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Wolf eyes


Harry's cute an all, but he's very strange. & Not even an okay strange. Like a disturbed strange.
I didn't actually want to hunt with Harry, I just wanted an excuse to hang out - to talk to him, get to know him.
The bus pulled up to the front of my school and I hurried to get off to catch up with Harry. He got off and that cheeky smile grew upon his face. "So, when do you want to hunt?" I asked, clutching my books. Harry shrugged and dug his hands into his pockets. His face went sort of pale, as if he was sick. 'You alright?' I asked. He sighed, and shrugged. "Haven't been felling' the best.." He said his voice trailing off. 'Why's that?' I asked. He shrugged again. 'I'm going to go. see you round'" He said walking off. I suddenly felt sad. Maybe he suddenly lost interest in me.
I didn't see Harry all day, and I had two classes with him. Maybe he's avoiding me, or switched classes? Why would he though.. All day was a drag.
Joshua and I sat next to echother on the bus, me and him haven't really talked since Harry came to this school. He's obviously jealous he would always hate on every guy I ever had a crush on. 'So how's life?' Joshua asked with a grin. I smirked, and placed my bag on the floor. "Good. We haven't been not talking that long to ask that dumpy," I teased. Joshua shrugged and gave one of his silly smiles like always. Joshua was like a brother to me, me and him have many memories and we tease echother all the time. He clearly doesn't look at me like a sister; because he's had the biggest crush on me for a while, but he knows nothing will ever happen between us. I've cleared that already. He always has my back, he's even beat up guys for me - he's even lost. I wouldn't be complete without him. My josh, joshy and jay jay. "I'm sorry." Joshua sighed. I turned looking confused. 'for?' I asked. "Well - I had a, little .. 'talk' with your friend. Harry.." He said. I gasped. Oh gosh, what did he say. Please tell me he didn't screw everything up for me. 'What did you say?' I asked, firmly. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. The bus, then stopped before leaving the school and the doors propped open. Harry came storming in, and immediately glared at Josh and I.
Harry threw down his stuff and picked Joshua up by his shirt. My heart sank and I stood up trying to pry his hands from his striped V-neck. The bus driver turned and began yelling. All eyes were on Joshua & Harry. "What? Stop!" I yelled at them. 'BOYS STOP!' Screamed the driver. They ignored. Harry looked so furious. He tightened his grip. 'You little shit!' Harry yelled. Joshua tried looking away but Harry's eyes just frightened him. 'Harry! Stop!' I yelled pushing Joshua away from Harry. The driver then came, and pulled them apart but Harry stepped in and pushed the driver. 'I'll beat the shit out of you!' Harry said throwing up his left fist. "HARRY!" I screamed trying to block Josh. 'Damn kids!' The driver yelled pacing back to his seat. Harry then put his fist down and ran off the bus, 'I'll walk home.' he growled at the driver. The driver slammed the doors, and off we went. People stared at josh whispering the entire ride. 'What the hell did you say?!' I asked percautiosly. Joshua looked down and bit his lip. "I just - I said for him to leave you alone because .." He said in a low tone. "Because what?!" I hollered, not caring who heard. "Because .. a guy like him can't handle a gal like you. I guess he took it the wrong way." Joshua confessed. 'You guess? You could of got beat up, are you stupid?' I replied. Joshua shook his head and looked the other way. Josh doesn't know who can handle me. I'm not like high maintenance. & Harry's a bigger guy. Joshua is stupid at times.
When I got off the bus Harry stood waiting for me. He glared at the bus at Joshua in his seat. I jogged to him. "I'm so sorry, about what josh said. He's just - jealous" I said embarrassed. Harry smirked and looked me in the eye. 'It's whatever, you're lucky I didn't punch him - whenever I get mad, it's hard to stop me..' He chuckled. I nodded kind of confused & scared. 'Bad boy image?' I joked, poking his side. He shook his head and his dimples popped out. How cute. 'Let's hang out.' He suggested. I smirked. "What about your sisters 'birthday' huh?" I said crossing my arms. 'Oh.. It's cancelled..' he said as his normal expression faded into a mild chuckle. 'Okay, we can hang out. My parents are working late.' I said walking to my house. 'C'mon.' I said motioning my hands in front of me. He ran over like a dog.


Sorry it's short. I'm tired haha! (: Enojy xxoxoxox


OF course! & Thanks for reading <3 Glad you're enjoying (:
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this is really good can u read mine?
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This is AWSOME!!!!
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