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One Direction Imagines

Louis Cheats

~Andrea’s Pov~
I just got home from work. Today was awful, Savannah didn’t show up today so I head to do both of our work. Man I hate her. I could hear slight moans from up stairs. It’s just probably Louis watching porn again. If he doesn’t want me to see him. He should really keep track of time. I quietly walked up the stairs. As I got close it sounded more real like it was happening. I stood there for a few minutes and saw the love of my life screwing another girl. Oh, but not just any girl Savannah. She saw me and smirked. I quickly turned around and ran away. Making such to not make any noise so Louis wouldn’t know. When I was in my car I called my best friend (Y/BF/N) and told her what happened. It was hard to talk with all the tears flowing down my face. After she calmed me down. I drove over to her house.

~~3 weeks later~~
I looked down at the cuts on my wrist as they bleed. I couldn’t take it anymore. Savannah was constantly bullying me, and there was no one here for me. (Y/BF/N) was out of town for Christmas. I wish Louis was here, but I can’t go back after what he did to me. He always kept texting and calling. Sometimes the boys would call. I’d answer and would tell me that Louis was really bad. I was sitting there still looking at the blood run down my arm when I heard a bagging on my door.

“ANDREA OPEN THIS DOOR NOW” Louis yelled bagging on the door. I still sat there. Then I heard the door bust open, and Louis running up the stairs. I heard every door open and shut as he tried to look for me. I still looked at my wrist as the door opened. I slowly looked up to see him. He was filled with horror. He quickly came over and took the blade out of my hand. Then chucked it out the window.

“Why Andrea Why?” He cried as he pulled me into his emberace. Everything felt so right again in his arms. We sat there for awhile in each others arms. Then Louis cleaned up my arm.

“Are you going to the holiday party” Louis asked as he cleaned my cuts.

“No” I said

“Why” He asked kissing the last badge.

“Cause we are doing secret santa and I got Savannah” I said.

“I got an idea” Louis said with a smile on his face. I went and got dressed. Then we went to the store. We went and and louis got a cha chia pet. I asked him why he was getting that, but he wouldn’t tell me. So we put it in a gift box and Louis wrote a note in it. So when she opened it. They have this thing where they have to read the note or card out loud and omg. She read aloud “I thought your cha chia pet could use a friend” Then she said I don’t have a cha chia pet and everyone busted out laughing, and she stormed off.


Sorry it's a little short, but I hope you like it.



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That you are gonna write me an imagine

yay what lol

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Sure I will when I can and I go to CHHS

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