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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Six

Kat’s P.O.V
Stumbling I made it to the kitchen, “Ugh I feel awful.” I groaned. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much. Why did you let me drink so much?” I demanded of Sammy who seemed to be perfectly fine.
“Why did I let you?” She sounded appalled but I had my head against the cold table and had no clue what her expression was. “You are capable of making your own decisions. Everyone knows you don’t do shots with an Irishman.”
“Do we have Advil or anything?” I questioned.
“Nope and I am going to my niece’s birthday party. You should get back in bed.” She advised before leaving out of the apartment. I sighed finding my purse and eventually my cell phone. @KatBXoXo: If you bring me something for this hangover I will love you forever. The chances of one of my followers actually showing up were slim. Half of them didn’t live in LA. Yet a part of me still wanted to believe so after I showered and dressed in black tights and a red t-shirt, hearing a knock at my door wasn’t all that surprising. Slowly I made my way to the door and answered it without expectations.
“Zayn,” that was definitely unexpected.
“Hey,” he held up a white plastic bag. “I brought you meds.” He offered the bag and I stepped aside so he could come in. “I didn’t see you drink enough to be hung over.” He commented as he pulled the painkillers out of the bag and opened the box.
I took a seat at the island, “It was after you left.” I informed him awkwardly. Last night it seemed like he wanted me to see him, but I couldn’t figure out why. What was even weirder is after I saw him leave towing Perrie behind him I had a sudden urge to drink the night away.
“Oh,” Zayn nodded searching for a glass. I pointed to the cabinet directly beside the refrigerator and he nodded. He handed me the glass of water and two small white pills. “That should help the headache.”
“Thanks,” a small smile played at my lips. “Ugh. Never will I ever do that again.” I groaned. This was ridiculous. I felt like crap. “I feel like I need too…” My cheeks puffed as vile filled my mouth. My hand popped to my poking lips and I rushed to the bathroom. As soon as I reached the toilet the disgusting vomit made its appearance. Somehow I managed to kick the door close.
There was a small knock, “Kat are you alright?” Zayn asked from the hallway.
“I’m fine Zayn. Thanks for bring me the painkillers, but you don’t have to stay.” I informed him between gags. Once it seemed like there was nothing else for me to throw-up, I pulled myself off of the floor and brushed my teeth. When I swung the bathroom door open Zayn was leaning against the wall waiting. He looked up and gave me a sympathetic smile. “You didn’t have to stay.”
“It’s what friends do,” he shrugged it off as if it was nothing. I slumped down on to the couch. Zayn sat down as well helping himself to the remote. “Did you have a good time last night?”
I nodded, “Yep. Did you?” No! Why would you ask that Kat?! My face must have showed my thoughts because Zayn chuckled.
“It wasn’t bad,” he answered vaguely. I nodded shivering. Was it actually cold or was it just me? Zayn reached behind me to the chair and grabbed the black and white checkered throw. Softly he placed it over me.
“Your pretty good at this taking care of people stuff,” I murmured feeling sleep take over. Without thought I snuggled into Zayn’s side and felt my eyes growing heavy. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” he responded slinging an arm around me. It was unfamiliar yet comfortable. Almost as if I should have been lying in his arms before, but I just didn’t know it.

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn lounged on the couch with his arm wrapped protectively around Kat. He watched the television absentmindedly playing with her hair. She stirred in her sleep and he stayed very still trying his best not to wake her. Luckily her eyes didn’t open as a soft sigh escaped her lips.
What are you doing Zayn? He mentally asked himself. Just last night he had gone back to Perrie without regret and now he was taking care of a girl he hardly knew. Granted when he woke up in the morning he knew that having sex with Perrie was a mistake. As soon as he saw Kat’s tweet and hear Niall and Harry discuss how many drinks she had, he went to the nearest store and decided to come to her apartment unannounced.
The sound of his phone ringing broke his thought. Slowly he pulled it out of his pocket and answered in a whisper.
“Hello?” he hadn’t bothered to see who was calling.
“Zayn, is that you?” A female voice came from the other line.
“Yeah, what’s up Perrie?”
“I wanted to meet up later after our show.” She informed him sounding hopeful. Carefully Zayn slid off of the couch and walked out of the apartment. After softly closing the door behind him and praying that it didn’t lock, he exhaled.
“Um, I’m actually busy today. Kat needs someone to help her out and I’m the only one available.” He answered. “Maybe before you leave for London.”
“We’re leaving in the morning,” Perrie informed him. “But I had fun last night. We should catch up again sometime.”
“Yeah,” Zayn agreed hesitantly. What exactly does she mean by catch up? He wondered not sure of how to take her words.
“I’ll talk to you later. Bye Zayn.”
“Bye,” they ended the call and he made his way back inside. Kat was no longer on the couch, but the bathroom door was close. With a sigh he took his seat on the couch and waited.
“I’m going to have to buy some more toothpaste if this continues,” Kat complained making her way back to the couch. She sat beside Zayn. “My head doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“That’s good,” he commented sounding distracted.
“Are you alright?” she inquired looking at him with a scrunched nose.
Zayn chuckled, “Is that your concerned face?” Kat looked at him in confusion. “Whenever you’re concerned about something you scrunch your nose.” He informed her with a small smirk. She looked down as her cheeks brightened.
“I never realized,” Kat admitted with a laugh.
“I’ve just noticed since I met you.” Zayn watched as she looked up. Her warm brown eyes were looking directly into his. Without a though he leaned forward and smiled when she did as well. Their movements were slow, calculated, and cautious, but eventually their lips touched. It was just a quick peck and they both pulled away surprised by their actions.
“Um…” Kat started to speak, but was cut off by Zayn kissing her once again. Their second kiss lasted longer. They parted for a breath and as they leaned in to each other once again the door opened.
“Hey Kat feeling better,” Sammy greeted her best friend looking down at her phone. Quickly Kat moved to the other end of the couch.
“Fine,” she squeaked as her cheeks heated up. Zayn silently chuckled before standing. “You’re leaving?”
“Yeah, talk to you later.” He walked out of the apartment with once glance back at her. Was that a wink? Kat wondered as Sammy sat in the chair.
“Why are your cheeks so red?” she wondered finding it weird for Kat’s face to be so bright.
“No reason,” Kat shook her head and looked away quickly. All she could think about was her kiss with Zayn.


This chapter is short, but it's sort of a filler. Sorry. Let me know what you think so far?


Love it!









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