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The Horan Twins


"JOE WAKE UP!!" Louis yelled, "YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!" he shouted "IT'S YOU-" i cut him off.
"I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME." i shout. "jesus, why don't big brothers come with a snooze botton." i mutter as i climb out of bed. after getting ready i run down stairs and lock the door behind me, i climb into Louis' car, and he drivs me to school.
"bye" i say and slam the car door.

"Hi." an unknown girl said to me.
"Hello." i said.
"you're new right? I'm Emma!" she said.
"yeah. im new. and im Joanna" i said,
"well Joanna, you can hang with me" she said kindly, after her showing me around, i got to my locker.
"Hello." an curly haired boy said, "im your locker buddy" he said, he opend the locker next to mine,
"Hi." i said, "im Harry" he said.
"im Joanna." i said,
"oh you met Hazz." Emma said walking up to us.
"uhh. yeah " i said, "whats you'r first class?" Harry asked,
"chem" i said,
"me to!" they both said at once.

we walked into chem,
"please sit were you're name is." the teacher said, i look at the papers on the seats, right when i find my name i sit down, i look at the stool next to mine, 'Niall' is what it said,
"who's you're partener?" Harry asked.
"uhh. this Niall kid. you you know him?" i asked, Harry's eye's grew wide.
"he's one of th-" he was cut off by the bell. Harry went to sit down beside Emma.
my partener didnt show up.

after my first three periodes, it was lunch. after buying my lunch I look around, right then people were moving out someones way. two guys. twins. blonde.
"who're they?" i asked,
"The Horan twins. Don't mess with them they're nothing but trouble." Emma said, one of them was looking straight at me. he had green eyes. thats when he hit his brother arm and pointed at me, he looked at me, i turned around.
"they're looking at me." i said,
"you won't be trouble for them, but, they might be trouble for you.." Harry said,
"just be careful. " Emma said, i smiled,
"ill just stay out of thier path." i said.

After lunch i had English than i had art. After art i stayed a little, the teacher said she didnt mind, aslong as i locked the class and gave the keys to the office. after a half hour of sitting and drawing i grabed my books, locked the class door, and headed to my locker. i put my books back inside of my locker, and grabbed my bookbag. i heard laughter, so i tried to hurry, i didnt want to be seen leaving late. i locked my locker and started for the office. on the way there i was pushed up againts the lockers, i shut my eyes tight not wanting to see who it was, although i had a pretty good idea,
"aren't you a pretty little sophmore?" the irish voice said, i open my eyes,
"told you they were blue." he said. i take a look behind him. the twins.
"james. we have to go." the other one said
"no Niall. let me have my fun with the fresh meat first." James said. Dark eye's showing what he wanted. Niall bent down and grabbed my bookbag, he grabbed James' arm pulling him away from me.
"here." Niall said throwing me my bookbag.
"lets go." Niall said looking at james.
"this isn't over." James said looking at me, they walked away. i let myself slide down the wall, i exhaled,
"shit" i breathed.

After walking home i wanted to ask Louis if he knew the Horan twins.
"LOUIS!!" i shout. silence. "LOUIS!!" i shout again, "LEWISS!!" i shout louder,
"what do you want?" He asked and he walked down the stares in his boxers,
"why are you so late?" he asked,
"why are you in your boxers?" i asked,
"touchai." he said,
"do you know who the Horan twins are?" I asked, he looked at me with a blank,
"don't tell them im your brother." Louis said,
"why? what have you done? do you know them?" i asked, slience. "Louis!" i say. "Louis please. they might already know." i said,
"go unpack your room." was all he said before walking away, i droped my bookbag on the ground groaned and stomped up to my room, my phone rings. 'liam' the Liam kid i met at lunch, "hello?" i say as i pick up,
"hey, it's Liam." he said,
"yeah. hey." i smile.
"i was wondering, me and the others are going camping this weekend, and sence i was the only one with your number i was told to ask you if you wanted to come?" he asked,
"ill have to ask my Brother, one sec." i said, "LOUIS IM GOING CAMPING THIS WEEKEND. KAY. THANKS." I Shout. i put the phone back up to my ear,
"yes. because that's asking and not telling." Liam laughed.
"haha. yeah, he's okay with it." i said,
"alright, bye." Liam said,
"wait Liam," i say
"huh?" he said,
"uhh. you have Emma's number right?" i asked,
"yeah," he said,
"could i have it?" i asked.

"no. Emma im telling you, Louis didn't tell me. it's weird," i said,
"but wait. why did you ask him that? did you run into them after school or something?" Emma asked,
"uhh. no. i was just being nosey." i said,
"oh, and he said not to tell them you were his sister?" She asked,
"yeah. weird right?.. i don't know. somethings up." i said,
"yea. well i have to go." she said,
"okay well bye." i said,
"bye" she said and hung up,
"SUPPER!!" Louis shouted,
"K" i shout back,

"so, why don't you want me to tell them i'm your sister?" i asked,
"look, Joe. Please. just drop it." he said,
"i can't do that Lou. we move back here after a year? did you get into something with them?" i asked,
"i did. do they know you? have you been talking to them? did they hurt you?" he asked,
"no!.." i say a little fast,
"joe..?" Louis said, i put my face in my hand.
"it's.. just.. uhh." i trailed off not knowing what to say as a cover.
"i have one of them as my chem partener.. is all.." i said,
"okay, well... don't talk to him unless you NEED to." he said, i slamed my fork on the table. "louis. tell me why they can't know." i said,
"i can't." he said looking down. i rolled my eyes and went up to my room.

After a long shower, i went on my laptop, my cell rang. i didnt look at the name,
"hello?" i said,
"hey. did you get it out of him yet?" Emma asked, i
"uhg. no." i said,
"he's being a huge DICK!" I shout, making sure he heard me.
"that almot poped my ear drum, " Emma said,
"sorry, i was making sure he heard me." i said,
"were's your mum, maybe she knows. or your dad." Emma asked,
"oh. uhh.. yeah.. ill make sure to ask them" i said, i tried blinking the tears, "i'v got to go, i'm sorry. bye." i said and hung up. i closed my laptop and went to sleep.


okay new story, like? no like? please tell me. :)

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Fucking update already x

Omg this is amazing!

I am so serious update this fucking story already it's killing me please xxx

sorry, i started it. but my laptop go a virus.