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Wolf eyes

New life

I stood on my porch looking down at Harry at the top of the stairs. 'May I come in?' Harry asked with a light smile. I checked around making sure my parents weren't here, "Yea come on." I said pulling him into my house. He looked around and, gave a not bad look. My house isn't the nicest but it's still home to me. 'Up stairs.' I said running to my room. He slowly made his way up, admiring all the family pictures lined on the wall when going upstairs. He stopped at the entire family picture, Me and my parents & my older brother - who left to join the Marines. He looked sad. I watched as he ran his thumb over it, kind of weirdly. 'You alright?' I asked. He didn't turn he just stared. He then turned and nodded slowly looking down. "I'm ok." He said in a quiet tone. "You've got a nice family. Cerise it." He said looking me forward in the eye. It made me wonder about his family. "Thanks. May I ask -" I stopped myself, I didn't want to bring bad memories up if he had any of his family. 'My family?' He said like he read my mind. "Yeah.." I said turning opening my door. He chuckled painfully and walked to the top step. He walked into my room and sat on my bed. He sighed. "It's a long story." He said. I turned to him sitting by him. 'I have time.' I whispered. He turned staring me down with his beautiful green orbs. As perfect to me he was, I knew he has a bad life. I could see it when he looks at me. He wanted to escape himself. I could only help If I knew. 'Sarah, I'm sorry. I can't tell you. You'd - never, believe me.' He said taking a deep breathe. I nodded slowly. I'm sure I would believe him. I have a story also, that seems stupid. 'I will believe you.' I said. He laughed and shook his head, he stood up and all of a sudden the presence of him seemed tense. The air felt lighter and lighter, like I couldn't breathe. He just Glared at me clutching his fists. Looking so mad. "Harry?" I said. He then ran out, so quickly. Like a blur before my eyes. I ran for him, but wasn't nearly as fast. He was just frustrated. I saw him dash into the forest. I watched as he faded into the trees, like he'd disappeared. I then heard a loud yowl, and scream. I was terrified. What's happening?! "Harry?!" I yelled from a distance. The yells continued.
- -
Harry's P.O.V
My entire body hurt, I heard Sarah yelling for me. She best not come. I held onto a tree, as my body tensed and everything went dark. My hands miscuing into Paws, and my back bending closer to the earth into a shaggy pelt. I screamed out, it's never been so painful. Sarah had made me mad, she'd brought out the worst in me. She brought back, horrible memories. She wouldn't believe me. She wouldn't even understand! My mouth stretched and my teeth sharpened into sharp fangs. My green eyes disappearing into Hazels golden orbs. My ears growing long, crescent shaped. Every sound came more clear to me. My vision much better. My hunger grew stronger, and I was still filled with Rage. I couldn't hurt Sarah, but something told me to. Sarah continued yelling, she was coming. I wanted to run but I couldn't I felt glued to my spot. She stood in front of me, emotionless. My heart sped up, and I let out a scarce bark. She gulped but didn't move. I'd easily outrun her. Did she know it was me? Or was she alarmed a wolf stood in front of her. I could not talk, if I tried I'd just be barking. It's an entire different language. Sometimes I couldn't control myself. 'Sarah, what are you doing?' a familiar voice said from behind Sarah. She didn't even turn. It was Joshua - bad timing. I gave out a low growl, and Joshua backed up. 'Run!' He called out pulling Sarah. My body tensed again and I felt so angry. I wanted Joshua dead. I can't control my anger, he tested me. I then quickly, jolted for him. He ran pretty fast, but not as I did. I sped up an inch from him. I then pounced and knocked him down on a pile of rocks. He screamed and Sarah came running. "Ah! SOMEONE HELP!" She screamed. I bared my fangs at Joshua. He swung and punched me in the muzzle. I then bit, tearing at his flesh relieving all my anger. Sarah then swung and started punching me. I growled at her and they both started slapping and pushing me. I yowled, and scratched Joshua and leaped off. His left cheek bleeding from scratches and his shoulder was gushing, from where I had bitten. 'Ah! Ah! CALL 9-1-1' Joshua screamed almost crying. He held his shoulder, and squeezed. I had to leave, they would have me killed. The police. I then felt numb and cautious. Panic attack. I then felt the earth cushion my fall. I couldn't take all this pressure. 'Is it dead?!' Sarah called out. I felt a sharp object poke me, then I was out. I passed out.
Sarah's P.O.V
What the hell happened? Who was that wolf? It makes sense for it to be Harry, but it doesn't because that's impossible. Maybe Harry just ran home, and that wolf happened to be there? But then why did it just attack Joshua, not me? Wolves don't do that. I'm clueless. Me & Joshua anxiously, waited for the Ambulance. It finally arrived and Me and him ran to the car. 'Hurry!' I called out to the driver, They pulled him onto a gerni and inside the ambulance. I held his hand, and began crying scared for his life. I couldn't go, my parents would worry. 'I'll pray for you.' I said then kissing his hand. I jumped out and slammed the ambulances two large doors , then watched as the Ambulance drove away. I've never felt more scared. I turned and the wolf body still layed in the tall grass, almost hidden. I was scared to even touch it, was it alive? Or dead? I walked around it, looking at all it's features. It did remind me of Harry, in a way. Then it twitched, and it's eyes opened. I jumped back. My heart beating quicker & quicker every second. It lifted it's head staring at me. If I could shoot it, I could be a hero. For killing the wolf, responsible for all the deaths of peoples animals. It did almost kill my best friend. What else could I do? The wolf began whining, like a puppy. Looking so sad. I almost felt bad. But -I shouldn't. "Get out of here." I yelled pointing to the wolf. The wolf slowly got up keeping his eyes glued to me. He just stood facing me. The hell? "GET!" I yelled stepping back. He didn't even flinch. He let out a quiet yowl. 'GO! NOW!' I yelled even louder stepping forward. His ears folded back, he looked a little mad. I turned and quickly, ran into my house grabbing my gun on the counter & a bullet. I then came out, to see the wolf galloping into the woods. I'd follow it. I ran chasing after it. It didn't run to quick. The wolf then stopped at the creek, he looked as if he couldn't go in water - or he was afraid. I pulled my gun up, and aimed straight for it's head, before pulling the trigger it turned and howled then running fast away. "damn." I said chasing after it again. The wolf ran down a hill covered in leaves, he easily slid down it. But for, me I ended up falling face first. I dropped my gun and trembled down. 'shit, shit.' I said as I slid down painfully. At the bottom I could not see the wolf, He'd escaped. I couldn't find my gun either. I scattered the leaves everywhere looking for it. It was gone. I then saw it, buried under a few leaves. I crawled over but then that damn wolf came growling and standing over it. I looked up and slowly backed up. He narrowed his eyes at me, his ears perking back baring his pearly white teeth. I tried reaching but he growled even louder. He then began barking loudly, hurting my ears. "SHUT UP!" I yelled covering my ears. It was screeching. Then before I knew it, the wolf fell to the ground yelping. His bones crunching and his torso growing long. His muscular legs growing long and hairless. His narrow jaw, shortening into a humans mouth. 'What - the - fuck ?!' I yelled in horror. This didn't feel real, what's happening? He screamed and whined. It all made sense. When he was screaming by my house he was changing into this wolf. But - how is this possible?! Before I knew it, Harry stood covering himself naked scratched up looking down at me. My gun still underneath him. 'What - what?' I said my voice broken from all the yelling. Harry looked away looking ashamed. 'This is .. me..' He whispered. 'This is UNREAL.' I yelled. I stood up and paced back and forth. 'So you're a WOLF?!' I yelled throwing up my hands. He gulped and licked his chapped lips. 'Uh. Ye - yes..' He whispered. 'Speak up.' I said not making eye contact. "I didn't know how to tell you something like this." He said in normal tone. 'You almost killed my BESTFRIEND You dumbass!' I yelled biting down on my lip. 'I'm sorry.' He said. 'But, I was angry. sometimes I can't help it.' He replied. 'Give me my gun.' I demanded. He pulled it up and tossed it over. I picked it up and gave him one last glare. Then I darted off, back to my house. He just glared at me as I disappeared up the hill. 'What have I done.' He said as I walked off. This must be a dream, things like this aren't possible. But - it alarms me. That boy that I thought was ' so cute ' is a damn, carnivorous wolf ; that can easily have me dead. I must avoid Harry for now on. I don't want him getting mad, and then him attacking or even killing me. He's already attacked someone important to me. No one else.


Enjoy <33 (:


OF course! & Thanks for reading <3 Glad you're enjoying (:
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this is really good can u read mine?
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This is AWSOME!!!!
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