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Jenna's POV

"It's relevant." He said to me. I smiled. It was the letter. IT WAS RELEVANT! I wanted to explode. I was so happy, it was indescribable.

"My aunt travels the world to find her prince. She is this person that believes in true and eternal love." He was listening to me very carefully, and still had tears in his eyes. "So, when I told her everything she said something to me, that inspired me to write that letter to you" I said, and paused. I was giving myself the drumroll…silently in my head.

"Well, what did she say?" Said Harry, and smiled trough the tears.

"She said, and I quote: 'Jen I am so jealous. Here I am, going from continent to continent trying to find my true love, and after two years, I may have found him. Where as you, a 16 year old girl already found him, and the really sweet part that makes it true, is that you both still haven't realized it. And, I don't thing it's the end, this is actually your beginning'." I said. My eyes were filling with tears, because her words were ringing in my ears. I couldn't get them out. Harry just sat there looking at me. I got a little scared, that I may have made things worse, but after a few moments in silence, he kissed me. It was passionate, it was emotional, and it was perfect. As it got more and more passionate, he was pushing me down, so after few moments, he was lying on me. We kissed, but that's all that we did. After our moment, we watched 101 Dalmatians and I fell asleep.


"Yeah, she just fell asleep." I was half asleep, and heard Harry talk to someone.

"Oh, well ok. Are you staying for dinner?" It was my aunt.

"I would love to but I can't, I have this dinner with my friends" He said.

"Oh, well no worries. It was really nice meeting you Harry. I like you" Said Anna. I was too sleepy to move.

"Well, I like you too" Said Harry, and let out a laugh "And, I want to ask you for a favor…" He said and waited for her approval.

"Yes, whatever you need" She said.

"Can you somehow talk to her parents, I bought us tickets to go to New York for New Year's and could you-" Harry said, and My aunt cut him off.

"Yes of course. She will be packed and ready to go tomorrow morning."

"Thank you so much."

After that I just drifted to sleep.


"Wake up, darling." I heard aunt Anna waking me. "Your friend is here." I got up and saw Lucy.

We went upstairs and we talked a bit, small talk really.

"So what are we doing for New Year's?" Asked me Lucy.

"FUCK!" I said, loudly. I totally forgot about Lucy. I told her about Harry's gift to me, and she frowned but tried to hide it.

"Oh, well I am glad you two worked things out. I love the ring, by the way." She said, admiring the ring. "Did he propose?" Asked Lucy, al title frightened.

"No, no" I laughed "It's a present from his mom. And you know, I can tell him that I am spending New Year's with you, it's really no problem." I said.

"No way. You finally have things the way they are suppose to be, I won't be a reason why they fall apart." She said. It was really nice of her, but I wasn't taking no for an answer.

"Lucy, he will understand. Don't worry. I made you a promise"

I then called him, it was little awkward, but I didn't care.

"Hello" He said. It was loud where he was.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Dinner with the lads, you want to come?" He invited me. "You cant bring the WHOLE WORLD" He shouted and started to laugh. Yes, he was drunk. "Oh and bring Lucy." He added.

"Let me get back to you." I said, and hung up, then turned to Lucy "You want to go to a dinner party thing with the guys? Harry told me to invite the whole world…and you." I laughed.

"Yes, because I am not a part of the world." She laughed. "I would, but I am looking like this." she said and looked at herself.

After 10 minutes of me convincing her to come, she agreed and it took us like 30 minutes to get ready. I gave her some of my clothes. We weren't too casual and not to formal. Our outfits were for any occasion. Harry texted me the address and we went there.

When we entered I saw Leena there. I didn't really notice that she wasn't home. I said hello to everyone and they greeted me. After that I placed Lucy to sit next to Harry, and I sat next to Lucy.

"Hello there, Lucy" Said Harry as he put his hand around her. "I know that you and…" He pointed the finger at me "Jen over here, are planning to spend New Year's together-" I cut him off.

"Yeah, about that. I'm not coming to New York. I can't. I already promised Lucy." I said quickly.

"Well, I just wanted to ask Lucy if she would like to come as well. " Said Harry "And I really didn't plan on her saying no, so…" he added and took out another plane ticket and gave it to Lucy ."So, have I changed your mind?" He asked smiling. I looked at Lucy and she took the ticket and kissed him on the cheek. "Ok, now that that's settled, who want's a drink?!"

Lucy and I didn't drink much but the rest were so waisted. It was actually really funny. After that me and Liam were the only ones who were sober.

"Lovely ring" Complimented me Liam.

"Thank you. Harry gave it to me" He raised his eyebrows in surprise "no, we are not engaged. Actually it's a christmas present form his mom" I said and smiled. He admired it for few moments and then smiled at me.

"It's beautiful." He said.

"Thank you" I replied proudly. "Hey, I never asked you, what's going on with you and Danielle?" I asked.

"Yeah, we are good. Apparently talked to Eleanor about it, and apologized so we're cool." He said and smiled. I was really glad they worked things out. They were perfect for each other. "Anyway, I've been meaning to ask you, are Niall and your sister…you know…together?" He said.

"Well, as far as I know, no. But I haven't ask her due to my situation, but I will" I answered.

"Do you think she likes him? Because look at them" He said, I turned my head and she was leaning on his shoulder and they were laughing really loud with Lucy.

"Yeah, but Leena is really head over heals about this guy…Richard" I said. I don't think Leena likes Niall that way…but who knows, maybe they will end up together.

"Love, love look!" Called me Harry. He and Zayn made a pyramid of glasses, forks, knifes, spoons, and everything else that was on the table"We are artists!" He said and him and Zayn started to laugh.

"And what is that?!" I asked pointing to the pyramid.

"Oh silly girl" said Zayn "Your ordinary eye can not capture the real meaning behind this!" Him and Harry started to laugh really hard.

"And what might that be?" Asked Liam.

"It symbolizes the annual parallax of the sun!" Philosophized Harry, with a dramatic look on his face.

I took a picture of it and post it on twitter. "@Harry_Styles and @zaynmalik are artists. It symbolizes the annual parallax of the sun. If you don't know how this came to that, neither do I' I wrote.

"What about me?!" Asked Liam "I am present in this situation!"

I rolled my eyes playfully and changed the tweet before I post it to "@Harry_Styles and @zaynmalik are artists. this symbolizes the annual parallax of the sun. If you don't know how this came to that, neither do me and @Real_Liam_Payne"

He smiled and I finally post it.

At almost 2 a.m.. Leena and I left, giving Lucy a lift. After I parked the car, I helped Leena be very quiet and took her to bed. While we were in her bedroom we talked.

"So, do you like Niall?" I asked her, taking her shoes off as she didn't help.

"I love Niall. Niall is my baby." She said, closing her eyes and smiling.

"No, I mean do you like like him?" I asked again trying to sound more clearer.

"Oh no, no no no. Me and Niall are brothers, except that I am the sisters…" She said, confused by her own sentence. I laughed because she didn't know what she was talking. "What I want to say, is that I love Niall but we are brothers" She said.

"Ok, ok I just wanted to know." I said, and smiled while taking her top of and putting her pajamas on.

"But" She said "We did have sex." I opened my eyes widely.

"What?!" I said. I didn't believe that.

"Well, no." She said and laughed at herself. She gave me a little shock. "But we almost did."

"Really?" This was starting to get amusing. I really didn't know if Leena was a virgin or not, because that question never came to my mind.

"Yeah, it was the day of that party you and Harry fought. This random guy spilled wine on my dress so me and Niall went to find the bathroom and try to clean in off. I was so drunk and took the dress off in front of him. And I don't know what happened, but we kissed." She said, and stopped a little "I think I'm going to be sick!" She said and ran to the bathroom. She vomited in the toilet and I held her hair, It wasn't a pleasant view.

"So" She continued to talk as she took a break from vomiting. "Things got heated. And he touched me, so it's only fair if I touch him."

"Were did he touch you?" I laughed.

"Here, here and sometimes here." She said pointing to her breasts, ass and the last was her vagina.

"Really?!" I asked surprised and laughed because she was explaining it really funny. "And what happened after?"

"Hold on" She said, and went back to vomiting. It took her few minutes. There were really interesting things in the toilet. I regretted looking in it because it was disgusting.

"God, Leena, what on earth did you drink?" I asked, looking away from it.

"I ate too!" She said, while vomiting. I couldn't help but laugh. After that she had nothing in her stomach to vomit but gastric juice. I washed her face with cold water, and took her to bed.

"So, after that" She continued talking. "I was so turned on, and he was so…hard. And he lifted me and put me on the sing and went between my legs" She was making it to visualizing "And I felt the…presence. But someone knocked on the door, because we locked it by accident, and I got dressed, and that's it." She said.

"Wow, so you don't like him?" I asked, as she laid on the pillow and closed her eyes.

"It's better to lose my virginity to a guy who is my best friend, than to a boy who will just fuck me up in the end." She said, and drifted to sleep. I laughed and left for my room.

"Wow." I heard someone in the hallway. It was aunt Anna.

"Please don't wake mom and Rob." I said, practically begging her.

"Don't worry. When is your curfew?" She asked.

"Around 12, but I can stay out until 12:30." I said. The same goes for Leena.

"Ok, just go to bed. You have to pack in the morning." She said, and I thanked her. "Oh, and Leena is coming as well, I don't know if she told you."

"What? Really?" I asked surprised. But, she didn't even have the time to tell me.

"Yeah, she asked me to ask your parents. By the way, they said yes to both of you. So get some rest." I did as she said, and I fell asleep really fast.


I woke up. It was around 9am. My alarm is really loud.

"God damn it Jen, it's 9 in the morning!" Said Leena from the door and threw a pillow at me before she went back to her room. Yes, my alarm is really loud, it woke her up too.

"Don't go back to sleep Leena, we have to pack!" I shouted to her.

"Bite me!" She said and slammed the door. She is not a morning person. I got up and did the everyday routine. I showered and put out things on my bed so I just had to put them into a suitcase. I went downstairs and Anna was making pancakes.

"Smells good." I said.

"Did you pack?" She asked me as she put a pancakes on my plate.

"Almost. I only have to put my clothes in he suitcase, but everything I am taking is on my bed. I only have to gather my shampoo and other personal hygiene equipment " I said, and took a bite from my pancake.

"Hi" Came grumpy Leena. "I see you packed." She said. I guess she heard our conversation.

"See you haven't. Come on…" I said.

"Yeah, well, I am not going." She said, still grumpy.

"What, why?!" Come on Leena." I said. I didn't understand her.

"I can't find mr Diggy." She said, and took a bite from her pancake.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I said, and laughed.

"Don't laugh, you know I have a fear of nights and mr Diggy helps me!" She said, sounding really serious.

"Who is mr Diggy?" Asked aunt Anna.

"It's her stuffed animal." I said, and laughed.

"He is not a stuffed animal. He is a stuffed rabbit! And he helps me through everything. He was there when I learned to ride a bike on two wheels. He was there when I got my first heels. He was there when I started high school. He was there when I needed him. And I need him now!" She said, really sad.

"Fine, I will help you find mr Diggy, while you pack, ok?" I said, finding a resolution to the little problem. She nodded and we went upstairs.

The morning went by fast. We found mr Diggy under her bed, and she packed. It was unreal how many things she took for only 5 days.

Later that day, I called Lucy to check up on her. Our plane was leaving at around 2p.m. and we picked her up, while aunt Anna was taking us to the airport. The boys were waiting for us and there also were Danielle and Eleanor. We went through the gates to the plane.

Lucy and Leena talked. They talked through out the whole plane ride. It was weird. I never knew they had so much in common. I fell asleep after an hour.


"Wake up love" I heard Harry say, and then felt his kiss on my forehead.

"Why? No." I said. I really wanted to sleep.

"We are landing in 15 minutes." He said, and kissed me again.

I finally got up and we cuddled until we landed. There were paparazzi and Harry took my hand. Leena was talking to Zayn as they got out, Lucy was with Eleanor, Danielle was with Liam and Louis. There was a car outside that waited for us. It was around 9 and we got to the hotel at 9:30.

In the hotel we had to share rooms.

Leena was with Lucy, I was with Harry, Niall was with Zayn, Louis and Eleanor and Liam with Danielle.

Harry went to take a shower and I drifted to sleep, I don't know why but I was so tired.

Harry's POV

I came back from the bathroom, with a towel around my waist, and saw exhausted Jenna, lying on the bed, sleeping. She looked so peaceful but I had to wake her up so she could get ready.

"Love" I said, and shook her "Baby wake up. Let's get some food, come on" I said

"I want to sleep…" She murmured. It took me 10 more minutes and she finally got up and took a quick shower.

After, she put on a really pretty dress. It wasn't like a cocktail dress, it was white and cute, and she looked like a princess in it.

"Gorgeous" I said, and kissed her cheek. She smiled, as she put on red lipstick. We got to the lobby and everyone was already there. And the car was waiting outside.


Smile - Avril Lavigne


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