eyes as well and just made it so easy to tell how genuine it was. She was finally happy again just like she asked me to help her be and I didn't let her down.

Katie and I had spent the last few days since her birthday glued at the hip, she wouldn't let me leave her alone for more then twenty minutes which was when one of us was in the shower or when she finally fell asleep and I would go home for a few hours then come back in the morning but I don't mind because I truly loved spending this much time with her.

I continued to look into Katie's eyes because to me she had the prettiest hazel brown eyes that were so warm and memorizing. I slowly began to lean towards her lips when all of the sudden Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs and gave me a fright.

"OH MY GOD! No PDA in the car!" Ashley punched me in the arm afterwards which just made Katie laugh at me, but in my defence she punched me really hard.

"Oh come on Ash! I have never even kissed her on the lips before, couldn't you have at least waited until after I kissed her to scream at us?"

"Mate remember that's my sister!" Liam warned me calmly as he watched us through the small review mirror.

"Haha" Ash nudged me in my ribs.

I continued to hold Katie's hand with mine and slung my other arm around Ashley's shoulders before talking again.
"Aw is someone jealous?" I used the best baby voice I could manage just to make fun of her.
She scoffed and took my arm off her before speaking.

"Please! If I really wanted to make out with someone then I would just force Harry to kiss me!" We all laughed at how confident she was.

I looked forward to see Harry visibly tense in his seat and let out a small and very awkward laugh.
Even though Harry was dating Kendell, you could see that he really wished that Ashley was serious.

"Relax Harry! I was only kidding." Ash said while rolling her eyes.

"I knew that" Harry mumbled back still looking very tense.
This just caused Katie and myself to burst into a fit of giggles.


"Oh I love this song! turn it up!" Harry said excitedly while reaching for the radio but didn't get a chance to turn it up before Liam smacked his hand away from the radio.

"Urgh your not still in that stage of 'my car my radio' are you?" Harry groaned to Liam as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in his seat.

"No you idiot! Katie and Ashley are asleep so we can't have the radio too loud" Liam responded while looking in the review mirror at the back seat which right now had me playing on my phone with both Katie and Ashley sleeping with their heads on either one of my shoulders but I didn't mind because as long as they were comfortable then I was happy.

"Aw that's so cute! I'm taking a picture of that!" Harry pulled out his phone and snapped a picture before tweeting it straight away.

"@Harry_Styles: It's like driving with little kids in the car! @NiallOffical I hope you are comfortable in there."

I laughed at Harry's tweet which caused Katie to groan from next to me and wrap her small arms around me so she was cuddled up into the side of me. Sometimes she just too cute.

Liam looked back at us again and laughed at the sight.
"Looks like Niall is starting to turn into a chick magnet! What's your secret Nialler?"

I laughed at his lameness.
"I'm Irish, I'm irresistible"

Liam and Harry both laughed at how cocky I was being before we all fell into a nice comfortable silence.

Katie's POV

"We're here!" I heard someone scream and then felt the car come to a stop.
Urgh that means I have to wake up properly!

"Should we wake the girls up or just carry them inside?" I think that was Harry talking but I wasn't ready to open my eyes and look yet.

I felt the cold air hit my body as the door was opened, I thought it would be Liam but as soon as the person talked I could tell it was Louis. The one person I have been avoiding lately.

"I will carry her, it's no problem" I knew he offered to do it because it would mean I couldn't avoid him if I woke up but I'm not falling for that.

"I'm awake. I can walk." I mumbled as I pushed Louis' hands away from me and detangled myself from Niall who was currently working on trying to wake up Ashley. Ha! good luck with that.

I went to walk past Louis when he grabbed my forearm gently and turned me so I was looking at him.
I refused to look in his eyes and looked at all the trees that were surrounding us rather than him.

"Are you going to ignore me forever?" I could actually detect a hint of sadness in his voice.
I looked into his eyes to see them filled with tears and sadness, just like I thought.

"I'll talk to you when I can view you as a friend again because that's obviously all we'll ever be."
I ripped my arm out of his grip and turn to view the cabin for the first time.

The place was huge and amazing! But of course it was if One Direction owned it.

"I think I am in love!" I screamed while staring at the beautiful cabin.

"With me?" Niall asked as he came and stood next to me. I heard Louis mumbling something about Niall being clingy and cheesy but I just ignored him because I'm becoming really good at it and I knew he was only saying that because he was mad at me for not talking to him.

I laughed as I nudged my shoulder with Nialls shoulder.

"Time for the grand tour!" Liam yelled while holding my hand and pulling me into the cabin.


This place is huge and amazing on the inside too! It took so long for Liam to give Ashley and myself the grand tour but I loved every second of it!

The last room that Liam showed us was the room that I would be staying in as well as Ash, it had two double beds and a connected bathroom! Score!

Liam left us to settle in and start unpacking.

I started to empty out my suitcase straight away but when I looked up I saw Ash sitting on her bed looking at me concerned.

"What?" I asked while looking at her confused.
"Are you ever going to get over what happened between you and Louis?" She asked so seriously that if someone laughed right now she would probably punch them. I sighed knowing that this would come up eventually.
"I will when I'm ready but for now if I'm happiest when I am ignoring him then that's what I'm going to do."

Ash sighed before walking over to her suitcase.
"Just don't let him suffer forever Katie."

And that was the end of that decision because I had nothing to say back to that.


Once we had finished unpacking, we decided it was time to change out of our road trip clothes which consisted of sweatpants and baggy jerseys. Even though I was extremely comfortable it wasn't the nicest outfit.

After I finished getting changed I bounced down the stairs with Ashley right behind me. I happily skipped towards the lounge room and saw all the boys plus the other girls sitting all around the lounge.

There was only one seat left which was next to Harry, Ash quickly walked over and sat there leaving me standing there awkwardly as everyone smiled at me minus Eleanor who was glaring.

Niall patted his lap for me to come and sit down so I smiled and made my way over. I sat in between his legs and laid my head on his chest, I have to admit that it was very comfortable. I could get use to this.

Everyone was smiling at Niall and me, except for Louis this time. I guess everyone was just glad to see me happy and Eleanor was only smiling at us because she was happy I was sitting with Niall rather then wasting my time with Louis. I'm pretty sure that Louis was glaring at us because he was jealous, he had this look on his face that said 'that should be me' but he has Eleanor who in my opinion is much better then me which is why he chose her on my birthday.

"Aren't you two the cutest!" Perrie squealed making Eleanor and Sophia both roll their eyes. Well at least Perrie likes me!

Niall chuckled from behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso.
"You smell really nice" Niall mumbled so only I could hear while he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. I looked around before answering to see that everyone had their own little conversations going.
"I should hope so, I am wearing the One Direction perfume" I giggled when I finished talking as he tickled my neck with his nose.

"Does anyone want to go for a drive to the store and get some food since Zayn forgot that he was meant to stop on the way here" Liam asked as he punched Zayn in the arm making them both laugh.

I felt Niall lift me up and stand me on my feet as he stood up too.
"Katie and I will go!" Niall said as Liam chucked his car keys to Niall who caught them like it was nothing.

Before I even had a chance to say anything Niall was holding my hand and dragging me out the door but I don't really mind because it gives me a chance to be alone with Niall which is always good.


As Niall and myself walked around the supermarket, he constantly chucked random junk into the trolley while I pushed it. It was pretty boring but now and then Niall would miss the trolley and I would laugh at him while he picked up whatever he dropped.

"Christ Niall! How are you not fat with all this junk?" I asked looking down at how full the trolley was considering we had only been here for about ten minutes. This boy could definitely eat!
"Hey! I like this stuff" He laughed as he talked then slung his arm around my shoulder as we continued to walk around the store.

"Do you want anything? What do you like?" He asked while looking around the shelves.
I shook my head no. "I'm fine thanks."

He stopped us in our tracks and turned me away from the trolley to look directly in his eyes.
"Don't think I haven't noticed." What the hell is he talking about?

His eyes left mine for a second and when he looked back they were filled with tears.
"You have lived in London for just under two weeks Katie and it's easy to see that you've started to loose weight, but I don't understand why! You're beautiful how you are." Oh shit. What the hell do I say to that?

"Katie please tell me why?" He said but it sounded very uneasy like he wasn't sure if he should ask.

"I'm a Payne now Niall, Why else? I have been chucked into a life of cameras and insults without even being warned about it! What if people think I'm fat huh? I don't want to embarrass you guys."
I looked at the ground when I finished talking. I didn't want to talk about this with anyone but I'm glad Niall is the one that brought it up even thought it's obvious that everyone has seen the weight lose.

"Katie you don't have to change what you look like. Why is your self-confidence so low?"
There was no way I was discussing that in the middle of the supermarket!

"Can we just go" I mumbled as I pushed the trolley over to the only open checkout.

"This topic isn't over" Niall whispered into my ear as the checkout girl scanned our items with a very bored look on her face. She had to be around seventeen or maybe eighteen so I can't imagine she enjoys working has a checkout girl.

Once she had scanned all the items she looked up to tell us how much it would cost but didn't even get any words out before she realised who we were, well who Niall was anyway since she was practically drooling over him.
"Oh my god! Y-your Niall Horan!" She squealed. She then turned to look at me and her face turned into a different kind of shocked.
"Your Katie Payne? Wow you do not look like what I expected you to." Well that was rude!

"What is that suppose to mean?" I spat at her feeling my insecurities get the best of me.
"You just obviously eat your problems away." She smirked knowing that her words got to me.
I could feel my eyes begin to water so I decided to get out of here before I did something stupid.

"I will wait in the car Niall." I didn't even wait for him to reply before I grabbed the keys out of his jacket pocket and walked off to the car.


The ride back to the cabin was agonisingly silent and I hated every second of it but I'm not going to talk about what happened back there and that's all Niall will want to talk about.

The car came to a stop right next to Zayns but before I had a chance to open my car door, Niall locked them so I couldn't get out.

"Open the door." I snapped still angry at that stupid checkout girl but I know I shouldn't take my anger out on Niall but I have never been very good at controlling my attitude.
"No let me talk first. I'm sorry that I brought up that whole weight thing but hearing how that girl talked to you made me realise why you feel the way you do, if I had known that the fans treat you like that then I would have done something about it a lot sooner"

I looked away from him because the way his eyes darkened actually scared me for a second.
"There isn't anything you can do." I mumbled to him while still looking out the window.

He put both his hands on my cheeks and turned my face so I was looking at him.
"I would do absolutely anything to help."

I didn't say anything back because I was frozen under his lustful eyes. I felt like I would do just about anything he told me to do right know, I was under his spell.

He began to lean towards my lips, usually I would stay still or move away but I felt myself leaning in as well.

Then it happened.

I had my first kiss with Niall Horan.

And it was perfect.


Hey guys! I hope you think the chapter (:
I have a bit of an idea so just bare with me here...

I need a minor girl character for the next chapter and I really can't think of what I want them to look like or a name so I thought that I would do a mini competition.
So I'm going to put a line from a song and whoever can guess the song AND who sings it first I will use their name for the character!

Here is the line...
"Part of growing up is living like a rebel"


Thank you xo

This is really good!

Thank you sweetheart! xx

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: