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One Direction Imagines

Drunk Harry

~Diana’s Pov~
Me and Harry were heading back to my house from the club. We called a taxi, because we were both drunk. Harry was more drunk than me. As we pulled to my house I payed the guy, and we stammered up the stairs.

“Haz what do you want to do?” I asked as I unlocked the door.

“You” He said kissing my cheek. I giggled at his joke.

“No Haz what do you really want to do?” I said still giggling.

“I’m serious” Harry said as I opened the door.

“Haz I’m your best friend” I said

“But, but I love you” Harry said getting mad. This is one thing about Harry being drunk. Is that he gets mad easily.

“I know I love you too” I said. It was true I liked ever since I meet him.

“No you don't” He said

“Yes I do” I said

“Then kiss me” Harry said walking up to me pinning me too the wall. I looked down at his lips. I bit on my bottom lip unsure what to do. We were both drunk. He’ll probably won't remember how drunk he is. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt his lips on mine. I kissed back place my hands around his neck. We started making out when Harry picked me up by my bum and carried me over to the coach, and as soon as we both laid down on the coach. Harry passed out. He turned on to his side making me lay sideways with my back on his chest. I tried to get up, but him just pulled me back into his chest. After some struggling I finally gave up and fell asleep in his arms.


Sorry it's short. I hope you like it.



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That you are gonna write me an imagine

yay what lol

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Sure I will when I can and I go to CHHS

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