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It Takes Patience

Chapter 30: Drug of Choice

*Reagan’s POV*
The whole night after the texts I couldn’t focus on what was going on in front of me. I acted like everything was fine in front of Laurie and Channel, but inside I’m literally going crazy. We went to the bathroom before we left, and when I went in a stall to try to check my messages and call Harry back but my phone had died. I cursed myself for not charging it earlier and left the stall putting a fake smile on my face for the girls again. Once we got a taxi to take us back to our apartments, all I could think about was what just happened. I’m now dating Peyton. He’s a good guy, it could be nice, but I want Harry. Everything about him, even the shit that I don’t know, brings my senses to life. It’s wrong, I know but that’s what is making it all the more sweet. When we got back I practically ran to the elevator. I couldn’t wait to get to my charger. When my phone turned back on, there were three messages that I had missed.

From: Peyton x♥x

Good night darling, you’ve made me so happy tonight. I will see you tomorrow sweet dreams.

From: Harry! Pleassssse?!

I could give less of a fuck Reagan. I never really liked you; I just liked what you let me do.

From: Channel N°5

Are you alright babes? You’re acting kind of weird.

I took a deep breath trying to regain the one that got knocked out of me when I read Harry’s last message and went out into the living room with Channel and Laurie. I felt like my chest was constricting and I could barely breath. Why is he so cruel all of a sudden? It takes everything in me to fight back the tears that are threatening to fall. They can’t know, don’t let them know.

“Are you okay Rea? Did you get my text from the club?” Channel asked me and I blinked away the tears from my eyes before turning my head to look at her.

“I’m fine. Peyton asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. I guess I was just over analyzing it, I mean he does live here and I’m only here for the summer.” I half lied and said it in a way that suggested that I was thinking out-loud rather than giving information, but Laurie and Channel didn’t seem to get that this was a problem right now and not good news.

“Oh my God!” Laurie screamed and looked at me.

“He told me that he wanted to ask you! He also made me keep it a secret. I’m so happy for you!”

“Yeah silly bitch! You always over analyze things. You two will be fine. That’s great news!” Channel chimed in and though they were congratulating me on a relationship with Peyton, I couldn’t get Harry’s last text out of my mind. What I sent him was meant to be sent to Peyton. Did he really not like me?

I felt worry spread on my face and I forced a fake smile before standing up to go to the bathroom. I have to call him. This is so unlike me. I never find myself chasing after a boy, but this is different and I can’t stop myself. My focused side comes in reminding me that Harry is not like any other boy that I have talked to. He is bipolar and though he might not want to admit it, he could have been hurt by that last text I sent him. She also added in that he is a patient and it was best that I agreed to be with Peyton, accident or not, but I chose to ignore that last bit.

When I called him it went straight to voice mail, and did the same when I tried a second, third, and fourth time. I turned on the shower so the girls wouldn’t get suspicious and decided to call Liam to see if he was by chance with Harry. Thankfully, he answered on the fourth ring.

“Hello!” Liam screamed over the loud noise in the background.

“Hey Liam, its Reagan umm, I was just calling to check on Harry but he wouldn’t answer his phone. Would you happen to be with him?” There is some rustling on the other end of the phone and then shushing followed by laughter. The noise in the background becomes fainter and I can tell Liam goes somewhere so he can hear me.

“Hey babe, um yeah Harry is here would you like to talk to him?”


“Hold on one minute.” Liam goes back to where the background noise is and I once again hear laughter. I hear Liam tell Harry ‘It’s for you’ and a rustling noise again.

“Helloo?” Harry speaks slower than usual, but he sounds fine.

“Harry...” Harry scoffs before I can continue and the rustling noise returns followed by a loud bang and then more laughter.

“Oh that hurrt” Harry says but I can tell that the phone is not by his mouth and then again I hear more laughter.

“Why do you keep bothering me Reagan? Have you not fucked with me enough tonight?!” Harry yells the second part causing me to jump at the startling loudness that came through the phone. He then begins to laugh and it sends a shiver down my spine. Something’s not right.

“Where are you?” is all I can muster myself to ask.

“Now why does that matter? Why? Why do you want to know?”

“Harry please, just tell me where you are.”

“Harry pleassssse” Harry mocks me in a husky voice and the vibrations of it go straight to the core of me. I stay silent on the line not wanting to argue with him over the phone. He took a deep breath and then answered me.

“I’m going home Reagan. I will be there in 20 minutes.” He hangs up and I quickly jump in the running shower. When I got out I went into my room to change into some yoga leggings, a t-shirt, and a zip up before calling for a cab to come get me. Since he won’t talk to me on the phone, I have to go to him.

I tip toe through the living room and reach the door hoping not to wake Laurie and Channel asleep on the couch when I hear rustling.

“Where you goin Rea-Tard?” Channel asks me rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and making my eyes slightly pop out of my head.

“You scared me. I have an emergency to tend to regarding Harry. I just got a call a few minutes ago. I’ll text you when I get to where I’m going and call you when I’m on my way back.” Lying to Channel has become too easy and I don’t like it, but it has to be this way for now. She nods at me while yawning and lays back down on the couch.

When I get to Harry’s house I notice that his Jeep is not here yet and neither is his mother’s car. I say a silent prayer that nothing has happened to him and sit on the porch to wait when I see headlights coming down the street. Harry hops out of the driver’s seat of his car and doesn’t even bother to close the door. I stand from the porch clearly taking him by surprise as he takes a step back and then proceeds to walk towards the house.

“Didn’t know you would come.” Harry speaks then laughs. His speech is not slurred, but it is slower than usual. When he got close enough to me I saw that his eyes were glassy. I ran to his car locking and shutting the door and then ran into the house after him after he managed to get his keys to unlock the house. Harry kicked off his shoes causing a loud thud and turned on the light to the living room.

“Where is your mom H., wont you wake her?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me before heading towards the kitchen.

“She’s not here? She’s not here, she’s at her boyfriend’s house.” Harry asked and answered his own question then smiled as if he was proud of himself for remembering. He opened up the fridge and pinched his bottom lip as he stared into the refrigerator letting out the cool air. The light from the fridge made me pay more attention his eyes and my focused side came into play.

“Harry are you high?” Harry stayed focused on the contents inside the fridge then grabbed a juice carton and shook his head ‘no’. He then walked passed me and up the stairs to his room. I followed him like I was a magnet drawn to its opposite and when I got to the top of the stairs, he was laughing because he had spilled juice on himself. When he took off his shirt and threw it in the closet, I went to grab his face to look at his eyes.

“What are you doing Reagan? Don’t touch me.” Harry moved my hands off of his face and rubbed the material of my zip up before placing my arms at my sides.

“You’re high!” I tried to grab his face again to check, but he turned his face away from me.

“No I’m not. I’m not high Reagan stop it.” His voice was calm but he backed away from me with his hands in front of me to keep me away. I know he’s lying

“Why are you here? I don’t want you here. I’ve told you already just like you told me earlier.” Harry was smiling and I knew there was something wrong. I’ve seen people smoke weed and I’ve seen how they act afterwards, this is something else.

“Harry what did you do?”

“What concern is it of yours?! Go home Reagan. I don’t know why you’re here.” Harry smiled again, nothing about it was genuine, it was cold and put shivers down my spine in a bad way. He began to rub his hands in his hair still looking at me and grinning sloppily.

“I will go home when you tell me what you took Harold!”

“Reagan, back the fuck up!” Harry backed up until he couldn’t anymore and talked slowly but sternly, the smile left his face and I stepped forward trying to grab for him again.

“Harry what did you do? Answer me!” I shouted at him causing him to flinch and the smile returned to his face.

“You’re such a bitch Reagan! You’re being less than pathetic and-” Before I knew it my palm had made contact with Harry’s face so hard that I winced at the sting afterwards. Harry put hand to the spot where I had slapped him, but he had barely jumped at the contact.

“Do it again.” His voice came out almost less than audible and I as I looked at him tears filled my eyes. What is wrong with him?

“Again Reagan, I couldn’t feel it! Do it again!” Harry had grabbed my arms and pushed my back against the wall making a thudding sound worse than the actual impact.

“Harry please just tell me what’s wrong.” He had me pinned against the wall. His face was so close to mine and his breathing was heavy. A single tear began to roll down my cheek and Harry lifted a finger to my face to wipe it away. Though I was afraid, I was just as equally if not more turned on by him being so painfully close. Harry looked down at my lips and then back up to my eyes. I found myself looking down at his lips and then slowly closing the minimal amount of space between us. My lips grazed his slightly and he released one of my arms to grab the back of my head pulling me into a kiss.

We both opened our mouths simultaneously wanting and needing to taste the other. When I tried to move us away from the wall, Harry pushed me back against it again causing me to gasp. I quickly found his lips and allowed my hands to grab fistfuls of his hair causing him to groan into my mouth. Harry broke the kiss only for a second to bend slightly at the knees and pick me up. I wrapped my legs around his back and rested one arm over his shoulder while the other stayed in his hair. He walked us over to the bed and sat down as one of his hands roamed up from my back to my hair yanking out the ponytail holder, allowing my hair to fall in waves to my back. Harry pulled my head back away from his lips by my hair causing me to moan due to a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Ah, Harry!”

“What did you come over here for hmm?” his grip tightened slightly on my hair causing me to moan again. I wanted to respond but my voice betrayed me.

“I asked you a question.” Harry’s eyes looked straight into mine and my heart rate sped up so much I thought I would pass out. He was still angry and I could tell, but it made me want him more.

“Harry please-” A whimper was all I could manage.

“Please what?” The glossy look in his eyes had now almost completely subsided

“Harry fuck me! Please?!”

“Did you not get enough from last night?” Harry began to unzip my jacket and I could feel myself grinding on his lap, wanting to feel him hard for me again. When the jacket was off he closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip before holding my hips still.

“Answer me Reagan!”

“No H. Please more? Please?” When I heard myself speak it didn’t sound like me. I was practically ready to drop to my knees and beg if that’s what it took. Harry released my hips and reached for the hem of my shirt. I immediately lifted my arms aiding him to get it off of me and he threw it in the closet along with his. When I began to grind my hips on his again, he picked me up off of his lap and slamed me into the bed.

“Why should I? You’ve been acting like a bitch today. I have my own mood swings to account for I don’t need yours.” I’ve never seen this side of Harry before. It could very well be whatever drug he took that is talking, but there is something about this arrogant Harry that is extremely hot. I can feel the moisture form between my legs and my breath hitch in my throat as I anticipate what's to come.

“I didn’t mean what I said to you today.” I didn’t, well I didn’t mean the last text I sent him.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows while sliding off my shoes and then bent over me on the bed. When I went to grab for his shoulders, he grabbed both of my wrist and pinned them back down on the bed.

“Don’t move your hands from there until I tell you to." I nodded my head and could feel goose bumps rise on my skin. When Harry trailed his hands down my sides I began to shiver again at the contact. When he got to the top of my yoga leggings, he hooked his fingers in both my leggings and my panties and pulled them off of my legs. I was now bottomless with only my black push-up bra on and the coolness in the air of Harry’s room contrasted with the heat that was on my skin.

I want Harry so much, much more than I did last night. The moonlight that crept into the room reflected off of the chain of the cross that he always wore around his neck and seeing him shirtless right now is almost more than I can handle. All of me is put into over drive around him and I know I don’t want it to stop. This can’t stop. Whatever it is, he has me addicted to it.

“Have you ever touched yourself Reagan?” I swallowed deeply and remembered the first time that Harry touched me when I went to visit him at the hospital, and the feeling I wanted to reenact after he did it.


“Show me and I’ll fuck you senseless.” Hearing him talk this way to me could almost push me over the edge. My cheeks turned a shade of pink when I brought my hand down to myself. I began to rub and touch the way Harry does when he fingers me. It was awkward at first, but I got a heady feeling knowing that he was watching me and enjoying his view.

Harry took off his jeans and reached into his drawer by his bed to grab a golden foil packet like the one from last night. I could plainly see the bulge in the front of his navy blue Ralph Lauren boxers making me moan and turn Harry’s attention back to me. He pulled my hand away from myself and then pulled down his boxers. When I saw the size of him again my insides started to clench and I remembered that I am still really sore from last night. Harry opened the foil packet with his teeth again and rolled the condom on himself before lifting me by my hips and sliding me down to the edge of his bed. He then grabbed my hands holding one and putting one over my mouth. I was confused by his last action and he must have seen it on my face.

“This is going feel more uncomfortable than last night, glasses.” My insides fluttered when he called me by the silly nickname he had given me, but I got nervous when I realized this would only be my second time and I know he wont be gentle.

“If you scream too loud, I’ll know it’s too much and I’ll stop. I don’t want you to wake the neighbors up.” Harry grinned cheekily then bent over me on the bed. He grabbed my left ankle and put it over his shoulder and wrapped the other around his back, then grabbed my hand again. I took a deep breath like I did last night to steady my nerves and prepare myself for him.

Harry mouthed the words ‘good girl’ before he slammed himself into me. I screamed into my hand, bit my fist, and then dug my nails into Harry’s hand that he had interlocked with mine. I’m also sure that my back arched at least two feet off of the bed. Tears began to run from my eyes and Harry stilled himself waiting for my body to adjust to him being there.

Fuck Reagan, you make me dizzy.” When I looked up at H., his eyes fluttered open and closed before he looked down at me.I kissed him briefly and he chewed on his bottom lip while raising an eyebrow at me. I nodded at him, and instead of the nice pace Harry set yesterday, his pace was harder, deeper and faster causing me to cry out often and loudly.

“OH GOD H.!!!” I tried to grab his hips to slow him down but he would have none of it. Harry pushed my hands out of the way and made them cover my mouth, then wrapped both of my legs around his waist so he could get closer to me.

“Don’t ever treat me the way you did today again, do you understand me?” Harry panted into my ear and I moaned.

“Do you understand me?!” Harry shifted my hips on the bed allowing him to go deeper and hit a spot that made my insides tighten around him.

“Yes H.!” Every time he moved now he hit the same spot. After a few more thrust, I came undone under his wrath and the evidence melted into his sheets. Harry came shortly after me and collapsed onto his elbows so that He didn’t put too much weight on me.


First of all I want to say hello and thank you to the new subscribers! So Reagan finds herself back in Harry's arms even though she is with Peyton. This chapter is long, but necessary. I hope you guys enjoyed it and are preparing yourselves for whats to come afterwards because i definitely can't wait to post it! Be sure to vote subscribe and comment if you are enjoying. As always, I love you for reading!xx


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

Niki Niki

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx


Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Elizabeth1Dfan Elizabeth1Dfan

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx


God! This is soooooooo amazing!