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The Shoes

The rest of my time with Harry was awkward, his hand accidently brushed against mine causing an electric feeling to run up my hand and all over my body. I looked up and saw that he felt it too.

What is wrong with me you have Tom, you love Tom, he loves you, do not question your year relationship over someone you met 5 hours ago. I kept telling myself that hoping it would work.

“ Nina” Harrys deep voice spoke my name so sexy that my stomach muscles clenched. I looked up at him; he was staring at me again.

“ Yes Harry?” I asked as normally as I could.

“ We should hang out while I’m in New York, I never meet people like you” The way he said like you made me smile. He noticed and smiled back.

“ People never get to know us, they just freak out cause we’re in a band, but I swear you are the only person who hasn’t recognized us and I like it allot” there’s that word again you, the way he says it drives me crazy, his accent makes me melt.

Just as I was about to respond back he planted a small kiss on my fore head.

“ Whoa” I said as he backed up, I could feel the place he kissed me on my forehead it was like a small electrocution in that one area.

“ I’m sorry love” He said clearly shocked at what he just did as much as I was.

“ Lets just uh stick to art okay?” I said pleading with him

“ Sure” his face-hardened from my reaction, clearly hurt, sadness lingered in his big green eyes. Dammit Styles don’t do this to me.

I was thankful the rest of the boys and Tia arrived not to long after.

“ Tia took us to a café in time square and they sang to us as we ate!” Liam was practically screaming as he retold the events from lunch.

“We should introduce them to Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie!” Niall suggested. Um who are these girls I thought to myself.

“ WHAT A GREAT IDEA NIALLER” Louis was again shouting, he’s clearly the joker.

“What are you ladies up to tonight” Liam asked sweetly

“ Um nothing really, just chilling at the apartment” Tia responded

“ Well we should chill together” Niall said putting extra pronunciation on the word chill, I couldn’t help but giggle

“ Sure why don’t you guys come over at 6? We can watch a movie and eat?” I asked hopefully, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, It was a text from Tom..

* Hey Baby, What time are you going to be coming home ?*

he asks that like every time I’m at work, annoyed I type a quick response.

* 5 o’clock*

It was already 4 so It wasn’t that far away, he send a quick response

* Okay babe *

“ Brilliant!” Liam said and we gave them our address. I hugged all the boys’ goodbye, as did Tia, even though we’d be seeing them again in two hours. I hugged Harry last, his arms slipped around my waist, because of his height I had to go on my tip toes, he held onto me for what seemed a long while his grip on my waist getting tighter every time I tried to let go.

When he released me he held my shoulders at arms length.

“ See you later” he said quickly then kissed my cheek softly and left with the rest of the boys before I had a chance to react. “ Dammit styles,” I whispered to myself.

The last hour wasn’t so bad at work since Tia stayed with me. The place was dead. All I could think of was the boys were coming over tonight.

“ Lets go bitch” Tia jokingly said to me as I realized It was 5’oclock I laughed at her and jokingly slapped her arm. We exited the Gallery arm in arm.

“Harry seems to take interest in you; best to not let Tom know or see that” she cautiously warned me.

“I know, I know” I said back to her, she acts like my mom, she has every right to though, she’s the only thing I have that’s like family to me.

We entered the apartment, it was only three blocks away from the Gallery, Tia proceeded to the kitchen. Something wasn’t right.

I took off my Toms and noticed a reasonably high-heeled pair of shoes next to the others.

“ Tia” I said nervously, she walked over into the doorway between the entrance and the apartment

“ Are these your shoes?” I asked as my hands started shaking. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open as she shook her head.


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Please update again pwease!

I really want the story to update

Stupid Simon, I hate him and Sarah, shes making her think he doesn't want her :(
When are you going to update?

I love it I love it I love it

Oh my I am addicted to this story. Guys is there like a sequal. I am not trying to rush but this hasn't updated in 2 months. I am afraid because this is the best story ever. I thought it was gonna end with Dominic coming back and . killing them. Anyway, love the story.