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Something To Live Up To

Quarenta e Nove

"What are you doing?" I asked using all the air supply I had left.

"Your dress is irritating me." He breathed barely understandable.

"I'm not taking it off." I eyed him.

"What a pity!" He kept kissing me hardly preventing me from speaking. I couldn't focus anywhere else than his naughty unstoppable hands acknowledging my entire body, that was the only thing I could think of, I was not even able to speal my name. I was still squished between Harry and the wall, my dress pushed to my hips when he stated caressing my inner tighs. He then proceded to look at me making sure I was giving him permission to go further. I just nodded not even sure of what I was saying.
Kissing me again he pushed my panties to the side, fondling my clit carefully. I closed my eyes in pure excitement, my muscles twitching under his touch. Trying to contain a few moans that threatned to escape I bit my lip forcefully. He kept massaging it while kissing my lips in ecstasy. I tried to ease the desire to scream by sticking my nails in his back.

"O-ouch." He complained but it came out more like a moan.

"I need you to stop." I mumbled inbetween gasps.

"Am I hurting you?" He stopped suddenly.

"No but.. I want to...stay clean." I managed to say embarassed aware of my situation.

"Oh I like that idea." He smirked applying more pressure on my clit.

"Harry stop." I pushed him away weakly. He was not giving up, teasing me, completely focused on the task. suddenly giving me an a idea. I removed one of my hands from his hair and took it to his lower reagion stopping right there. "Harry dear." He stood frozen taken by surprise by my action.

"Y-yes babe." I felt his enthusiasm under his pants.

"You should obbey me." I smirked panting.

"Your hand makes it a mission impossible." I was about to respond when someone knocked the door. "No." He burried his face on my neck visibly frustrated.

"We should get out, we're in a public place." I reasoned.

"I don't want to get out." He pouted still breathing heavily.

"I'm staying at your house for the next two weeks, there's no need to hurry." I smiled with my lips.

"Let's go home then." His eyes wided in a very funny way making me laugh.

"Our friends are outside, probably wondering where we are already. Let's go check on them."

"They know we're having fun."

"Yeah let's have fun with them then." I patted his arm.

"Okay." He pushed my dress down making sure everything was covered again. I descended from his embrace fixing my hair that I pretty sure was all messed up. He opened the cubicle letting me through. I was about to open the door he held me against his back pressing his lips to my neck giving me chills.

"We should repeat it." He murmured.

"We'll see bad boy." I removed his hands opening the door. The sound immediatly became louder reminding me we were still at a club.

"Where have you been guys?" Niall asked us downing another shot. Harry opened his mouth but instantly closed it holding onto my waist.

"I was not feeling very well." I said quickly.

"I think you were feeling more than well." Harry whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes and ignored his comment, we were not having this conversation here.

"Let's go dance Mia." El pushed me to the dancefloor along with Danielle.

"So tell us, what were you exacly doing?" Dani's eyes twinkled in excitment.

"Nothing." I pretended I was not understanding.

"Oh please, we saw you entering the bathroom."

"Yeah we did." El confirmed.

"Well it was because of the alcohol and it's too hot in here so you can't blame me."

"What do you mean?" Dani's eyes grew wider.

"We were just having fun." I winked assuring I'd tell them the details later.


"I'm done." I informed Harry exiting his bathroom after a refreshing shower.

"I'll be right back." He closed his laptop ald walked to the bathroom kissing my temple on the way. I smiled happily colapsing onto the bed. The laptop was right in front of me so I used that opportunity to check on the news. The screen lit up reveling Harry's opened twitter. I knew this was wrong but I wanted to see what his fans were telling him. I scrolled through a few mentions but instantly regret it, girls were being pretty hard on him because of me. They didn't like us together. That's not new I guess. I just don't understand why, maybe if they waited for me to show them I really care for Harry they would hate me less. Maybe...

"What are you doing?" His voice filled the silence.

"Jesus Harry." I jumped on the bed.

"Sorry." He went to the bed only in his boxers, hair still dripping.

"You're going to sleep like this?" I questioned trying not to look affected by his hot body next to me.

"Is that some kind of distraction to you?" He smirked.

"Not at all love." I closed the laptop pushing the sheets up. "Harry?" I laid on the bed with my stomach to the matress.

"Yes." He laid too, facing me with his arm supporting his head on the pillow.

"Is there anything I can do for your fans to like me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know like doing something to show them I'm not interested in your fame or anything and that I like your for real."

"Eventually they will accept you." He kissed my arm sweetly.

"But I want them to like me. Is that asking too much?"

"Of course not. Look I'll talk to management tomorrow and see what they have to say about it okay?"

"Thank you." I pecked his cheek cuddling with him more properly on the bed. He turned the lampshade off and kissed me goodnight.
I closed my eyes enjoying the heat of his embrace around me. It felt like the best place on earth under his arms.
I was tired but I couldn't take this idea of my head, I knew Harry pretended to be okay with it but this situation upsets him too. If I find a way to show his fans I really like him maybe they'll stop sending hate.

"Mia?" He asked after a while when I thought he was already sleeping.

"Mm." I replied sleepily.

"Do you love me?" He pronounced the most unexpecting words. I instantly snapped my eyes open, taken by surprise. "Because yesterday I told that I love you and you didn't say it back."


"I'm not trying to force you or anything I was just wondering because I know we were fighting back then but I..."

"Harry..." I tried again but he kept talking non-stop.

"I know, I shouldn't have asked. It was silly of me. You don't need to say it back, just when you feel it... If you feel it but..."

"I love you too." I said the words he wanted to hear interrupting his monologue.


"I said that I love you." I turned to face him in the dark.

"I love you too." He said after a while grabbing my waist. "I really do." He placed a kiss in my hair giving me the perfect hint to fall asleep perfectly.


Thank you!! I'm not very happy with this fic actually because I wrote it a while ago and it has toooons of mistakes like spelling and all so in the aspect I think the sequel is better and I hope you like it, I've received a lot of positive comments on the sequel... :)
Yeah, Portuguese! Yes I'm portuguese from Portugal that's the reason why it has so many errors like I told you above. x

So i just finished this fan fiction and i absolutly love it!!! <3 nobody absolutly nobody can or will change my mind about that and i am very happy you are making a sequal becuase that was a major cliff hanger!!!! Anyways i really pove this story and i am very glad you wrote it! And i have one question: do you speak porgougeuse? (And sorry if i spelt it wrong)

ohw,i didn't c that part

crushingonniall crushingonniall

This story is no longer updated, only the sequel.. ;)

DreamLand DreamLand

please update...

crushingonniall crushingonniall