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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Twenty

Kat’s P.O.V

Avoiding Zayn for two weeks was not easy. He called and texted me every single day. I had to give him credit for not giving up. The only reason I managed to avoid him was because I started working more and running on a daily basis. If he ever stopped by the apartment to plead his case I wasn’t there. In the back of my head I knew that eventually I had to talk to him. We couldn’t just leave things in a murky gray area of not knowing forever. It had to be understood between the both of us that we are no more. DONE. Because we are done. I do not stay in a relationship with a guy after he cheats. It’s practically an invitation for him to do it again and again. This is what I tried to explain to Sammy every time she pestered me.

“Just hear me out,” Sammy pleaded blocking my path to the kitchen. She knew I was desperately hungry and was taking advantage of it. The girl knew my weaknesses.

“Okay.” I agreed annoyed. At this point I would do anything for some food. Even if that meant that I had to talk to my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. It’s easier to just rip the Band-Aid right off instead of peeling it piece by piece.

“Talk to him. Maybe he was actually telling the truth.” She took a small step back so that she could look me in the eyes. Her chin was set and her arms were folded across her floral razor back tank clad chest.

I folded my arms sizing her up. She was bigger than me in height, but I could take her. “She was there half-dressed and so was he. I didn’t have to strip down to help sober you up.” If it came down to it that is.

“They’re British they do everything weird!” Sammy defended. I gave her a look of disbelief. She sighed and rolled her eyes, “All I’m saying is that he sounded genuine when he begged me to let him in and according to Harry nothing actually happened.” I wasn’t convinced but I agreed just to placate her. “Good, because I texted him from your phone and invited him over. He should be here soon.” Sammy announced in a rush before walking out of the door. I stared after her in pure shock. My mouth hung open and my eyes were bulging out of my head. She had tricked me.

Third Person P.O.V

Kat: You should come over so we can talk.

That was the message Zayn had been staring at all day it seemed. It was unexpected. He was beginning to think that all of his attempts were futile. As relieved as he was that Kat had finally replied to him, Zayn knew by her words that this talk wasn’t going to be good. He had to convince her. She had to know the truth. Yet that was easier said than done.


As soon as Zayn could get away from the lads he did. The only ones who seemed to know about his current relationship trouble or even care were Harry and Louis. Niall and Liam were out of the loop. None of the mattered right now though. Right now Zayn was trying to figure out what to say to Kat. He didn’t want to be cheesy or sappy, but he really needed her to listen. Kat was stubborn. When she had her mind set on something she liked to stick to it. Just let her be willing to listen today. Zayn thought to himself as he knocked on the door. It took a few minutes before Kat opened the door. She stepped aside allowing him in whilst wearing white stretch cotton shorts with small holes on the side and a hot pink camisole. Her hair was in a bun piled on top of her hair and her body still had a wet shine to it. Zayn knew she must have recently gotten out of the shower. Her warm vanilla scent drifted to his nostrils.

“Hey,” he spoke first breaking the tense silence.

“Hi,” Kat spoke stiffly as she led the way to the couch. They both took a seat leaving space in between them. She turned to face Zayn, “So…”

“So…” he mimicked not sure where to start.

“We need to talk.” Kat decided. Taking a deep breath she began to speak, but Zayn quickly cut her off. If he didn’t talk now he would never get the chance.

“I didn’t cheat on you.” He was blunt. It was best to get straight to the point. “We all went to the after party. I was leaving to go find you when Perrie came up to me. She was drunk out of her mind and I couldn’t just leave her there with more drunk people.” He began to explain.

Kat folded her arms, “That doesn’t explain how she ended up in your suite half-dressed.” She reminded him blatantly.

Zayn sighed, “I took her there.” Kat’s mouth popped open audibly and anger darkened her eyes. “I didn’t know where her room was and she couldn’t remember so I decided to just let her sleep it off on the sofa.”

“That’s why you didn’t show up at Sammy’s party?”

“When I was about to leave you messaged me.” He reminded her gently. Kat nodded looking down. Carefully Zayn moved closer to her. He lifted her chin with his finger looking into her eyes. “Do you believe me?”

Kat sighed rolling her eyes, “Well now I feel stupid, because I was so sure that you were lying.” Zayn laughed releasing her as she stood. She turned to look back at him, “I’m not apologizing though.”

Zayn stood as well, “You’re not apologizing.” He cocked his head slightly, “I think you are.”
Kat laughed lightly, “Um, no, I’m not.” She rolled her eyes arrogantly. She didn’t realize Zayn was moving closer to her.

“I apologized and I didn’t do anything wrong.” He pointed out. “So you should definitely take a page out of my book.” Kat shook her head a sly smile playing at her lips. Zayn rolled his eyes and grabbed for her waist, but she moved quick. He saw her back as she raced to her room. He followed catching her just as she tried to close the door. He used his foot to stop it and forced his way inside. Kat let out a panicked squeal backing towards the wall.

“Okay Zayn let’s be rational about this. Does it really matter who was wrong?” She held up her hands as he stalked towards her. “I mean, we’re good now and that’s all that counts.” A hopeful smile spread across her lips as Zayn stopped in his steps. He wore a thoughtful expression causing Kat to sigh. When he shrugged she was sure there no longer any danger, but she was wrong. With a deceiving smile Zayn grabbed her waist pulling her against his chest.

“I take my apologies in payments,” he joked before mashing his lips into hers. Thye both smiled into the kiss. They had missed each other more than either one of them would let on.


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