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It Takes Patience

Chapter 31: Admit it

*Harry’s POV*
It took everything in me to be able to get off of Reagan. Whatever we’re doing, I’m sure it is one of the farthest things from healthy for either of us especially me, but I like it. I like her, a lot and it scares the hell out of me that she’ll get too close. When I finally removed myself from her, she gasped. I know I might have gone too rough on her, but she had it coming. She drives me crazy, yet at the same time she gets me out of my own head and away from images and memories that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Reagan rolled over to look at me and had a perplexed expression on her face. I returned her expression and then followed her gaze down to my fingers. I hadn’t even noticed that I was twirling her hair around. It feels like silk and it falls like waves when I release it. I must still be high I guess because I kept doing it just to feel the texture. When I stopped she frowned causing me to grin like an idiot. Definitely still high.

“What did you take?” Her voice was raspy from screaming and it made me think about fucking her again. Needless to say that I lost my train of thought, and Reagan brought it back when she put her tiny hand on my face.



“What did you take?” There was no way of getting around the question. I knew she wouldn’t let it go.

“I just rolled... Still rolling, coming down though” Her eyes began to widen and I knew one of those long drawn out conversations were on the way.

“Ecstasy Harry?! X?!” And here it comes. She sat up on the bed and pulled my favorite blanket up to cover herself.

“Calm down glasses! I’ve done it before and I didn’t die as I am here talking to you right now.” I told her in a matter of fact tone and she wasn’t amused, but I am...still high.

“Tough crowd tonight.”

“This is not funny Harry! Why are you doing this to yourself?! Do you know how that can act with your medication?! You don’t do you? You don’t get the severity of anything! What if you go to sleep and don’t wake up tomorrow?!” I stood up from the bed, threw the condom away, and put my boxers back on before I sat back down to listen to her rant.

“I’ll be fine.”

“And you know this how? And what kind of friends do you have?! They know more than me about what’s going on with you, what medication you’re taking and they still provide you with everything you don’t need!”

“Back off of them! They didn’t even know about it! I went to Louis’ and Zayns’ after I took it. They would never let me do anything like that! They haven’t even done it before! They just thought I was acting goofy because I haven’t been able to sleep! Don’t bring them back into this conversation again unless you know for a fact what you’re talking about!”

“Then if you know that it’s wrong, you know that you’re not supposed to do stupid shit like that Harry why do you? Why did you do that?!”

“It’s a happy pill Reagan I wanted to be happy and you and your little fucking mind game you played earlier today put me on edge! The ‘E’ took it off. It’s that simple. You don’t get it and you never will!” I’m pretty good at pinpointing emotions since I go through so many at a time myself and I know that I saw guilt on Reagan’s face for at least a second.

“Because you won’t let me try to get it Harold!” When glasses started screaming back at me, I was relieved that she didn’t mention my lack of sleep issue that I let slip.

“When I ask you questions you’re never fully honest with me! Yes, I need the information for my internship, but it’s more than that now, way more.” I could feel myself coming down from my high and I’m tired of this now, tired of arguing. I was starting to get agitated.

“Whatever Reagan, let’s just drop it.”


“Why do you care?!”

“Because I like you Harry! I like you so much.” I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at her. She seemed shocked by her confession as if she didn’t mean to let it slip. Even though I’m beyond happy that she told me, I know I can’t let her in. She’s too close already.

*Reagan’s POV*
“I like you too...” When the words came out of Harry’s mouth it was almost barely audible. My stomach and my heart fluttered then sunk when I remembered Peyton and what agreed to tonight. I have to fix this and I know it, but for right now I need to hear him say it again.


“I’m not going to repeat it, I know you heard me. Don’t be annoying or I’ll take it back.” I turned my face away from him so I didn’t show him the smile that I’m sure covered more than half of my face. I could have grabbed him and held him in my arms all night, but my focused side brought me back to the major issue at hand.

“You know I’m supposed to report things like this to Dr. Baker right?” Harry turned his head to face me. His eyes were wide with panic and I felt bad for doing this to him.

“Please, you can’t! If you do I will never get out of there! Then I’ll know you lied to me just now and everything you’re doing is for your paper for the internship!”

“That’s not true Harry! I won’t tell her, but this is the last time I promise you, the last time that anything like this better happen or I will. You have to start acting like you don’t want to go back. I will forfeit my internship to know that you’re okay and if telling on you is the only way to do it, I will.” I looked at Harry in his eyes in all seriousness. I meant what I said.

“Also, from now on when I ask you a question about anything, you have to tell me the truth, the full truth. I study psychology and body language. I know when you are lying and omitting information Harry.” The panicked look never left his face, but he nodded in agreement.

I heard my phone vibrate against the wood of the floor under my zip up. When I got up to get it I thought my legs would give out from under me. Everything from the bottom down was sore. When I picked up my phone I shot Harry a death glare after I winced and he turned away from me looking at the ceiling in his room with a smug look on his face. When I unlocked my phone I had about three messages each from Channel and Laurie and the same amount of missed calls. I had totally forgotten to text and call Channel like I said I would while I was dealing with Harry. All six messages and calls were angry and cursing me out. I was trying to think up a lie for myself to tell them when Harry rudely brought me out of my thoughts.

“What are you doing now?” Harry put on some grey sweat bottoms that hung low around his waist and caught myself staring at him again. I don’t think I can get enough of him. He stood me up off of the bed and yanked off his sheets throwing them on the floor.

“Obviously glasses, I’m changing my sheets. You kind of made a mess of them...” I looked at him confused and then horrified. I hope that I wasn’t bleeding like I did yesterday. When I looked down at myself I didn’t see anything and that caused me to go back to my confused state when I looked at him.

“You squirted...”

“What?” I squeaked, causing an amused look to come on Harry’s face.

“You know when you came...it just came, out. Gushed out really, I mean you could have warned me or something, but it’s alright.” Harry smirked and continued to remove the sheets. I was mortified. I didn’t know that would happen. I covered my face with my hands and Harry started to laugh at my expense. He does that a lot really. When he pulled my hands down I dropped my head and allowed my hair to fall covering my face. He moved my hair away like a curtain and grinned at me.

“You get way too embarrassed about nothing. It’s fine really, and an accomplishment on your behalf. You should be proud. Not every girl does it....Now I know, next time I’ll put down a towel or something so you don’t flood my sheets.” He smiled a dimple smile and let my hair fall back down to cover my face and stared to think about next time.

When I put on my clothes and got in the car Harry helped me think of a lie to tell Channel and Laurie. Even though it would work, this was getting to be too much for me. I hate lying to them like this. He pulled in front of my building and part of me didn’t want to leave his side until I knew for sure he would be okay.

“You text me as soon as you wake up tomorrow H.” Harry looked at me and grinned then looked out the window.

“You’re so damn bossy glasses.”

“Harry I’m serious.”

“Alright, alright calm down, bloody hell.”

Before I got out of the car I kissed Harry goodbye and again he didn’t pull away, just leaned in to kiss me back. When the kiss broke, I kissed him again. I don’t want him to leave.

“Okay, glasses that’s enough.” Harry spoke softly and looked at me with a mischievous look in his eyes. I pulled myself away from him knowing that my lower half wouldn’t be able to handle it if I started something up. When I got upstairs I looked at my watch. It was 3:15 in the morning. Even though I’m grown, I feel like I’m coming home to my pissed off parents who have been waiting for a phone call they never got to let them know that I was alright at a party. I took a deep breath before I unlocked my door and was hit with major guilt when I looked at Channel and Laurie’s faces.

“What the fuck Rea! What happened to you calling and texting us to let us know you’re still alive?!”

“Are you okay?!”

“What happened?” Their questions came too rapidly for me to answer them individually. They were angry and I didn’t blame them. I would be angry too.

“I’m sorry guys I’m so sorry. Harry had to go to the ER again. They put him on different medication and it made him sick. Since I’m shadowing him I had to document it. I tried to call you but my phone died.” Lie number 212.

“Well we’re glad your fine we started freaking out. We almost called the police, but decided to call Peyton instead. He’s on his way now.” Laurie spoke while she hugged me and I knew she believed the lie. Channel on the other hand raised her eyebrows in disbelief before she hugged me. I tried to focus on the fact that they said they called Peyton, but I can’t put the look Channel is giving me on a back-burner.

“I wish you guys hadn’t called Peyton and worried him. I should call him and let him know I’m fine.” I broke my own train of thought when I spoke and hoped that I imagined Channel’s doubtful glare.

“He’s already on his way. He doesn’t live that far from us.” Laurie chimed in and as if on cue there was a knock at the door. I went to answer the knock. When I opened the door, a very disheveled looking Peyton stood there and then grabbed me into a hug slightly lifting me up off the ground.

“Are you okay? Laurie made me worried about you.” When Peyton put me down, I moved out of the doorway to let him in and shut the door behind him.

“I’m okay. I just had to do something for my shadowing assignment. My phone died so I couldn’t call out or answer texts.” When I looked at Channel her glance softened and hopefully so did her suspicion.

“Channel, I was going to introduce you to Peyton tomorrow but since he’s here now, Peyton this is my best friend Channel, Channel this is my...boyfriend Peyton.” As they said their ‘hello’s’ and ‘how are you’s’ I felt awkward. I was just in Harry’s bed not even an hour ago and now I’m introducing Peyton to Channel as my boyfriend. Peyton kissed the top of my forehead and brought me back to reality. I have to tell him, but I can’t do it right now. I smiled a reassuring smile up to him and looked at him for a moment before I spoke.

“Hey you should get to bed. I’m fine, I promise and I know Dr. Vanlavret will have you doing some kooky shit tomorrow that will require you to get up and get to the hospital by seven, you too Laurie.” Peyton and Laurie looked at each other sharing the same annoyed expression and agreed with me. Before they left to go to their respective flats, Peyton kissed my lips, but I didn’t dodge the kiss. His lips were soft and full, and the kiss was sweet, just not the same. When Channel and I got to bed I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, dreaming of both H. and P.


Hi guys and welcome new subscribers! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your lovely comments and messages, all of you are amazing and I can't thank you all enough for reading my little story. What side are you all on? Team Harry or Team Peyton? Be sure to let me know by leaving me comments and be sure to subscribe and vote if you are enjoying it so far (I am desperate for it!). As always, I absolutely love you for reading xx. ;D


I have read this story loads of times just wish you had finished it it is absolutely amazing. So so good

Niki Niki

I'm sorry I just saw this comment! I'm definitely going to update the 3rd part of the story! I'm so sorry that I'm taking a while. Its just because I'm at school but I PROMISE I will finish it xx


Are you going to update on this story please I need to know what happens please update and I hope they stay together and with a happy ending they deserve it

Elizabeth1Dfan Elizabeth1Dfan

Oh my gosh! I just saw this and it made my night! Thank you so much! Please continue to comment as you read and I'll respond to you. Comments make me so happy lol xx


God! This is soooooooo amazing!