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My Saviour

Chapter 18

Harry’s P.O.V
I can’t believe she stayed. I was convinced I had lost her but she stayed. She stayed to be with me and that makes me so happy. This girl, sitting in front of me, makes me so happy. I’m glad we met at that club and maybe it didn’t go so well initially but we can be together, and I will make sure we are together. I need to make her mine.
“Go on a date with me? Tomorrow?” I asked her and a beautiful smile broke out on her face.
“Okay,” she answered, nodding her head. I smiled at her and we spent the day curled up on the sofa watching chick flicks. I have no idea how or why I fell for Kylie… but I did and I don’t regret it. I know that the fact her dad is still on the run is baggage, but to be completely honest, I don’t care. Kylie, the girl who I only met a few months ago, would be perfect even if she had a whole truck full of baggage. I looked down at Kylie to see her fast asleep. The sight of this beautiful girl asleep in my arms is everything I could have hoped for. It’s hard to believe that this morning she was leaving me and setting off for Paris and now she’s here, with me, asleep in my arms. I’m so happy she stayed.
Kylie’s P.O.V
As I regained consciousness from my sleep, I realised I was still on the sofa in Harry’s arms. I’m happy I stayed because I know I’m safe here with Harry. I think it was Ben saying what he did that made me want to leave and once I realised it wasn’t true I couldn’t leave. I saw Harry’s broken expression when I walked out of the door yesterday morning and that wasn’t because he didn’t have a chance to ‘get into my pants’ as Ben put it. I do kind of feel bad for leaving Ben and Lauren but I couldn’t leave Harry and Ben and Lauren have each other. I got up from the sofa as slowly as I could to avoid waking Harry up and went into the kitchen to get breakfast. I poured myself some cereal and sat down to eat it. When I had finished and was washing my bowl up, Harry came in.
“Did you sleep okay?” He asked.
“Yes thank you, you?” I smiled sweetly at him. I have to admit, before I met Harry, I hardly ever smiled properly, now I smile all the time.
“Yeah,” he came over and hugged me, burying his head in my neck. “I still can’t believe you stayed.” He whispered, his hot breath on my neck.
“Well I did, but I’m going to look for an apartment that I can afford on my stingy Frankie and Benny’s salary.” I informed him and he pulled away, looking me in the eyes.
“You don’t need to do that, you can stay here.”
“Thanks Harry but I don’t want to be an inconvenience. I’ll find myself an apartment.” I stuck with it. I really don’t want to crash Harry’s alone time. This is his house and I should find my own place.
“Okay, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about our date tonight,” he intertwined our fingers.
“I haven’t.” I assured him and he went to get his breakfast, smiling to himself.
I walked out of my room and downstairs to where Harry was waiting.
“Are you ready to go?” He asked and I nodded. He held his hand out and I took it as he opened the front door and we went to his car. He opened the door for me and then ran round the car to get in his side. “You look gorgeous,” he said after about 5 minutes of small talk.
“Thank you, where are we going?” I questioned, not recognising the surroundings.
“It’s a surprise,” He grinned as he continued to drive down the unknown street. After another 5 minutes of me not knowing where we were, Harry pulled into a parking lot. It was an American style diner. Harry got out of the car and ran around to open the door for me before I had a chance. Harry always has been a charming guy, and I’m really starting to see it in him more now. I think I’m falling for this man, and fast.
“Thank you,” I said as he helped me out of the car. He smiled at me and looking into his eyes, I felt something. There was a surge of electricity that coursed through my body as I looked into his dazzling green eyes. We walked inside and sat down, looking at the menu. The waitress came over and we both ordered milkshakes. It’s hard not to when you’re in a place like this. “Where did you find this?” I asked Harry.
“I drove past it one day and wanted to see what it was. When I found out it was an American diner I was shocked, I don’t think there are many of them in the country.” He explained and I nodded. Our milkshakes came and we ordered our meals. I sipped on my milkshake, as did Harry. A few seconds later, Harry cleared his throat and I looked up to see him smiling at me.
“What?” I raised my eyebrows, confused.
“You’ve got a milkshake moustache.” He started to laugh and just as I went to wipe it away, he took hold of my hand, again sending a surge of electricity through my body.
“Let me get that,” He said in a quiet, calming voice as he leant over the table and gently placed his lips on mine. The kiss, though gentle and caring, caused butterflies to erupt in my stomach and I knew now there was no doubt about it; I definitely am falling for Mr Harry Styles.


So... what do you think will happen? Will Harry bottle it or will he go for it?

However enjoys rating my stories badly, I hope you're getting a kick out of it. I recently stopped writing a story because my rating went down from 9.9 to 9.5 in 2 votes which means you have to rate it around a 4 or lower which is really disappointing and then to see this one go down from 9.9 to 9.7 upsets me. I've decided I'm not even going to look at the stats anymore so have fun rating my stories badly, because it's not affecting anyone.

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