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The Horan Twins


"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" Louis shouted in my ear,
"fuck off." i say.
"BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" he shouts louder while hitting me with a pillow, i grab my pillow and hit him with it.
"I FREAKING HEARD YOU!!" i shout as i sit up,
"okay. just making sure." he said, he started walking away i kicked his butt as he did so. he turned on his heals.
"hey. don't start that." he said smirking,
"bring it. Lewis." i said,
"ITS ON!!" he said he grabbed the pillow he hit me with and hits me with it, i grab my pillow t hit him, after about 15 minutes of pillow fighting he tell me to start getting ready for school.
"shit. i have chem today.." i say looking at my day planner. my cell rings as i curl my hair,
"hello" i say,
"hey bb. how's the new school?" my old bestfriend kasey said,
"kase. i can't talk right now. curling my hair." i said,
"just one question. who is James Horan?" she asked,
"what the, wait how in the hell do you know him?" i asked,
"he called me yesterday asking about.. you.." she said,
"look kase ill call you at lunch. i need to know what he asked you. and what you said to him.. okay? i need to go ill be late for school." i said.

"SHIT, LOUIS HURRY!!" i shout as he pulls up to the school.
"bye" i said as i got out of the car, i run into the school grab my history stuff and hurry before the 2nd bell rigns. i make it, as i get into class, the teacher looks at me
"ahhh. Joanna. nice of you to join us." he said looking straigh at me.
"i'm sorry." i said, i got to my seat and the teacher said,
"you will paired up, in threes, i picked the teams. and you will be doing a project on-" i blanked out for the rest, i look around the class, shit.. i have Niall, and James. i'm dead.
"Emma, Harry and Joanna," i sighed,

After the other classes it was lunch, yay, my phone rang, i picked up
"Hello?" i said,
"you left your lunch here. want me to take it to you?" Louis asked,
"yes please. im starving." i said,
"ill be ther in a few." he said and hung up,
"who was that?" and irish voice said, i turned to face.. Blue eyes.. Niall..
"nobody.." i said and walked away, i walked to the gate of the school, louis was there holding my lunch bag, i grab it,
"thanks. pick me up afte school?" i asked,
"yeah sure." Louis said an hugged me, he pulled away fast
"who are you anyways?" Louis asked,
"i'm y-" i stoped mid sentence when i felt someone play with my hair,
"do you know her, Tomlinson?.." i wasn't sure if it was Niall or James.. i turn to face him green eyes.. James.
"no, she was looking for someone i asked her who. thats all.." Louis said,
"who are you looking for babe?" James whispered in my ear.
"my brother.." i said,
"go back inside. i have somethings to settle with Louis here.." James said to me,
"im still waiting for my brother.." i said,
"i don't care, i'd rather you not see this," James said, i kept talking to James so Louis could get into his car and drive away. Louis clued in, he did what i wanted him too.

After school i waited outside for Louis,
"hey." an irish lad said, i look over, blue eyes, Niall. i smiled,
"Hello." i said,
"wow. i think thats the most i'v ever gotten out of you.." he said,
"a smile?.. yeah well.. i mean you and you're brother, are.. kind of.. uhh.." i trailed off,
"im nothing like him, i swear it.." Niall said,
"you swaer it?" i asked
"ill prove it to you." he said smiling, "on a date." he added,
"right cause i'd go on a date with you.." i said,
"PLEAASSEE" he said, in a very child-like tone. "PLEEEAAASSEE" he said again, i rolled my eyes, well be greatfull he's not pushing you up against the wall.. i though to myself,
"fine." i mumble,
"yes! yes? YESS!!" he said jumping, Louis pulled up beside us,
"my brother's here. i'v got to go." i said getting into the car,
"ill text you, okay?" Niall said,
"sure," i mumble and i slam the door, Louis drives away,
"who's that?" he asked,
"a guy?" i said,
"Niall.. Horan.. Look there are reasons why i don't want you talking to them, now you're going on a date with one of them?" Louis said,
"he doesn't know!" i say,
"you like him?" Louis asked,
"if i get a chance to know him.. maybe i will.." i said, "it's just his brothers the scary one.." i add, "THEY'RE BOTH SCARY JOE!!, HE'LL.. he'll just end up hurting you.." Louis trailed off.. Louis was that kind of brother. the over protective yet super funny and also immature kind of big brother, he's sweet one minute, and he's a tottal dickhead the other, i think he's bipolar, but i wont say anything. and if you're asking yourself were my parents are.. they're in Australia. they didnt want anything to do with us, so they shipped us here when Louis was old enough to take care of me, and well.. they pay our houses because they're super freaking rich. so if Louis wants to move, than they pay the house. shit like that.. i was raised by Louis. i was 10 when we were shipped here, Louis taught me how to ride a bike, braid my hair, -don't know how he pulled that one off- do my makeup -that either- paint my nails. -i honestly think he a girl under cover- and how to be a tottal Bitch when needed. so the basic teenager stuff. and if you're wondering.. Louis was 18 when i was dumped on him. he's 28 now.

"i just don't want you alone with him.." Louis said,
"look Louis the reason why i have a cell is because i can call you if i truley need to.. okay? i swear.. ill be fine." i said,
"okay, if he hurts you don't come crying to me, Louis said getting up and cleaning his plate, my cell buzed of a text,


Hello (:

so.. date..?

wht about the date..?


i don't know im feeling bisexual about this..



i swear it was auto corrected..



poo you..

LOL!! anyways..


ill call you in a sec kay?


After our beautiful conversation, i went up into my room, and fell asleep.


ill make the next Chapter longer i swaerrrr!!!<3

Buis. c:


Fucking update already x

Omg this is amazing!

I am so serious update this fucking story already it's killing me please xxx

sorry, i started it. but my laptop go a virus.