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Serving Liam

Two Loves

Piper towel dried her hair while cooking in the kitchen. She had woken up to the sweet scent of Liam's skin and couldn't help spoil him with breakfast in bed . . . a romantic gesture. She gladly made a special omelet with hash and toast, not to mention a fresh pot of coffee, turning to sneak several peeks at the covered man. Knowing he was naked beneath the sheets, a grin smeared across her face.

Awakening to a soothing shower, she reminisced of the activity that had taken place only hours ago. Each part that she lathered reminded her of Liam's hands. Rubbing her neck, brought back the sensation of his many little nibbles and bites, while washing her hair triggered the moments when he'd playfully tug and sniff her locks. Her lips were still pink and swollen, healing slowly and memorably.

She threw the towel over the bathroom door and eagerly set up a tray to place the breakfast upon. Setting it on top of her dresser, Piper crawled into bed and sat beside her peaceful dreamer. His adolescent face had sprouted a shadow, interrupting the smoothness of his jawline. Hesitant to wake him, she enjoyed watching him a little longer. Still to have him stare back would be a thousand times better.

Liam sensed the daylight call to his eyelids, followed by the unbearable tickle of Piper's hair on the inside of his arm. His body urging him to wake up and see if it was really her and not some crawling critter, he hummed a giggle and scratched his arm. Greeted by a pair of blue-green eyes on a saint's face, Liam took her hand to his chest; encouraging her to lie down with him.

"I made breakfast," she whispered.

"Yumm, that sounds lovely. But may I hold you, if only for a moment," he spoke in a groggily tone.

He began to hum a tune while Piper rested her ear upon his ribcage.

"Your hair is wet," he observed while patting her head.

Piper got out of bed and dragged him by the hand as he groaned. Shaking her head with a crafty smile, she ripped the sheets off to reveal his nakedness; causing him to tackle her as he wrapped his arms and a leg around her. Piper couldn't stop giggling. Finally, Liam grabbed his mesh shorts and joined her for breakfast.

It was ten in the morning and Liam had no intention of doing anything else until soundcheck. Overwhelmed by a night of normalcy and closeness, he hoped that this wouldn't be the last of them . . . with her. Smiling and eating, recalling all those timid and intimate scenes, like a little boy with a dirty secret. Liam kept biting his lip, wondering what she was thinking about.

He helped her in the kitchen and then straightened her bed a little, loving the simplicity of what a day with her was like. Not to mention the fact that they were walking around her apartment with very few clothes on . . . he loved that much more. Liam was checking phone for text messages and tweets when he looked up to catch her heavenly silhouette before the window. Looking outside, Piper twirled a piece of hair in her fingers, lost in her own thoughts.

Captivated, from her small feet to her toned legs and lavender laced underwear that coated her small bum. Followed by a cotton white tank and overpowering untamed hair that he yearned to sink his hands into. Liam dropped his phone back in his bag to walk to her.

Leaning against the window, the bright daylight reflected off Liam's upper body, making him appear more angelic than he already was. Such a drastic contrast between his creamy pale skin and his warm brown hair and eyes, but it was his smile that melted Piper's heart more than the sun. If only time would stand still for these two, yet it was only getting shorter.

"Is there anything particular you want to do? Go to the park, a store? Get more pizza?" Piper asked hypnotized.

Liam shook his head and continued to smile. He reached for her hand, as though something were wrong with the picture and now it was fixed. There they both stood; no impulse to go outside or do anything but be there . . . together.

"I have an idea," Piper spoke softly breaking the silence.

Slowly, she freed her hand and tiptoed towards the bedroom, pulling her top over her head and peeking at Liam. Catching him mid-grin, she turned to reveal herself and watch him follow her with a rascal-like glimmer in his eyes. Playfully the two wrestled and nestled with each other and the sheets. Laughing, nibbling, tugging and kissing. Neither one could have planned a better morning.

All that play had worn them into a late morning nap. Only to awaken to the nightmare that Liam originally feared. Thinking he had heard his name, he believed it was only in his dream. Then he heard it from two distinct voices. Alarmed, he quickly snuck to the window, making sure to remain hidden from whomever it was that was down there.

Piper felt Liam jerk away and proceeded to see what the matter was. Liam pointed down out the window, where she discovered a handful of girls searching all the windows of where the star could be. Unaware of how they found out, at least they didn't know which apartment she was in.

"How did-?"

"I don't know! This is what I was afraid of," Liam rubbed his forehead.

"I shouldn't go with you today," Piper shook her head.

"Please do. They are fans; they . . . like you say come with the package deal," he smirked nervously.

Piper was learning that she would be willing to go down the same path her mother had. She liked him that much. Shaking her head, Liam pulled her away from the window and embraced her. There previous conversation lay somewhat open, whether or not they would try and make whatever this was work. But by agreeing to step outside the building with Liam, it was a given that things would change. Either solidifying their relationship or eventually spreading them apart.

Liam called Paul, to have a car ready for him downstairs in half an hour. There was no sense in hiding Piper from the world. He refused to live like that and much less put her through that. If there were a way he could combine his two loves: his fans and his girl. At least he hoped he could call her his girl. Having learned from his past, there was no way of telling if his love interest would stick around for good.

They made a clean getaway, endured a good sound check and now were about to seal the deal of their relationship by coming out of the same car yet again while holding hands in public. So far, Piper showed no flaking signs of running away, leaving Liam's mind at ease for the concert. Now all he had left to worry about was his departure to Australia in three days.

Piper stood backstage with the other girlfriends and watched the boy's performance thinking she must be crazy for going through with this. But as she saw them and the crowd, she knew it would be a lot to handle but Liam was so worth it. If the other girlfriends had adapted than why couldn't she? Missing him would always be the major factor, so it all depended how far he was willing to take the relationship. If he gave fifty percent than so would she and if he gave her a hundred, she would follow him around the world.

After almost two hours, Piper was sold on becoming a fan as well. Feeling foolish for admitting it, but she could now see what all the fuss was about. The audience of five thousand or more screaming girls obviously adored these five young men and would also follow them across the country. And yet she was the one Liam had chosen to ravish in knee-trembling kisses.

The next few days were rather off course. Not so much for Liam as it was for Piper. She had excused herself from work, the only routine she knew, to be with Liam and his band mates. Tossing her previous reasons for not staying in his hotel, she slept in his room for the remaining days. Tasting the fast paced life he juggled with and draining concerts, wondering how he could do this all year round.

Liam, although adjusted and hustling through his daily demands, the fact that Piper was staying with him meant the world. He remained attentive to all her signs and needs, not that there were many, but he tried his best to divide his time accordingly. This was the hard part, after getting the girl and romancing her, now he had to fight to keep her.


Just found this story and I love it. Update soon!!!

Oh no no!! Not a ending on a bad note!! Please dont make me wait another year for another update!! I loved this chapter even though it broke my heart in about a million different ways!

Sorry it took me so long, but I hope you enjoy the update :)

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Hi just dropping by checking if you are alive and if you plan on updating your awesome story. I dont know what it ia about it has an aura of maturity and reality to it that is very hard to find. You are a wonderful writer and i truly hope you havent forgotten this story. I havent! There us still someone out here waiting! Merry chritmas!

I will do my best to update this week :)