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Crossing Paths (Niall Horan and Harry Styles fan fiction)

When Melissa meets Harry.

Melissa's POV

I have to admit when Tiff asked me to come and hangout with One Direction I was nerves put I couldn't let it show. She knocked on that door and I had no clue what to expect, she at least meant them before I had never meant them. I walked in the room and the only thing that was keeping me from freaking out in front of all of them was that my mind couldn't comprehend that I was in the same room as then. I stayed quiet when we first got there afraid of what I might say. Tiff went and sat next to Niall. Leaving me to sit with Harry. I have to say we really hit it off, he stopped playing his game to turn his attention to me.

"So Melissa your Tiffany's room mate?" He asked me with flirtatious smile on his face. I see how this is he wants to flirt huh well I can flirt just as well.

"Yep. And I take it your here for some big concert?' I asked I knew perfectly well that Harry had a concert here but I was not about to let him know that I was a fan who knew everything about him. Harry was my favorite out of the One Direction.

"And what makes you think that I'm doing a concert?"

"I don't you just look like the boy band type."

"Do you like boy bands?" He said to me in that perfect deep British accent.

"My God guys take a break." Louis said putting his feet on the coffee table

"Ah don't worry Lou nothing could come between you and Harry" I said nudging him with my elbow. He smiled wide and relaxed a little, I laughed at him. We started to watch the Notebook and Harry did the hole yawn and put his arm around me. I smiled at how cheesy that move was and snuggled up closer to him. I let my eyes shut and fell asleep.

I woke up and Liam and Zayn had left to go back to there hotel room and Niall and Tiff where cuddled up asleep, cute. "I should head back home, I don't want to wake up Tiff she looks cute over there you think Niall could drive her home?"

"Yea I'm sure he'll jump at the opportunity to." We both laughed "Well I'll see you later?"

"Oh yea here I'll give you my number " I said to Harry grabbing my phone in the process.

"I already put my number in your phone" he smiled at me.

"Oh well I will be hearing from you soon."

"Of course." he said and hugged my bye.


Thanks for over 100 veiws today :)


Hey sorry its been so long I cant access my original account because i signed in through tumblr and I deleted that tumblr so now i don't know how to get back in my old account I'm really sad but i wont give up on getting myold account back thank you so much for reading. check out my temporary account I'll be posting on there for the time beeing.
xxfreedreamsxx xxfreedreamsxx
Please update!!!! This is such a great story :)
Please update soon! I love it!
niauhlur niauhlur
Thank you, your comment made my day. And don't worry I'll keep updating. :)
freedreams freedreams
Update soon this is amazing!
Mrs. Payne Mrs. Payne