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I'll Look After You

Shopping & Twitter

“Abby, what do you say about going out this weekend? I want to take you out,” Louis informs me through the speakers on my laptop. We were currently video chatting on Skype. I practically choked on the chip I was about to pop in my mouth and chomp down on. That had taken me a bit off guard, his question.

It has been a few months, about four close to five now, since I moved here and we’ve grown incredibly close with each other, Louis and I. To a few of the girls, I have told them that I was really starting to like him, a lot. Word must have gotten around to one of the lads and I guess that’s how Louis found out. Seems to me like Louis feels the same because if he didn’t, I don’t see why he’d be asking me if I wanted to go out.

“I…yes, Louis, I’d love to,” I tell him with a smile upon my lips as I stare at the camera on the front of my laptop.

He breaks out into a wide smile. “Great, Abby! Was hoping you’d say that,” he exclaims, the smile never leaving his face.

“Can I have any hints on where you might be taking me?” I ask a smile on my face, hoping he would somehow spill to me where he was taking me.

“You’re going to have to wait until Saturday, babe, it’s not too incredibly far away, ‘bout two days, perhaps,” he replies with a smirk.

“Fine,” I let out a small huff of annoyance as I try to act like I was upset at him. My arms were crossed firmly over my chest and I had a pouty frown on my face. “You know I don’t like waiting,” I mumble and roll my eyes.

“All I’m going to tell you is that you’re really going to like where I might be taking you,” he tells me with a smile.

“Pretty please tell me?” I ask a smile on my lips as I look at the boy with messy brown hair on my laptop screen.

“I already told you, Abby, you have to wait,” he tells me again with a smile.

“You’re mean,” I pout crossing my arms over my chest.

“You know you like it,” he joked and stuck his tongue out at me. I stick my tongue out at him and laugh a bit.

“Well, Abby, I have to get going, the lads and I have a press conference soon. Movie night after? Is your place alright?” Louis tells me with a cheeky smile.

“Sounds good to me. Louis,” I tell him with a smile.

“Great. Well, I’ll text you, love. See you tonight,” he tells me with that wide smile of his before the call ends.

I smile to myself and shut my laptop setting it on my bed. I was about to get up and straighten my room a bit when I hear my phone chime. I get up and make my way over to my messy desk to find my iPhone among the clutter. I begin to rummage through the mess on my desk to find my phone. After a few minutes, I come across it and press the home button to see a new text from Julia.

Hey girl! You up to go shopping with Dani and I while the lads are busy with their press stuff? Let me know, miss you love!

I smile as I finish reading the text from Julia. It had been a while since the girls and I got together to do something. I begin to reply to her message, the smile never leaving my face. Julia!! I miss you too, you and Dani both!! Yes, I’m up for it! (: what time should we go? I’m fine with any time!

After I send the message, I check the time to find it was 11:45 AM. I decide to head downstairs to find something to eat while I wait for her to reply back. The Lays chips I was eating a little earlier weren’t going to last, I needed something else because I wouldn’t stop eating them even if I tried to stop. My phone begins to go off as soon as I sailed down the stairs. It had to be Julia replying back.

I unlock my phone and go to my messages so I could see who the text was from. Sure enough, it was from Julia. We can come get you at 12:30? Can’t wait to see you, love! Be ready.

After I read it, I glance down at what I was wearing. A pair of too comfortable sweatpants and a tank top is what I was currently rocking. I guess I’d go up and find something more suitable to wear to the mall after I eat. I was hungry and really wanted something to eat. I reply and tell her that was fine and that I’ll be ready ending it with a smiley face.

The house was quiet, a little too quiet. It surprised me a bit, because when I get up, I usually always see my mom holed up in the living room with a book. She wasn’t there so I decided to send her a text, asking where she was. After I send the text, I set my phone on the counter so I could begin to look through the pantry.

I find a pack of Ramen noodles and decide to make those. It was the only good thing I could find. Not really feeling like heating it up on the stove, I put them in a bowl with water and stuck it in the microwave. The stove was easier but I was at a time crunch here. About ten minutes later, my ramen was ready. I sprinkle the seasoning packet over the hot noodles and stir it together.

I grab a fork and begin to slowly eat the noodles, careful to burn my mouth. With things like this, I always tend to eat it too fast which in result makes me accidentally burn the top of my mouth. Thankfully, I didn’t burn it, yet. I didn’t want to jinx it.

Once I finish my noodles, I grab my phone before I head to the stairs. As I ascend the stairs, I check my phone to see if I got anything back from my mom. “Nothing; I hope you’re okay, mom,” I sigh as I continue up the stairs. I’m sure she was, I just worry, especially when I don’t hear from her. I’m sure she was either at the store or at work.

She had gotten a job as a front desk clerk at a local dentist office close by. It was a few blocks away, not too far but not too close, either. Her boss was strict with cell phones and won’t let her have it out unless it’s an emergency. This wasn’t an emergency but I just wanted to tell her where I was going. We’ve always been that way with each other.

After I make it to the top of the stairs, I walk into my room and go right over to my dresser. I decide on a cute pair of skinny jeans, a grey long-sleeve sweater-like shirt with a heart on it along with my favorite bomber jacket. I even paired my outfit with a cute black scarf. Perfect outfit for colder weather, especially at this time of year, fall. I grab my clothes and carry them to the bathroom so I could take a shower. After my nice hot shower, I put on my outfit finishing it off with my grey TOMS. I grab my phone along with my Vera Bradley purse with my keys and money, and put the strap over my shoulder before I head down the stairs.

Just as I was about to turn on the TV to see what was on to pass time, the doorbell rings. My eyebrows crease together as I slowly rise up from the couch. Is it already twelve-thirty? I think to myself as I head toward the front door. I grab the handle of the door and turn it before I pull it open. On the other side of the door was a smiling Julia.

My face lightens up as I see her smiling face. “Jules!” I shout the smile plastered on my face as she comes forward and pulls me into a friendly hug.

“Abby!” she shouts back with a laugh. “Missed you, love,” she says as we pull away from the hug. I tighten my jacket around my body as I step outside and pull the door shut, keys in hand.

“Missed you too,” I mutter as I turn to lock the door.

After checking the lock once more, I am soon being dragged to her shiny car that was idling in my driveway. I could see the silhouette of Danielle sitting in the front seat. The wind began to pick up a bit causing me to shiver a bit. As soon as we got to the car, the door swings open and I am engulfed in another bone-crushing hug by the one and only Danielle Peazer.

“Abby! I’ve missed you, love!” she exclaims as she tells me to get in the front seat. “Come on, ladies, its freezing out here; let’s get going to the mall!” Julia replies; her jacket bundled around her small frame to shield the wind.

We are soon on our way to the mall. I decide to send a quick text to my mom telling her where I was going so she wouldn’t worry. I was surprised to get a reply back right away. She tells me that she just got on her break and for me to be safe and have fun. I send a quick reply and tell her I will and that I’ll see her when I get back.

The girls and I catch up about everything on the drive to the mall. Perrie was doing interviews and stuff with her band, Little Mix, and Isabelle was off doing her own thing. Ever since Nikki and Haley came to visit, things have been a little rocky between Niall and Isabelle.

We soon arrive at the mall and begin our shopping. After a good couple hours of shopping, we decide to head back to Julia’s place to hang out some more. The three of us had a little more than a few bags on each of our arms. I was scrolling through my messages on my phone when I am pulled from my thoughts by Julia’s question.

“Hey Abby, do you have Twitter?” she asked, her eyes glued to her phone as she laughs at whatever was on the screen. “I was just wondering, ‘cause I was looking through my feed and saw a bunch of funny ones the guys posted,” she finishes and looks up at me.

“No, I don’t,” I tell Danielle and Julia with a shake of my head. The two girls looked at me like I had three heads or something. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the looks on their faces.

“Why not? You have Instagram? Why not Twitter?” Julia exclaims, smiling a bit.

I shrug and mutter an “I don’t know,” laughing a bit at her.

“We need to make you one, love!” Danielle pipes up, excitedly and grabs me by the arm. She pulls me down onto the couch beside her and grabs the MacBook from the coffee table. I’m guessing it had to have been either Julia’s or Harry’s even.

“Ugh, why?! My life is boring as hell!” I exclaim with a chuckle as I look at the two girls I call my new best friends. I’m glad I met them, so glad, ever since I moved here a few months ago.

“No it’s not, Abby! It’s awesome, because Jules, and I are in it, Louie included along with the other lads too, even Perrie and Isabelle,” she replies, opening up the laptop and wiggles the mouse, making the screen come to life. Sure enough, it was Julia’s because the picture was of Julia with Harry making weird faces.

“I guess you’re right! What about Louie? We’re just friends, Dani!” I reply a bit nervously as she said his name.

“Jules, can you type your password in? I’m going to make a Twitter I guess since you guys won’t stop talking about it,” I say and roll my eyes.

“Sure can!” she replies with a smile and grabs the laptop from me to type the password in. After doing so, she hands it back to me. I tell her ‘thanks’.

“We both know that isn’t the case, doll, you’re falling for him, you admitted that to us a few weeks ago!” Julia exclaims happily as she plops down on the couch beside us and props her freshly manicured toes on the coffee table.

I stay silent for a minute or so before I open my mouth to speak. I sigh a little as I reply back “Alright, fine! I like him, I really do!” I exclaim a bit louder than I intended to.

“You like who?! Harry’s deep voice startles us a bit. We jump a bit as he caught us off guard.

“Harold! You scared us, babe!” Julia scolds her boyfriend who was walking into the room and over to Julia, engulfing her into a hug.

“Babe, stop! You know I don’t like hearing that nickname,” he groans and pecks her lips softly. Dani and I smile at their cuteness.

“But I know when you like to hear it…” Julia mutters with a playful smirk as she looks at her boyfriend. He smiles cheekily and pecks her cheek.

“Whoa, Julia slow down there! We don’t want to know what goes on between you two in that situation!” Dani and I groan disgusted by what we had just heard our best friend tell her boyfriend how he likes it in bed,

“Sorry not sorry!” Julia mutters as she goes off with Harry and we hear the slamming of a door.

Dani and I roll our eyes at their actions as I turn my attention to the laptop in front of me. I click on Safari and go to the Twitter website.

I filled in the information boxes on the screen. My eyebrows crease in confusion as I come to the box for my Twitter username. “What should my username be?” I think and verbally voice the thought as I begin to think of what it should be.

“How about this…” Dani grabs the laptop from me and begins to type something in. I try to see what she was typing but she wouldn’t let me see it. A few minutes go by and she turns it to face me. She came up with Abby_darlingxo for my Twitter name or whatever.

“I like it!” I say with a smile.

“Awesome!” she exclaims and presses the submit button after I type in the password I wanted. “We should take a picture on the web cam to use as your picture!” she says looking at me with a smile. She readies the camera and we both smile so she could take it. The both of us smile at how it turned out. I set it as my profile picture.

I begin to go find some people to follow, like Danielle, Julia and the boys. I even managed to find Haley and Nikki, and followed them. I grab my phone and download the Twitter app from the App Store so I could have it on my phone. I sign out and close the laptop setting it back on the coffee table. As I look up, I notice Danielle staring at her iPhone screen typing something.

Just as I was about to type my info into Twitter, a new text comes in from Louis. I laugh a bit as I begin to read it. Hey love! So, I went to your place and your mum said you were at Julia’s. I’ll come to you and we can have our movie night! See ya soon, Abs (: xx


Finally! Louis asks her out! (:

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