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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Five

Kat’s P.O.V
I was dressed in black Nike shorts, turquoise camisole, and white Nike Shocks. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail and my ear buds were in. Since I didn’t have to work much during the summer, I spent a lot of my free time exercising. It wasn’t that I was health nut, no way (I rather eat a whole jar of Nutella with Nilla wafers instead of do jumping jacks any day), it’s just that my dad had taught me how to allow myself some peaceful thinking through exercise. I needed some thinking time after spending a few hours alone with Zayn yesterday. The whole thing was weird. He hardly talked and when he did it was like he was trying to not tell me something, which is weird because our first conversation we told each other everything.
Zayn and I pretty spent the day silently snacking and watching TV. Granted we are just friends so I didn’t expect some big plans, but more conversation would have been nice. To top it all off when he finally loosened up and things weren’t so awkward he got some mysterious phone call and left in a hurry. I wasn’t upset, just curious. What have I gotten myself into? My life was beyond simple and I didn’t need a celebrity best friend to complicate it. This run was more so to help me figure out rather or not I wanted to actually be friends with Zayn.

After my run I went back to the apartment to find Sammy. She looked over her shoulder from the couch as I entered shining with sweat.
“I swear you should be the healthiest nineteen years old girl in LA as much as you run,” she teased.
“And you should be the unhealthiest,” I retorted pointing to the bag of powdered donuts that she was holding on to for dear life. Sammy held the bag out in my direction in an offering manner. I shook my head going to shower and change into clean clothes. Afterwards I rejoined Sammy in the living room and plopped down onto the couch.
“So when are you and Zayn going to fall in love?” she questioned randomly. I stared at her questioningly. “I mean you exchanged messages and calls for two weeks. Isn’t that the standard these days?”
With a small laugh I shook my head, “We’ve also seen each other in person twice. Plus we’re just friends. I barely know the guy well enough to be talking about falling in love with him.”
Sammy rolled her eyes, “Yeah well if it happens I so called it. Be prepared to hear my I told you so.”
“Of course Sam. You know those are my favorite words to hear you say.” I gave her a cheesy smile before turning my attention to the reality show playing on the TV.
“You think I’m joking Kat, but I’m not. Mark my words; Zayn Malik and Katarina Beltran will be a couple.” She spoke in a serious tone which wasn’t all too rare for Sammy. She liked to be taken seriously even when she wasn’t being serious.

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn rubbed his subtle chin hairs in thought as Liam talked. They were in a meeting with Columbia Records and Modest discussing their next album. The boys opinions were highly valued seeing as how they were the ones who had to record and perform.
“Zayn. Zayn. Zayn!” Louis snatched Zayn out of his daydreams.
“Sorry,” Zayn shook his head tuning back into what was going on. He could feel his focus shift periodically, but he fought it. There was a lot on his mind though. Perrie had called him while he was with Kat informing him that Little Mix would be in LA next week. She hoped that they could catch up sometime and grab lunch or something. Zayn had accepted without another thought and left Kat’s without any explanation. Now he was wondering what Perrie could possibly want to talk about. Their break-up hadn’t been bad. They both took it well, break-up sex well. But they kind of made it a point not to contact each other as often as before. Things just worked better that way.
Zayn: I need a distraction.
Kat: I have an idea ;) “Running?” Zayn questioned in disbelief when Kat showed up at his door dressed for physical work.
She smiled stepping inside, “You said that you need a distraction.” She reminded him taking in the room around her. It had been three days since their odd hang out session and neither one had bothered to bring up Zayn’s quick and mysterious exit.
“Yes, but running, really?” Zayn looked at her as she had lost her mind. He wondered if there was a brain in that pretty head of hers.
“What did you think I meant?” Kat questioned him folding her arms and eyeing him suspiciously. Zayn scratched the back of his neck.
“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. Kat rolled her eyes and pointed to the door that must have held his bedroom behind it.
“Go put on some gym shorts and sneakers,” she ordered. He hesitated momentarily before obeying. It probably wouldn’t be that bad.

Thirty minutes later Zayn was huffing, holding onto a park bench, and clutching his side. He felt like someone had repeatedly stabbed his lung and dared him to hold his breath. He noticed that Kat was panting as well, but only slightly. For the most part she looked unaffected.
“Remind me to never run with you again. You held me back.” She complained with a slight frown. Zayn looked up at her with dark eyes.
“You’re insane,” he breathed. Kat rolled her eyes giving way to an expression of annoyance. “How do you do that every day?”
Kat shrugged, “I have a lot on my mind, plus the music carries me away.”
“You a lot on your mind,” Zayn repeated her words. “Like what?” He squinted his eyes at her trying to read her face.
“Like… Why the heck is Zayn Malik so out of shape?” she answered blowing off the serious moment. “Don’t you have to run from crazy ass fans or something?” He shrugged following after her. They were leaving the park.
“My crazy fans don’t typically make me run, but the psycho lads at your university must make you run.”
Kat smiled secretly, “Trust me, none of the guys there are worth running from.”
“I think you just insulted a whole university,” Zayn commented. Kat laughed shaking her head.
“I think I did.” She admitted stealing a glance at Zayn. He had recovered from the workout thankfully. She was worried that she might have injured him.
“That’s mean.” He teased as Kat’s eyes widened and she gasped excitedly.
“Frost Bite!” she squealed quickening her pace heading towards the blue white sign of the frozen yogurt shop. “I love this place. It’s my guilty pleasure.” She informed Zayn before grabbing his hand and basically dragging him forward. He chuckled at her eagerness to get to the frozen treat. They were both unaware of the paparazzi.

Kat’s P.O.V Has Zayn Malik Moved On?
Nearly three months after his break-up with his girlfriend of a year, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, One Direction’s Zayn Malik was spotted out with another girl. The shown holding his hand in the picture above is not associated with Hollywood, but she is rumored to be a California native. Yesterday’s spotting was not the first time Zayn has been seen with the girl. She is believed to have been his date for the end of tour party last week. Though it hasn’t been confirmed we sure hope it’s not true. We haven’t had enough of single Zayn.
Where do they get this stuff? I wondered as I read the article. They had used two pictures, one from our run and one from the day after when Zayn thought it would be a great idea to go with me to campus. F.Y.I if your celebrity friend decides to tag along with you to check your campus mailbox, do NOT allow it. You will end up taking countless pictures for several girls and watching as he signed everything that could be written on. This is exactly what happened to me when I foolishly allowed it. @KatBXoXo: I didn’t even see any paparazzi. Were you hiding? Although I was slightly creeped out, I did find it funny that they waited until the next week to use the pictures. Here it was Friday of One Direction’s third week in LA and the rumors were just starting to fly.
“Do you want to go out tonight?” I asked Sammy randomly. We weren’t really party girls, but we could hang with the best of them.
“OMG yes! I just bought a new dress.” She answered excitedly hustling off to her bedroom to get ready I assumed. It was already after seven so I figured I should get ready too. I decided to take a shower and shave. That would give me time to think about what to wear.
Sammy came into my room as I walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a red halter club dress made out of silky material. It scrunched around the waist and was halter with a small slit between the boobs.
“Should I wear black or silver stilettos?” she questioned holding up two pairs of shoes. I pointed to the silver pair. They brought out the subtle sparkle in the dress. “What about my hair?”
“Dress it and run some mouse through it. It looks cute wavy.” I advised her. She nodded with pursed lips as she left my room. I turned to my closet hopping to find something decent to wear. Eventually I settled on a black lace, spaghetti strap club dress with peak-a-boo sides. I parted my hair on the far right and straightened it. The shoes I chose were purple wedges with spikes on the heel.
“Cute,” Sammy commented when I joined her at the door. “Forget about Zayn I’m sure someone else will snatch you up tonight.”
“You’re so silly,” I giggled grabbing my keys and opening the door.
Boulevard 3 was one of the most popular nightclubs in LA. That meant that we stood in line for several minutes before finally being allowed inside. Once we were inside we scooped out the room for potential.
“Hot blond at two o’clock,” Sammy directed my eyes in the direction of handsome blond male dressed in a frat boy manner. He was muscular defined with low spiked hair. I frowned slightly. He was not at all my type. “Oh that’s right you have a thing for UK boys,” Sammy teased elbowing me.
I pushed her away while shaking my head, “Let’s go to the bar.” I suggested and she nodded. We reached the bar and I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea while Sammy had her usual Rum and Coke. When we got out drinks Sammy sighed still scanning the room.
“Speaking of UK boys look who just walked in.” she announced causing me to look towards the door where none other than Zayn Malik had arrived, with Harry and Niall, plus some girl whose face looked familiar. “Zayn!” Sammy tried to get his attention. I reached to stop her when I noticed that he and the girl were holding hands, but it was too late. Harry had noticed us and was leading the way. “Hey!” Sammy greeted them all with smiles. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Niall wants to drink. Why are you here?” Harry questioned.
“Kat wants to party,” Sammy answered causing the rest of them to notice me sitting there.
“Hey,” I smiled cheerfully hugging Harry first, then Niall. I tried to skip Zayn not wanting to intrude, but he released the girl’s hand and grabbed me. I pulled away swiftly and continued to smile.
“Hey Kat meet Perrie. Perrie this is Kat and Sammy.” Zayn introduced us.
“Hey,” Perrie smiled at me warmly. “You’re the one from the rags.” I nodded with a slight laugh and smile. Now I knew why she looked so familiar. She was his girlfriend.

Third Person P.O.V
It wasn’t Zayn’s idea to go to the club, but after meeting up with Perrie went okay he figured it would be alright to invite her. Leigh Anne was supposed to join them later since she was still getting ready. He couldn’t deny that Perrie locked attractive in her powder pink, short, baby doll dress and nude pumps. He just didn’t expect to find Kat looking fit in her dress and heels as well. He introduced his ex-girlfriend to new friend without calmly. Why did it suddenly seem like a bad idea being here?
“Let’s go dance,” Kat looked at Sammy who nodded eagerly. Niall and Harry followed them now that they had some alcohol in their systems as well.
“She’s pretty,” Perrie commented as she and Zayn took a seat.
“Hmm?” Zayn looked at her.
“Kat, she’s pretty. Don’t you think?” Perrie smiled at him expectantly and he sighed with relief when Leigh Anne appeared.

The rest of the night was spent with the seven young adults enjoying themselves. Niall and Kat did shots. Sammy and Harry danced. Zayn danced some with Perrie when she wasn’t with Leigh Anne. They had been partying for a few hours. Zayn was at the bar with the other lads. Casually he glanced at the dance floor and watched as some blond guy snaked his way between Kat and Perrie (who hit it off well by the way) and began to dance with Kat. When the guy put his hands on her waist she didn’t push him away. He leaned down and whispered something in her ear causing her to laugh enthusiastically. Bothered, Zayn made his way to the floor and was snatched to Perrie. They were moving to the music chest-to-chest. Every so often his eyes would dart towards Kat, but she rarely noticed him.
The first kiss was unexpected. Before he knew it, Zayn’s lips were mashing against Perrie’s. The second one was intense as if it had been building for a while. The third kiss was the last straw so to speak. Zayn clutched Perrie’s hand and led her off of the floor towards the exit. He looked over his shoulder once to catch Kat sitting at a table with the guy watching him leave. He smirked and continued on his way.


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