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Girls Like You

Run, whirlwind run
Further and further away
Into the sun
In, 20 minutes
Everyone will remember you when you're gone
And your heart, is a stone
Buried underneath your pretty clothes
Don't you know people write songs about girls like you?

Harry’s POV

Going on this trip was a mistake. Despite my multiple attempts to warn Kendall that Scarlett and I were a packaged deal, she did everything in her power to keep us apart in the guise of being friendly. Scarlett would be presented with free massages, or manicures, leaving me to go up on the slopes with Scarlett. And by the time she finally made it out, I was too tired to continue on. For the first three days, I had only seen Scarlett at dinnertime.

Scarlett, of course, didn’t want to turn down a much-needed massage, even when I offered to give her one of my own.

“Just stick to the singing, Harold,” she told me one morning, earning an overdramatic sigh from me. She didn’t seem as bothered by our distance as I was, and perhaps it was because she was actually getting to relax, and I was constantly standing beside Kendall.

Somehow, paparazzi managed to find us. Somehow. Even Scarlett noted on our second night, how strange it was that from the minute we arrived, there were already people here with cameras, ready to catch a glimpse of “Hendall.” Kendall, of course, was delighted that Scarlett referred to us the same way the media did.

I wanted to vomit.

And to top things off, despite numerous room switching, Kendall, Scarlett, and I managed to share a room together. At first Scarlett and I weren’t in the same room at all, and now that I thought about it, it would’ve been much better to be in separate rooms. That way, if either one of us left to go see the other, it wouldn’t’ be as noticeable. And with it being only Scarlett, Kendall, and I, she would definitely notice if the two of us were gone.

I’ve been sleeping on a couch for two nights, not wanting to have to sleep beside Kendall. I gave her some excuse, saying that it would be awkward for Scarlett, if she would even suspect that the two of us were fooling around under the blankets. I shouldn’t have tried to get a vacation for Scar and myself for this, I should’ve been honest from the beginning.

Even Scarlett, who was normally on my side when it came to Kendall, could not bother to listen to me gripe any longer. “You made your bed, Harry,” she would scoff whenever I pouted about our lack of time together. I didn’t just miss her touch, or the kisses we’d share, I missed her companionship. I missed my best friend, and most days, I was only able to talk one on one with her for about an hour.

Sure, it had only been two; going on three days, but it was still the hardest thing. Leaving for London for a week was nothing like this, because at least distance separated us. Here, we share the same space, and I can hardly get a word in edgewise.

At least she’s made some friends out of this, friends that don’t seem loyal to either Scarlett or Kendall. It doesn’t seem like they’re the type to pick sides, in the event something were to go down.

Something like me breaking things off with Kendall and packing up my things to leave early. It wasn’t as though I could do it and stay, Scarlett and I would have to endure another incredibly long road trip. I would need someone to make travel arrangements for us, and to be able to slip out undetected.

And once again, I would be painted as the horrible person in all of this.

That night, for dinner, Scarlett and I managed to slip away and head to the hot tub together, though we didn’t say anything to anyone, and more than likely, Kendall would come looking for us. Until she found us, I was allowing myself some alone time with Scar, something I had been craving for a few days.

“Normally, I would take your side, you know that, Harry. I don’t like her any more than the next girl,” she began, and I knew this wasn’t going to be something I wanted to hear. “And I’m also not complaining that I get to kiss you. At all. But, you need to grow a backbone and learn how to break up with girls instead of letting them fizzle out. And I know you two never had the whole “DTR” or anything like that, but she’s obviously under the impression that you’re her boyfriend, or the closest thing to one. By coming here on this trip, you were basically accepting those terms, even if you didn’t want to out loud. So, the next time you want to go somewhere alone with me, invite me. If you don’t want to be a bad guy, don’t string a girl along, hoping that she’ll just get tired of you not returning her phone calls as often and end things with you. You mean well, you don’t want to hurt anyone, but you’re going to have to, one way or another. That’s just my two cents.”

Scarlett grabbed her glass of wine from the edge of the hot tub, her cheeks a bright shade of pink. I couldn’t tell if she was just flushed because of the heat, or because she told me the truth. It was one of those things I really liked about her. I didn’t want to hear any of this, I wanted her to join in my complaints of how unfair it was that we hardly saw each other, but she was right.

If I wanted Kendall to back off, I needed to tell her.

And more importantly, if I wanted to get quality time with Scarlett, then I needed to take her on a vacation on her own.

Not that I didn’t already appreciate Scarlett for everything she did for me, I feel like I had a newfound appreciation and understanding for her and why she was hired. Caroline doesn’t want someone that’ll just agree with everything she says, none of us do. We’ve had some of those people come and go, but Scarlett offered her perspective, whether it’s what I wanted to hear or not.

“You’re right,” I muttered, not ready to face the truth. I needed to either suck it up until I found the right time to talk to Kendall, or come out and tell her how I feel now. Glancing around the room, I made sure no one was in sight to see what I was going to do; I quickly sat up and leaned across the hot tub, giving Scarlett a small kiss.

Her cheeks turned a deeper shade of red and I knew this one was due to my actions.

“I don’t like upsetting people, but it’s not fair to you to have to watch me pretend to be in a relationship with someone else. And as soon as we can get away, I’ll take you somewhere. There are a couple of islands the boys and I like heading to, we’re pretty much undetectable down there.”

I could see the million and one thoughts going through Scarlett’s head and I wanted to just have even a second in there to know what was going through her mind.

“Scar, what’s on your mind?” I finally asked, hoping it wasn’t something she didn’t feel like sharing.

Shaking her head, Scarlett took another sip of her wine and forced a smile. I knew her enough to know that a genuine Scarlett smile reached her eyes. I wasn’t going to push it, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I had ruined something before we could even get started.

“Come on, you’ve been complaining about how you haven’t gotten to see me all week, tell me about all of the fun you had, Harry. I want to hear about your gangliest wipe out,” she giggled. At least the thought of me falling on my face seemed to be enough to put a smile back on her face. I know that few seconds of hesitation from her was going to be stuck in my head until I could figure out what was wrong and how to right it.

Instead, I laughed along with her and launched into story after story of the first time I got some air, or whenever Louis and I went up to the mountains together and wreaked havoc all over the park. Scar had gone through two more glasses of wine y the time Kendall showed up, eyes blazing.

“I was looking all over for you…two and you’ve been down here the whole time?!” Kendall shouted at the two of us. Aside from the server coming to refill Scar’s glass, it had just been the two of us in there the whole time, so thankfully, no one witnessed her outburst.

“We’ve just been catching up on all of our different adventures we’ve had here,” Scarlett tried to explain, but Kendall wasn’t having it. She caught us in the most innocent of positions, with Scarlett and I sitting on the opposite sides of the hot tub and still managed to make a scene.

“I didn’t invite you on this trip to spend all of your time with Scarlett. You could’ve left her in LA, for all I care. I don’t even understand why you’d even bring her. If you have to pay someone to be your friend, they’re not your friend,” Kendall retorted. The crushed look on Scarlett’s face told me otherwise and my heart ached for her. Kendall’s words were completely uncalled for and out of line, and I was tired of having to tell her this.

Scarlett worked with me, yes, but while One Direction was on a break, Scarlett was off the clock. Sure, she did do some things, such as call in reservations for me or book the occasional flight, but I never asked her to do those things, she would offer to alleviate some of my stress. And I haven’t given her a single penny since we moved to LA.

“And if you have to call the paparazzi to prove that you’re in a relationship, maybe you’re not in one,” I snapped, stooping to her level. If there was ever the time for me to grow a pair, it was now. I couldn’t take her insulting Scarlett, or any of my friends. Whether or not they were on the 1D payroll, they were my coworkers, not some sort of lousy indentured servants.

“What are you saying?” Kendall asked, her voice dropping a few octaves. I knew the minute I said it, Scarlett and I would have to leave. It would be for the best.

“I’m saying that this, whatever this is, is over. We’re from two different worlds, apparently.” I glanced at Scarlett, making sure she was okay, but she was staring off into the distance, seemingly tuning us out. Stepping out of the hot tub, I grabbed a towel for myself and one for Scarlett and walked back to her, helping her out of the water. She was a bit intoxicated and needed my help steadying herself, but I knew it was time for us to go.

“Harry, no…I,” Kendall trailed off, and I was prepared for her to beg me to stay or something. “If you’re going to leave, can you at least leave with the rest of the group, so it doesn’t look like anything has gone wrong?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She couldn’t, for one moment, stop thinking about how she looked in the public eye. I didn’t owe her any favors, not after what she said to Scar. I could care less how she spun the story – we were over, and that’s all that mattered.

“Make up whatever story you want, I’m not staying another night here with you.” Kendall scoffed and stormed off, with Scarlett and I in tow behind her. I kept my arm wrapped around Scar’s shoulders, keeping her as steady as possible as we walked towards the elevator. The only thing I feared was Kendall somehow throwing Scarlett into her tabloid story, but she would be taking a huge risk, putting Scarlett’s name out to the public like that.

Once we were back to our room, I sat Scarlett on the bed while I moved around the room, packing up as much as I could find. Kendall had the decency to go off to someone else’s bedroom, leaving the two of us alone to pack in peace.

“Scar, love, you know she’s just saying whatever she can to upset you, you know this, right?” I sat down in front of Scarlett, helping the inebriated girl into a change of clothes. She helped me get her clothes off and on, but didn’t say a word.

“I know I don’t have to pay you to be my friend, and I don’t see you as someone who works for me. She attacks you because she knows how much it’ll upset the both of us. Scarlett remained silent and I called us a taxi, wanting to get us to the airport as quickly as possible. With all of our bags packed, I called the front desk and had someone bring our bags downstairs.

Saying goodbye to the others would have to be done through text, I couldn’t risk running into Kendall and having her deliver another blow to Scar.

“Please, what’s on your mind?” I begged her, needing to know what she was thinking about. Her lack of a response worried me more than any tears could have. When we were finally on the elevator and heading downstairs, Scar finally answered me.

“When we…this, whatever this is, when it’s over, and don’t say that we’re not ever going to end, because we have to, one day, are you going to just kind of phase me out too?”


That’s why she was quiet earlier. I don’t have the best record with being upfront with girls about wanting to end the relationship, and she was seeing it firsthand. She was right, I couldn’t promise her that we’d never break up, it just wasn’t realistic. But she deserved better than those girls. Aside from Caroline, which was a completely different type of break up, I’ve never felt this way about any girl.

“Scarlett…I know I can’t promise you that I’ll never stop feeling this way about you,” I admitted, though that much didn’t seem to bother her. Realistically, we knew we would have to tone things down as soon as the tour started, for the sake of her job. “But I can promise you that I’ll be honest and upfront with you about it. You deserve so much more than anything like that.” Pressing my lips to her forehead, Scarlett leaned into my chest and I knew all was well.

I would do my best to not break her heart. I had to.

“Now come on, let’s get out of the cold and back to LA. We can even head to the beach tomorrow.” As the elevator doors open, Scarlett and I were ushered out to our taxi, undetected, and I kept my arm securely wrapped around her torso for as long as I could. Whatever I could do to ease her worry, I would.

Scarlett meant more to me than she knew.


I'd like to see more comments! Suggestions? Feedback? Good or bad, I'd love to read them all. I'll try to update again this weekend xx


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