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Crossing Paths (Niall Horan and Harry Styles fan fiction)

Pizza with the guys.

Tiffany's POV

knocked on Niall's door my stomach then became home to a thousand butterfly's. I don't know why I'm so nerves there just like other guys you know. Ha-ha I wish I knew guys like them wait I do I know them. Oh God my mind was racing how he's just Niall Horan and sure he has a band nothing big. I go to preforming arts school I know plenty of guys with bands he was just like the. It's not like I've obsessed over them ever since my friends in high school showed me them on X factor. I took a deep breath as Niall opened the door.

"Hey Tiffany" He said with a smile. That smile that made girls cry and those beautiful blue eyes looking right into my brown ones.

"Hi" I said shyly back to him why am I being so shy its not like I haven't meet celebrities before or talked to guys its just Niall did something to me and I don't know what it is. Mel coughed and I realised Niall and I have been starring at each other the hole time. I blushed and we walked into the hotel room. The room was huge there was a a large couch facing a huge TV with lots of game counsels underneath it. It looked like they had just about every game and movie ever made. There was a love seat on either side of the couch, Niall sat down on one of the love seats and motioned for me to sit down. I introduced Mel to everyone and sat down by Niall, Mel sat down next to Harry. Zayn, Louis, and Harry where all sitting on the couch playing what looked like FIFA 13, I knew the game cause it was one of the only games I actually liked. Harry and Zayn stopped playing and Liam started to play with Louis. I was really intrigued in their game Liam was playing as West Brom and Louis was playing as Manchester United.

"Manchester really?" I said all the boys looked at me and Liam paused the game.

"Yea their one of my favorite football teams what about them?" He asked.

"Oh nothing I'm just more of a Liverpool fan." I said they all gasped I looked at them questinaly.

"You like football" Niall asked me.

"Um yea... I see you do too" I laughed at how shocked they where at me knowing Liverpool and being a soccer fan.

"Oh its just we don't meet a lot of Americans that like the premier league or football in general." Liam explained

"Or girls that like it." Zayn added I laughed at how weird they where acting about the hole thing. Liam and Louis went back to there game. I looked over and Mel and Harry who where shamelessly flirting. I guess that's what happens when you get to major flirts with each other. I looked up at Niall who was already watching me I blushed and he laughed slight.

"So how long your gonna be in LA?" I asked Niall

"About a month so lots of time to site see and do and just hangout" I hoped he wanted to hangout with me but I didn't want to look desperate so I just shrugged it off. We talked for ever about everything I told him about Oregon he told me about Mullenger. I told him about how much acting meant to me and just shared thing with him I would never tell people after just meeting him. He cared so much about what I had to say he was an easy person to talk to. Eventually Zayn suggested we watch a movie and we all debated on what one to watch. Harry and I wanted to watch the Notebook one of my favorites. After a successful argument we watched the Notebook.

I woke up with warm arms wrapped around waist as I snuggled closer to the body and the arms tightened around my waist. I looked up to see a sleeping Niall and looked around and saw no one else in the room. Niall woke up and looked down at. "I'm uh sorry for falling asleep on you." I said awkwardly.

He laughed "No worries." I looked at my phone it was 1:00 AM. "You want me to take you home?" Niall asked me.

"Yea Mel probably drove her car back home." We drove home in a silent car. We eventually pulled up to my apartment and Niall began to walk me to my door. "Thanks Niall." I said smiling at the ground

"Yea anytime. So I'll see you soon like maybe tomorrow?" I was shocked he wanted to hangout with me agian so soon but i was fine with that.

"Yea I'll text you tomorrow." He hugged me bye and with that he left.


Hey sorry its been so long I cant access my original account because i signed in through tumblr and I deleted that tumblr so now i don't know how to get back in my old account I'm really sad but i wont give up on getting myold account back thank you so much for reading. check out my temporary account I'll be posting on there for the time beeing.
xxfreedreamsxx xxfreedreamsxx
Please update!!!! This is such a great story :)
Please update soon! I love it!
niauhlur niauhlur
Thank you, your comment made my day. And don't worry I'll keep updating. :)
freedreams freedreams
Update soon this is amazing!
Mrs. Payne Mrs. Payne