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Work was long hard and boring and a certain pair of green eyes haunted me in the back of my head. I heard the screaming of what seemed to be a million pre pubescent teenage girls and then the door bell chime as five boys walked into the gallery with three tall bulky men dressed in black all with ear pieces. It all registered to me all too fast, those five boys made up the band One Direction. HOLY FUCK I quickly got out my phone to be greeted by 9 missed texted, 8 from Tom and 1 from Tia. I clicked on Tia and pressed call and ran off into the bathroom hoping I wasn’t spotted.

“ Go for Tia” God she’s so gay.

“ So on my way to work I got pushed onto the floor by accident from a boy”

“ Cool?” she said sarcastically while laughing at me

“ NO That boy was one of the guys from the Direction band and all the other boys were there too and now they’re in the gallery and I don’t know what to do!”

“Did you hit your head on the fall?” she asked again sarcastically

“ TIA I’m serious, come down to the Gallery and be quick”

“Okay I’m on my way don’t get your panties in a twist”

I hung up and walked back to the front desk.

“HEY” I heard someone screaming at me, it was Louis, and doesn’t he know he’s in an Art Gallery? You’re not supposed to yell in here.

“ HEY LOOK IT’S THE GIRL HARRY PLOWED OVER” He said in tears from laughing so hard.

My face flushed deep red as the entire posy of One Direction headed in my Direction.

“ Don’t worry love, Harry plows a lot of girls,” Zayn said while winking at me. I feel like my face just got redder and redder as the British boys talked on.

I glanced over to Harry who looked like he was in hell as all his friends picked fun at him. I heard the door chime again and Tia came in, took one glance at One Direction and continued to stride over to me as if it didn’t phase her one bit. The group turned their heads to Tia as she walked over.

“ Hey Nina” she said to me in a high-pitched I can’t believe you were telling me the truth voice.

“Hey” I responded

I heard Tia clear her throat clearly wanting me to introduce her.

“ Um this is Tia” I spoke to the group as they all said hi and waved

“ ELLO TIA” Louis screamed at her as Niall and Zayn broke down laughing. Tia jumped in surprise and gave him a dirty playful glare.

I felt his eyes on me before I looked up, Harry was staring at me again, making me uncomfortable and causing my body to heat up as if I was dressed in a thousand jackets.

“We’re trying to get some art here, could you help us?” Harry spoke very cautiously, his green eyes staring into mine.

“Yes, sure” I said blinking and turning my head breaking the intense gaze.

“ I don’t want to look at art” the rest of the group pouted like five year olds.

“Lets go get lunch then?” Tia suggested, the rest of the group blew up in excitement.

“I’ll look for art alone then” Harry said smiling, revealing his dimples, oh my god he’s perfect, dammit why am I thinking like this. I have Tom and even If I didn’t, Harry would never like me, he’s a pop star, and even I can admit I’m not near good enough for him.

The Group followed Tia out except for Harry who stayed with me.

“ So what are you looking for?” I asked trying to keep my excitement of him and I being alone under the raps.

“ Um, I’m not entirely sure” He smiled down at me. Damn he was tall, well everyone is tall compared to me since I’m barley 5’2

“ Well what do you like” I smiled back up at him as we walked towards the art

“ Are you an artist?” He asked randomly

“Yes, not like the people in this gallery though, I wish my work could be in a gallery some day”

“ How long have you lived in New York?” Oh jeez what’s with the interrogation?

I glance up at his face; he looked so interested to learn about me.

“ Um about a year and a half, after my parents passed away I moved here with Tia and her family, we just recently got a place with each other and my boyfriend Tom”

As soon as I said boyfriend its like I had punched him in the stomach his face went two shades lighter and his body tensed up noticeably.

“You have a boyfriend?” he said boyfriend like it was poison

“Yes, he was the first person I met when I moved here”

Styles ended the conversation with a nod, what’s his problem ?


It's gonna get really interesting soon I promise, sorry for the boring start.


Please update again pwease!

I really want the story to update

Stupid Simon, I hate him and Sarah, shes making her think he doesn't want her :(
When are you going to update?

I love it I love it I love it

Oh my I am addicted to this story. Guys is there like a sequal. I am not trying to rush but this hasn't updated in 2 months. I am afraid because this is the best story ever. I thought it was gonna end with Dominic coming back and . killing them. Anyway, love the story.