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My Saviour

Chapter 47

Harry’s P.O.V
We walked into the house and went upstairs to find Kylie sleeping. However, the entrance of us 5 boys woke her up. She made a little moan sound, wiped her eyes and looked up at us.
“Hey, how was your meeting?” She asked, looking at us all as she sat up.
“You need to get better, and soon.” Zayn told her and she looked confused. “We had a meeting about the temporary publicist and got to meet her, she’s an absolute bitch.” He continued.
“You’re getting a temporary publicist? I can still do it; I just can’t come on tour.” She said, now looking upset.
“Babe, we need our publicist to be with us, it’s only until you get better, I promise. As soon as you’re well enough to travel again, she’ll leave and you can take over again.” I sat down next to her, the boys all finding various places in the room to sit.
“Okay,” she sighed, obviously unhappy with the situation.
“Don’t worry about losing your job babe; we’ll make sure there is still a job there for you when you’re better.” Liam assured her, and she nodded slightly. We talked a bit until I could tell Kylie was getting tired, and the boys could tell too.
“Perrie told me to tell you that she’ll be round as soon as she has a day off work.” Zayn said to her, before they all left. She’s not in a good place at the moment, I thought she was doing quite well considering, but now, I’m not so sure. I don’t think she’s mentally strong enough to come back to work, knowing all the hate she gets, let alone physically. I watched her as she slowly fell asleep, and then I went downstairs to make dinner. I made it and took it up to her, eating next to her in bed. She ate the majority of it and I took the plates back downstairs. I stayed down here for a while, knowing she was going to go back to sleep. She sleeps so much at the moment, but I don’t blame her. I don’t think she got much sleep in that place, or in hospital.
-2 weeks later-
Kylie has her therapist with her at the moment, while I was on my laptop watching random YouTube videos and reading through my Twitter feed. The therapist came downstairs, told me about Kylie’s progress and then let herself out. I have to go back on tour next week, and I don’t think Kylie’s very happy about that. It’s currently Saturday, and I don’t have to go until Friday next week, but she’s still not happy that I’m going on tour without her. She’s allowed out of bed on Monday, because then she’ll have done her 3 weeks bed rest and a physiotherapist is going to come round to help her start walking again. I need to know that she’s okay with her walking before I go away on tour, or she might hurt herself around the house. Her pelvis is semi healed, enough so she can put pressure on it, and she’s been walking a bit, with me supporting her, already. Her ankle isn’t much better, and she still has a boot cast on, and will have to for another 3 weeks, and her wrist is going to be in a cast for the next couple of months. Her falling over a couple of weeks ago made it really go out of place and they said she’ll need the cast on for at least 8 weeks, 6 now. As for her ribs, they’re not giving her much pain anymore, so as soon as she’s able to walk confidently, up and down stairs and long distances, she can come back on tour. Her nose healed a while ago, as it wasn’t as damaged as everything else. The only thing I’m worried about is her mental state. I’m not sure it’s good enough yet. She takes everything to heart at the moment, and gets worked up over nothing, so I don’t want to take her on tour where she’ll get abuse shouted at her all of the time. I put my laptop down and went up to our room. Kylie was sitting up in bed, watching TV.
“Whatcha watching?” I sat down next to her.
“Grey’s Anatomy,” she replied.
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked, knowing that show has a lot of blood in it.
“I used to love this show, I’ll be fine. Stop worrying.” She said and I nodded, starting to watch it too. This episode is the one where there was a train crash and two people got impaled on a pole, and they had to choose which one to save. When it finished, she found another episode, and started to watch that. This show is very addictive, I must admit. We ended up having a Grey’s Anatomy marathon, and then I made us some dinner before we went to bed. (A/N: Who else has an obsession with Grey’s Anatomy? It’s so good!)
Kylie’s P.O.V
The pain in my abdomen woke me up, and I moved around a bit to find that Harry wasn’t next to me anymore. I checked the time and saw it was 11am. The pain I’m feeling is probably just hunger. I sat up in bed and debated what to do, just as Harry walked in with a load of breakfast on a tray.
“I thought you might be hungry.” He said, placing it on my lap and walking around the bed to get in.
“Thanks,” I smiled at him. He took some of the food to eat and we ended up eating our breakfast and then discussing tour. I’m quite sad that he’s going without me, and that I’m going to be alone in this huge house, but it will be okay. It’s only going to be for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. I know he’s worried about me getting hurt more on tour, and the verbal abuse that I’m going to get from fans. He shouldn’t be worried, I’m getting better every day, and even the therapist said so. I’m kind of getting my head around everything that happened now. It was hard to take in while I was in hospital, and now I know exactly what happened. I can see myself in that horrible basement, sat in my own fluids, being beaten or raped every day. Honestly, I’m just happy he didn’t finish the job and kill me, because then I wouldn’t be here now with Harry.
I can’t even imagine what Harry would have done if I hadn’t have come out of that house alive. Anne told me he was distraught just not knowing where I was and even with his own injuries and health to think about, he kept worrying about me and wanted to find me. I would have been the same way, and I’m kind of glad that he worried so much about me; it just shows that the love between us is real. My dad tried to talk some poison into my mind, and I did get to the state where I started to believe it but as soon as I limped out of that hellhole and Harry ran into my arms, I knew all he had said was complete bullshit.
“You okay?” Harry asked me, breaking me out of my thoughts.
“Yeah, I’m good,” I turned to him and smiled. He looked at me curiously for a few seconds and then nodded.
“What would you say to building a panic room under the house? I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and with me going away on tour, I want somewhere for you to go if you start to get scared or nervous.” He suggested. Not going to lie, it sounds like a really good idea.
“Yeah, how long would it take?” I questioned.
“Well, there may or may not already be one here, it just needs cleaning up and decorating.” He told me.
“Why haven’t I heard about this before?”
“Because you haven’t needed to before, I never thought of it before really, but I just want you to feel safe when I’m away. I can have it sorted out before I go.” He said and I nodded.
“You do that, when I can walk properly, I’ll come and check it out.” We agreed. He has 5 days to sort it out, and I have 5 days to get walking again. Let’s do this!


So, Harry is going back on tour without Kylie and she is pushing herself to learn to walk again, what do you think is going to happen?

I love one of your comments about them having ginger babies that sing like angels, but don't get your hopes up, Kylie is infertile remember...

Yeah I know, I haven't updated in 17 days but it's just been so busy. My great grandma died last week so it hasn't exactly been a great time for me, and I have had so much homework.

I went to see 5sos yesterday and they were so good, but I'm not too sure about Hey Violet, their voices are so squeaky. What do you guys think about 5sos and Hey Violet?

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