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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Nineteen

Kat’s P.O.V
We cheered as Sammy bent over to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. Heather, one of our friends, had purchased a tiara for her which she wore on her head. Needless to say that Sammy was enjoying the attention quite a bit.

“I’m twenty bitches!” Sammy yelled out after extinguishing all of the candles. She was slightly intoxicated. It was a sight to see. “Kat!” Sammy squealed rushing to me and grabbing onto my neck.

I laughed, “Hey there.” I steadied her but didn’t let go. There was a good chance she would lose her balance and I knew for fact that Sammy liked to go commando.

“It’s my birthday,” she stated grabbing a drink off of the tray as a waiter passed by. We worked hard planning this party for her and now she was almost too drunk to remember it.

“Mm hmm, it is your birthday.” I nodded subtly taking the drink from her and setting it on the table to my right. “Maybe you should sit down.” I advised looking to Heather for help. Sammy nodded agreeing with me and took a seat.

“Being twenty is just like being nineteen only now I’m one year closer to being able to legally drink.” She shrugged as if it was no big deal. “Oh, and I’m single.” Sammy turned towards me. “Let’s dance.” She whispered as if it was a secret. With a laugh I agreed and followed her to the dance floor as a new Ke$ha song began. We danced for majority of the night. Having the time of our lives. When we were leaving I attempted to drag Sammy to the car. She was wasted, but the night was fun. Even though Zayn never showed up. A part of me wondered what happened to him, but I shrugged it off. He was probably having a good time with his own friends.

Third Person P.O.V
“I’ve never seen her like that.” Zayn overheard Leigh-Anne comment as they both watched a clearly drunk Perrie with curious expressions. The girl wasn’t much for partying, but tonight she was outside of her element.

“What is she doing?” Jade questioned. No one responded. They didn’t have an answer.

Zayn looked down at his phone checking the time, “Oh, I was supposed to leave a while ago.” He murmured to himself as he checked the Twitter notification.

@KatBXoXo: @SammyH is enjoying her birthday pic.twitter.com/p/Hj76tx

“What are you still doing here?” Liam questioned taking the seat beside Zayn. “Didn’t you tell Kat you would stop by?”

Zayn rubbed his chin casually, “Yeah, I’m leaving now.” He stood to leave and was stopped by Perrie crashing into him. “Whoa.” Zayn steadied her holding her out at arms length. He looked back at Liam who simply shrugged. “Are you okay?” Perrie sloppily nodded her head. “Uh…” Zayn looked around but there wasn’t anyone who could help him. Finally he looked at Liam, “I’m going to take her with me. She’s shit faced.”

Liam’s eyes widened, “Are you sure about that?”

Zayn nodded holding onto Perrie, “I’ll stop by the hotel and then go meet up with Kat.” He started towards the exit towing his ex-girlfriend along with him. There were paparazzi everywhere. Zayn kept his head down and feet forward. When they reached the hotel he turned to Perrie. “What floor are you on?” He asked.

“Um…” Perrie’s nose scrunched up with concentration as she was led to the elevator.

Zayn’s expectant smile fell, “Okay do you have your room key?” He tried a hand at patience. It was clear Perrie was too intoxicated to remember much. Zayn frowned slightly deciding to take her to his suite. He got her inside and laid her on the couch. With his hand on the doorknob he paused debating rather the girl would be okay alone. As he pondered his mobile vibrated in his pocket.

Kat: Sammy is smashed. I had to take her home.
Zayn: Do you want me to come over?
Kat: No, that’s okay.

He sighed heavily looking back at the couch. It looked like he would be spending the rest of his night taking care of Perrie.


Zayn was still asleep when Kat decided to come over. It was almost afternoon. She knocked on the door waiting patiently for Zayn to drag himself out of the bed. The door opened but to her surprise it wasn’t her boyfriend. Perrie stood in a plain white t-shirt with obvious bed head and no shoes. She looked at Kat with a sly smile and devious eyes. As she opened her mouth to speak, Zayn appeared wearing only a pair of sweatpants. He scratched his head as he made his way to the door. Perrie stepped back walking further into the suite.

“Hey,” Zayn spoke groggily. He leaned in to kiss Kat, but she stepped back. He chuckled lightly. “Yeah my morning breath is strong.” That was when he noticed her body language. She stood with a steely expression and folded arms. “Babe what’s wrong?” Zayn asked stepping into the hallway with her.

Kat scuffed, “Really? Your ex opened the door half-dressed and you have to ask what’s wrong.” She motioned to the suite where Perrie was somewhere inside.

Zayn scratched the back of his neck, “No, no, Kat listen. Perrie was drunk…” He began to explain.

“So you figured it was the perfect time for some catch up sex.” Kat accused the disbelief strong in her voice.

“No I helped her out.” Zayn shook his head reaching for Kat. She stepped back holding up her hands with a look of pure disgust. “Kat.”

She shook her head, “Sammy was right.” She murmured with a sniffle.

“Nothing happened,” Zayn assured her. She didn’t believe him. The hurt was clear on her face.

“Bye Zayn,” she rolled her eyes turning to leave as Louis appeared in the hallway.

“Kat wait,” Zayn called after her, but she was gone. He was frozen defeated. “Nothing happened.” He muttered to himself.

“What happened?” Louis asked approaching him cautiously. Zayn’s face hardened. He ignored Louis walking back into his suite. “What is she doing here?” Louis asked in surprise as he spotted Perrie in the kitchenette. Zayn continued to ignore him as he grabbed a shirt, threw on shoes, and headed back towards the door. “Where are you going?” Louis called after him, but it was no use. Zayn was gone.

Kat’s P.O.V
I stormed into the apartment in a blurry rage. Don’t be mistaken. I was not crying because I was heartbroken. Ha! Hell no bitch. These were angry tears. Not only had he cheated, but he had cheated with his ex-girlfriend. Sammy was lying sprawled out on the couch. She had a massive hangover.

“Who pissed in your Cheerios?” She asked sitting up to get a good look at my angered expression. We’re talking furrowed eyebrows, tight lips, and flared nostrils. So attractive, right?

I began to pace rapidly, “I’m not much of a violent person, but I swear I could cut off his-.”

She cut me off by holding up her hands, “You’ve said enough. E! News moves fast.” Her words were a mere buzz in my ear as I paced angrily trying to come up with a plan of revenge. Angry me is not very rational. I also loose track of time when I’m pissed off as well, so there’s no telling how long I had been pacing when there was a knock on the door. Instantly my feet stopped moving as Sammy and I looked towards the door. “He wouldn’t…” Sammy shook her head as the familiar voice was heard.

“Kat, come on, open up.” Zayn called in that voice that I suddenly found to be the most annoying sound in the whole wide world.

I looked at Sammy with cold eyes placing my hands on my hips, “Get rid of him.” I ordered before promptly walking to my bedroom and slamming the door shut. I also locked it just in case he decided to trespass. You couldn’t put anything past him at this point.

The door was heard opening with the sound of Sammy groaning. She was seriously hung over. The girl was even more of a lightweight than me.

“She doesn’t want to see you Zayn.” Sammy informed my now ex-boyfriend. I strained to hear his response.

“Just let me talk to her. Nothing happened.” It sounded like he was trying to get past Sammy. I’m guessing she had her arms outstretch gripping the door and the wall. It’s how she typically answers the door.

“No-” Sammy was cut off suddenly.

“Let me in Sammy.” Zayn’s voice held a begging quality. “You of all people know that I would never cheat on Kat.” It brought a vindictive smile to my lips.

“As much as I love the smell of thirst in the morning, I’m going to have to say no.” Sammy closed the door without allowing him to get another word in. “He’s gone!” She called back to me. Slowly I opened my bedroom door and rejoined her in the living room. “You do realize that eventually you will have to talk to him, right?” I nodded stiffly. That reality was hitting me like a ton of bricks.


This is the longest chapter and it's filled with drama. Enjoy!


Love it!









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