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Take Away My Fears

A boyfriend and a horrible accident of an interview.

Azinilia woke up late, limping into the living room where we were all sitting around chatting. I looked up and cleared my throat, the boys instantly quieting down. She looked tired and she hadn't yet changed out of her pajamas. Harry lifted up her phone and shook it, she sighed and reached her hand out for it.

"Your boyfriends gonna be over in 10 minutes. We texted him. Get dressed." He said blatantly and her eyes grew wide before she rushed into her room. The doorbell rang like 7 minutes later and I got up and answered it.

"Hey man." I said opening the door. He came in and sat on the couch, the look he gave all of us says the fake scare we gave him yesterday was effective. Harry laughed and clapped him on the shoulder, making him lighten up a little.

"Yesterday was a joke man, we won't hurt you!" He said and Alex smiled, turning just as Azi walked in the room, fully dressed. "Hey Azi! Look who's here!" Harry said as Alex walked over and hugged her. The boys all made catcalls as me and Liam pretended to throw up in the corner as he kissed her.

"Get a room!" Niall shouted, falling off of his beanbag with laughter. I rolled my eyes at him, and at Azi and Alex as they sat on the couch about as close as humanly possible without actually morphing together into one person.

We popped in a movie and all laughed as the hangover came on. We turned the lights off and the movie went on with everyone laughing. Alex made a bunch of jokes and by the time the movie was over he was everyones favorite person, except mine.

We had to go to an interview and so we left them alone and went off to the interview. I sat in the chair and plastered a smile on my face, the interviewer shook each of our hands and introduced himself.

We hit the air and he introduced us, pulling up the first question. "Okay, from Laurie Charlesen, Louis, how are you and your lady doing? You guys are the greatest!" The man said and looked at me.

"Well.. She's with someone else, but I guess that's how the world works ya know?" I said and the whole table looked at me dumbfounded. And then I realized my mistake. I was with Eleanor.

The rest of the interview went by uncomfortably, with a lot of questions about my mishap. We finally got out and the boys cornered me by the van. "What was that?" Harry asked me and the boys nodded. My back pressed against the van and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Who is this other girl?" Zayn asked and I sighed, this really wasn't the place or time for this.

"Come on mate!" Niall said and my head fell, hanging low. They weren't going to let this go until I told them what they wanted to hear, I knew them too well.

"I don't love Eleanor. I mean I did, yeah. But it's just not there anymore. But like, Azi's taken so it doesn't matter. I need to stay with Eleanor." I said and the boys mouths dropped.

"AZI!" They all said and I nodded, Liam looked pissed and all the other boys but Harry looked shocked. "I knew it." Harry said with a smug look on his face. "You were really obvious mate." He finished and I sighed.

"I kissed her." I said and Liam's hand collided with my face.

"You what? Does everyone like her?" He said and I cupped the side of my face with my hand. Harry and Niall pulled us all in the car.

"Let's go home. Louis, talk to El. You need to sort this out, and don't mess with Azi. She's not yours to mess with." Niall said, for once being in charge of something other then the food for dinner, lunch, or breakfast that day.

"Okay." I murmered and the 'I'm sorry' texts began. El didn't really think that hard about it when I told her I was thinking about one of those cheesy love stories she always told me to read.

God was that a lie.


Short chapterrrrr. BAM SHORTER THEN YOUR MOM. Jkay. That was stupid. Whatever...




You guys should all look at this! I made this youtube channel for you guys so you can be more connected with me!(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPL3978slZk
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
That's terrible!! And that was the last chapter or are there five left?
LovingCurls LovingCurls

she is indeed...
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
Noooo!! Alice.... is dead??
LovingCurls LovingCurls
Alex and Cotey are actually really good friends of mine, they always come up in like, all my stories. And Alice was just kinda my imagination. I don't believe we can become creative. We are born with it, and we can choose to make it grow or to supress it until it vanishes.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson