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Lilas' Laws

Raise the White Flag.

"Come on Lilas! Pretty please?"

I was beginning to detest Niall's brilliant Irish accent. Certainly by this point he knew it was nearly impossible for me to oppose to anything when he was the one who asked or suggested something. And if the accent didn't seal the deal, then it was his bright blue eyes and the way they sparkled when he set them on me.

Which was precisely what he was doing now.

"I'd love to Niall, really, but I really should just go home." I replied sheepishly. My attempts were feeble, but I knew I had to hold strong or it would be all to easy to give in. After agreeing to meet Liam on Niall's request, I had hardly shared two sentences with the gent before Niall had invited me along with them out to a pub... which was very opposite from my hopes of going to bed with a nice movie and a cup of tea.

"Boo!" Zayn called from the couch where he sat, eye fixed to the television screen. "Come on L, you can't say no to a drink! The night is so young, we must grasp hold of it."

I laughed aloud, "Very wise words Zayn, thank you."

Zayn waved his hand in agreement and I laughed again before turning my attention back to Niall. He, Liam and I all sat at the island of their kitchen, a glass of water set before me that I tapped on repetitively.

After meeting Liam it was easy to see he was probably the most mature and level headed of the group. He was quite the gentlemen and was just as equally attractive as the others. I wondered how any girl was expected to act normal around them, especially when they were practically begging for your company to a bar. I mean, just send me to hell already because someone is bound to sin sooner or later.

"Leave her alone lads, she must still be tired from last nights adventure." Liam reminded them, obviously even if he hadn't been there, he was well informed. Heat washed over me as I wondered in embarrassment whether or not the boys had told Liam about Harry and I. That definitely wasn't the image of myself I liked people to have in their heads before we met.

"Thank you." I agreed, "Liam understands."

"Liam knows nothing!" Niall exclaimed before grabbing my hand and setting his bright blue eyes right on me, "Come on Lilas, just for a little. We're all hanging out tomorrow anyways, you could stay the night if you really wished! You'll have a job soon, take risks while you can!"

I sighed, my white flag of surrender nearly ready to wave high. Although Niall's little splur was unconvincing, by now I needed a drink. Plus his Irish accent sounded far too cute when he spoke excitedly, and I hated to imagine what it might sound like disappointed.

Another sigh fell from my lips as I pouted, "Just for a little then."

Zayn and Niall both cheered as they jumped up from their seats, meeting in the middle to slap their hands together in a high five. Niall was obviously thrilled I would be accompanying them, while Zayn just looked please that he was closer to getting drunk. They both soon slipped into their own rooms to grab coats and such, leaving Liam and I sitting at the table.

"Do you live here Liam?" I asked.

He shrugged, "Technically yes. But I'm very much back and forth from here and my girlfriend Danielle's. We try and spend as much time together as we can."

I nodded, "That's sweet. So that means Harry and Louis live together right?"

I watched as Liam's eyes focused more the second Harry's name escaped my lips, and I was sure then he knew. He did not lead on however, but said, "Yes. They live a few blocks from here, the pub we're going to is about the halfway point between our two flats. Do you live around here?"

"Just a few blocks west, on Marigold Place." I answered.

"That's a nice neighborhood, very pretty houses."

I nodded and we sat in a comfortable silence for a moment, the sound of the television sifting through our ears as we waited for Zayn and Niall. I took a sip of my water as I let my eyes wander around the flat. It was very modern, very nice, probably quite expensive.

Just then, Zayn emerged from his room, now with a beanie and a thicker coat. I watched as he flicked off the light behind him and then walked into the kitchen as he hummed to himself, "I can't wait to get there. Been stuck inside all day!"

Liam and Zayn began chatting then about some concert in the future as I smiled, they tried to explain what they were talking about but I didn't really pay attention for lack of interest.. realizing how I really did need a drink. I'd been walking all day, and was quite exhausted.

"Lilas do you need a coat?" Niall's voice shook me from my thoughts as my eyes moved to land on his figure standing in his doorway. He didn't even give me a chance to reply, "Yes you do, you're going to freeze out there." He disappeared back into his room before returning seconds later with a wool blazer.

"Thanks." I smiled as I shrugged it on.

"A bit big." Zayn said with a sip of his water, "But at least you match."

I stood from my chair at the island, my heels hitting the floor with a light tap. The blazer didn't look bad at all with my black skinny jeans, flowered blouse and light cardigan. You could definitely tell it was a boys, but it had that cute "I stole my boyfriends clothes" appeal to it and Niall was certainly excited about the fact as well.

"Off we go then." Liam said as he got up from his seat.

As we walked through the small hallway to the front door I remembered all my shopping bags, "What am I to do with them?" I asked, biting my lip as I thought about bailing and just going home, taking the bags with me.

"Get them later love," Zayn said as he practically pushed me out the door, "On we go!"

The pub we were headed to was nestled on the streets that surrounded a small park, I was familiar with it because it was one of the areas I frequently pub crawled with a few of my friends. Plus the park was one of the best places to have a drunken conversation with your mates, if you could find a bench that wasn't occupied with a homeless person.

It was dark and the streets were faintly lit, and having the boys with me was definitely a soothing feeling. I'd definitely take it over walking home alone in the dark, now the trouble would only be getting back there after I had a few drinks in me. I was sure Niall would probably get his way with me spending the night but I shrugged it off, why not?

"Here we are." Liam said as he held open the door for me, I smiled and walked into the dimly lit bar. People were chatting animately at various booths and tables, playing pool, throwing darts and some were even singing along to the music playing in the background.

This bar was quite different than where we had went last night. It was a lot more laid back. You wouldn't find a dance floor filled with grinding young adults, deafening music, or smoke filled corners. This was strictly alcohol and conversations, and right now that sounded just fine.

Liam, Zayn and I weaved our way to an open booth in the back as Niall went to the bar to order some drinks but he was back just as soon, stuffing his wallet back into his pocket. Before he had even settled in his seat, a young waitress arrive with a tray of beers, pretzels and four shots.

The boys all reached for the small shot glasses the second she disappeared as I followed in suit.

"To waking up in someone else's house." Zayn said as he lifted his glass into the air. I sent him a wink and clinked my little glass against his and the others.

I lifted the shot to my lips as the other boys hungrily downed them. I smiled once again before throwing the toxic liquid back, swallowing hard as the alcohol burned its way down my throat before resting in my stomach.

Who knew where I would end up tonight.


Take your time if you're busy but yay :)
dork_central dork_central
@dork_central I've got the next chapter in progress but things have just been so hectic lately :) I will try to get it out real soon! And I'm so glad you like the story :)
kangaroux kangaroux
are you going to update anytime soon because i really do love this story :)
@DianaGoesOneDirection I'm just gonna refer you to the bright red "R" rating that is displayed when searching for this story. Can't say I didn't warn you.
kangaroux kangaroux