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Little Secrets

Let this be our little secret
No one needs to know were feeling
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher

But I feel alive and I feel it in me
Up and up I keep on climbing
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher

Harry’s POV

I’m an idiot.

I don’t need anyone telling me any different, I’m an idiot, and I admit it. Not even two weeks had gone by, and here I was, having dinner with Kendall. Scarlett didn’t know, but at the same time, I didn’t think she cared.

Ever since we got back from our trip, she had been acting so standoffish. Always going into the other room to talk to someone, hiding her phone from me whenever I was around. Not that I thought I had any right to, her phone was her phone, it was just odd that she never wanted me to see anything.

There were times when I would invite her out and she would turn me down, choosing to stay inside and video chat with someone instead. Other than her weirdness, everything else was the same. She never shied away from a kiss and most nights, she slept beside me, but I couldn’t help but think something was wrong.

Maybe she was seeing someone else?

Did I even have the right to be upset? We weren’t together, technically. We couldn’t be. As much as I wanted Scarlett, she was never going to be mine, at least until we were no longer coworkers.

After weeks of dodging Kendall’s phone calls, I agreed to meet up with her for dinner, but only as friends. So, here I was, discreetly pounding away the cocktails while I had dinner with Kendall. I couldn’t stop replaying the conversation I overheard this morning.

“No, Harry has no idea,” she said, laughing to whoever it was she was speaking to. One of those laughs that I normally got out of her.

“It’s for the best. He’ll have to get over it.”

I couldn’t listen to any more of this one-sided conversation. I immediately grabbed my things and left, texting Kendall to tell her I would meet her later. After an afternoon of shopping to get my mind off of everything, I dropped my bags off at the flat, and changed for dinner without giving Scar as much as a hello.

And now, here I was, listening to Kendall drone on about how sorry she was for the things she said and how she was so glad that I was giving her another chance. Intoxicated or not, this was definitely not the time for us to make amends and get back together.

“I thought I was really clear that we’re just friends,” I mumbled, taking another sip of my drink. Kendall just offered me a small smile and took a sip of her own.

Oh, LA. Where they complain about young people drinking, yet serve it to us at the drop of a dime.

“We’re just friends, I know. And friends invite friends along to see the Eagles, right?” How could I turn that down? I’ve loved them since I was a kid. I just had to make sure I stayed sober enough to make it through the night without mistakenly getting back together.

Scarlett’s POV

Waking up in my own bed for the first time in two weeks was a pretty odd feeling. I had gotten used to using Harry as my own personal blanket for the past two weeks, but he had been strangely absent all day yesterday. I only knew he had come home because I found a stash of Burberry bags sitting on the floor of his room.

I would’ve gone shopping with him if he asked.

I also have no clue what time he came home, if he even came home. After staying up until four in the morning, I finally retired to my bed, in hopes of hearing from Harry eventually. His phone had been going straight to voicemail since ten and I assumed it had simply died while he was out.

Now that it was morning, I reached over to my bedside table and grabbed my phone, checking to see if I had any missed phone calls from him. Instead, I was greeted with a slew of messages from a few of his friends.

What did you do?! He’s relapsed – Grimmy Odd, who’s relapsed?

We trusted you, Scar! – Tommo

Cancel the party planning committee, she’s not allowed. – Nialler

The dozens of other messages I received were all similar and it didn’t take me long to put two and two together. A quick Google search of Harry led me to story after story of Harry’s escapades from the night before. Apparently he was safe, if you could call him and Kendall going to the Eagles concert together safe.

Growing angrier by the second, I threw my phone against the bed, jumping out of it, and made a beeline for Harry’s room. He wasn’t my boyfriend, no, but I couldn’t believe he was blowing me off to spend time with her.

After everything he told me, how he doesn’t believe for one second the things she says about me, and then to get back together with her? I was livid.

Normally, seeing Harry passed out in bed would’ve been adorable. I would’ve probably climbed in beside him and gone back to sleep. Now, I just wanted to attack him with his pillows, knocking him out of whatever dreamland he seemed to be in.

I swiftly pulled the blankets off of him, and not surprisingly, Harry was entirely naked underneath. Rolling my eyes, I tossed them back on him, covering his ass. There was no way I could get through a shouting match while looking at that.

“What?” he grumbled. The nerve of him to be angry with me right now, as though I had done something wrong.

“I stayed up all night, worried sick about you, and you got back together with Kendall?” I was yelling, but I didn’t care. It almost didn’t feel as though the words were coming from my mouth – I never raised my voice. I didn’t even know this was something I was capable of, but I had never felt so betrayed.

“Me? You’ve been having a secret relationship with someone since we got back!” he fired back and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Harry’s POV

Being woken up by the sheets being tossed off of you was not the best way to start my day. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I could see that it was only 8 and I had only been asleep for about an hour or so. It was entirely too early for me, and I was hungover beyond belief.

Being woken up by Scarlett yelling at me? That was something I’d never thought I’d experience. And the nerve of her, to accuse me of dating Kendall again when she was going behind my back, having a secret relationship.

I was stupid, sure, for going to the concert with Kendall, but I would never make that mistake twice and get back together with her. I should’ve known that the concert would be a plot for us to appear in whatever magazines she was always plastered all over, but I had been too drunk to think last night.

The only thing, I was sure of was that nothing happened. I only made it home so late because I was too much of a mess to make it home. It took me a few hours, it seemed, to find my mouth when we went to grab a burger and I wound up with my face covered in ketchup.

“What are you going on about, Harry?” she snapped, folding her arms over her chest. Was she really going to play dumb? I heard her with my own ears; it was the only thing I could think about all last night.

“Don’t pretend to not know what I’m talking about. I heard you on the phone yesterday morning. ‘No, Harry has no idea.’ Well, guess what, I do have an idea! If you didn’t want to continue…what this is, then you should’ve told me instead of sneaking around with someone! And don’t even deny it! The phone calls, the secret skypes. I know you’re seeing someone, Scarlett.”

I expected her to be upset that she had been found out, that her big secret was blown. Perhaps she’d even move out, unable to live with me any longer. In my drunken state, I was sure I mumbled on about this being the end of our friendship. If I recalled correctly, another hour of my night was spent on the phone with Zayn, quizzing him about his own relationship and how he managed to make it work.

The last thing I expected Scarlett to do was laugh in my face, yet here she was, not even attempting to hide.

“You are the biggest idiot I’ve ever met.” As Scarlett got into bed with me, I was beginning to wonder if she had gone insane. I did not expect for her to laugh, let alone want to be beside me. This was not going anything like what I had pictured in my head.

“I guess since the cat’s out of the bag, I guess I should just tell you. I’ve been on the phone with Niall,” she started and I nearly had a choking fit.

Niall? Niall Horan? She was leaving me for my best friend?

“What? Scarlett, how could you? You told me you couldn’t be with me because you work with us and you’re dating Scarlett?” I asked in complete disbelief. This wasn’t happening. How could I deal with seeing them together?

Of course, this only made Scarlett laugh even more.

“Again, you’re an idiot. No, Harold. Your birthday is in two weeks, and I wanted to make sure your 20th was one to remember. It was going to be a surprise, but that’s ruined now, thank you very much. And Niall said the party is off, since you and Kendall are back together.”

I sat up and looked at Scarlett, though it was a bit too fast and I was finding it hard to focus on her face, but I could see her trying to mask the pain as she mentioned Kendall and I together.

This was my fault. I was an idiot.

If I had only asked Scar why she had been acting so strange, perhaps I would’ve gotten an answer, other than being left to think that she had found someone else.

“Fuck. I’m sorry, Scarlett. I was just; I thought you had found someone because we couldn’t be together. And I heard you talking, I just…I told Kendall we’d have dinner, as friends and I agreed to see the Eagles with her, because it’s the Eagles. But we’re not back together, I promise you that. And I’m sorry that I didn’t come home, I was drunk out of my mind and spent a long time trying to eat a hamburger.” Even saying the words out loud made me feel like such a dunce.

Time and time again, Scarlett proved herself to be an amazing girl, and the minute things got rough, my mind immediately jumped to the worst possible scenario.

Scarlett seemed to perk up at the mention of Kendall and I not being together and she scooted closer to me in bed, her head resting on my shoulder. “You really are an idiot,” she whispered with a sigh, lacing her fingers through mine.

I would have to find a way to make this up to her, she deserved much more than how I treated her yesterday. To think that she was working with my friends, she took the effort to get to know my friends and plan a party for me, no girl had ever taken that much of an interest.

“I thought you were dead, and nope, you were trying to eat a burger. And, to be quite honest, I know you’re being completely truthful,” she giggled, seemingly less angry. I could feel her relax against my shoulder and I turned my head and kissed her forehead.

“And so all of those pictures?” I grabbed my phone and checked my messages, usually whenever there was something crazy about me in the papers, Gemma would send me a screenshot of it. I scrolled through picture after picture of the newest “Hendall” sighting and couldn’t help but laugh.

I should’ve known it was all a setup.

“You know I can’t stand on my own when I’m drunk,” I joked and Scarlett gave me a light punch in the arm. It was a signal that all was well between us, she didn’t entirely hate me.

“Scar, I promise, if I ever suspect anything, or if anything changes between us, I’ll talk to you about it first, okay?” She nodded and stifled a yawn, stretching her arms over her head.

“And I promise I would never date your friends,” Scarlett giggled. I pressed my lips to hers in what I sure was an awful kiss, morning breath and all, but I didn’t care. As I wrapped my arms around her waist and closed my eyes, I knew all was well again.


As promised! And thanks for all of your kind words, I loved reading and responding to your comments. And if you have a story you'd want me to ready, let me know! I love new stories! I'll try and crank out the next update in a few days. Don't forget to vote, comment, and subscribe! xx


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