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In Good Company


The rest of the week passed by fast. Madi stayed in for the most part, trying to beat the jet lag, mainly sleeping reading and eating. Everything was cozy and nice for her.

Monday morning, she went down to where Louis had told them they’d meet, and sure enough he was there waiting. She was the first one to arrive, and Louis smiled warmly at her.

“Good morning.” He smiled, shaking her hand.

“Good morning to you, too.” It wasn’t too long after, that the rest of the group decided to show up. They lazily made their way to where Madi, and Louis were standing, and mumbled incoherently.

“This way, then.” Louis said, leading the group out to the streets. “The building is only two blocks away, so you don’t have to use public transport.” He inquired. The walk took about ten minutes, and when they reached the building, Madi smiled. “Here it is.” He said, stepping inside, with the group following closely behind him.

He lead them into a large conference room, and sat them down around the large table, pulling out files. He laid them out in front of him, and looked the group over. “Christina Moore.” He called, looking around. A girl with blonde hair stood up, and smiled. “You’ll be interning for Ian Daney.” Christina nodded, and than sat back down. “Mike Day?” A man, beside Madi, stood up and nodded.

“Yes?” He asked.

“You’ll be with Daniel Harding.” Mike nodded, and then sat back down. “Madeline Peters.” Louis said, turning to Madi. He smiled at her, and then set her folder down on the table.

“Yes, Mr. Tomlinson?” She asked, nervously. He chuckled.

“You’ll be with me.” He said, folding his hands together. He looked down at the last folder, and looked up at the girl sitting next to Mike. “Katie Worcester, you’ll be with Melissa Head. If you would all follow me, I can bring you to your mentor.” Everyone stood up, and followed Louis out into the office area, where everyone was bustling to get stuff done. He showed the others to where they needed to be, and then turned to Madi. “Just you and me now.” He said, making her blush. He chuckled lightly, and lead her to a small desk outside his office. “All I need you to do, is sit out here and answer my calls, and get my messages. You’re like my own personal receptionist for now.” He said, smiling. “I won’t work you to hard.” Madi laughed.

“No, Sir, it’s quite alright. I’m here to work.” She said, smiling. Her face was burning up, and she could tell that her blush was showing. He patted her shoulder lightly, and then disappeared into his office. Madi collapsed into the chair, finding it was surprisingly comfy for a desk chair.

For a few hours, she was taking down numbers and messages for Louis, and it was the most frustrating thing ever. It was call after call, and she didn’t have the patience for it. Luckily, Louis saved her.

“Would you please go get me two coffees. Caramel swirl, extra cream extra sugar. I’d like to talk to you in my office afterwards.” Madi smiled, and nodded.

“Right away, sir.” She said, standing up. Louis chuckled.

“Call me, Louis. Please.” Madi nodded again.

“Right away. Louis.” She corrected, and then headed to the break room. She quickly got the two cups of coffee, adding the extra cream and sugar and stirring it together. She made her way back to Louis office, and knocked on the door. It immediately swung open. Madi stepped in, and surveyed the room. The desk was tidy, and the carpets were clean. Louis steered her toward the chair in front of his desk, and took the coffee from her.

“What about this one?” Madi asked, holding up the second cup of coffee.

“Oh, that one’s for you.” He said, smiling. He sat down in the chair across from Madi, and smiled. “So, I wanted to talk to you about this internship. The reason why you’re sitting outside my office, and not doing work with the magazine like the rest of the interns is because you’re the youngest. We aren’t supposed to allow people younger than 21 to take this summer internship, but we made an exception with you. I would go into the details, but I’m not classified to do so. So you will be sitting out there for the whole of the summer.” Louis took a sip of his coffee, and then set it down on one of the coasters on his desk. Madi held onto hers, completely confused of the situation at hand. “Not only will you be sitting outside my office, but you will also be doing almost everything with me this summer, except for the secretive stuff.” Louis said, winking. Madi blushed, and looked down at the golden plaque on Louis desk. It had his name neatly printed on it.

“I-Is that all, Sir- uh, I mean, Louis?” She asked, shifting in the seat. Louis leaned back, and looked at her for a moment before nodding.

“Yes, that is all. Thank you for the coffee.” He said, smiling. Madi stood up from the chair, and rushed out to where she would be for the rest of the summer.

Smiling, she sat down in her own chair, her face hot from blushing. Butterflies filled her stomach as she though back to what Louis had said. “You will also be doing almost everything with me this summer.” She couldn’t stop what was coming, but she didn’t want to.


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