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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU) - Comments, page 3


That_Moment That_Moment

@All_Of_Me. They will.... soon ;)

@xrightknow sooon!!!

@directioner-for-lyf. I will

@Carrie I know right!

Sheeesh. If There's a guy that's honestly not homophobic, it's Louis. Like. And all the yelling. I haven't yelled at anyone in years. How weird.

Loving dis story...update soon

cute know they have to kiss

Updateeee it was great Awh. I need them to kiss now.. Anytime!!!

That_Moment That_Moment

OMG I'm in love with this story but plz update

This is kind of cool. Totally unrealistic, but cool. It's weird How I am exactly like that with my bestie too.

@onexdirection Thanks! I take it you like it??? Lol and don't worry love, I'm updating tomorrow (I swear)

This needs updated once a week

@KMC_Lover I will soon!

please update

Ahh good bc waiting is killing meeee.xx

That_Moment That_Moment

@Kiss me you fool. Probably TOMORROW!

Good and yes larry forevrrrrrrrrr. And you're going To update today?:))

That_Moment That_Moment

@saram2712000 I will love

@xrightknow. Awww! Thanks

@Kiss me you fool.that's what I think of Kendall and Harry to. (LARRY FOREVER!!!) And I'll update soon

Kendall and harry isn't anything to serious I mean she did get mad at us bc she said her bf was fed up with ppl saying she was dating harry haha. And Louis and harry went to Jamaica so yeahhh:) and his update was perfect. I need more now anhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.xxx

That_Moment That_Moment

i dont really care for harrys life sorry. i love it and wish you updated more. and did i like that to was reading it

Update soon please. I'm dyeing to know whats going to happen next.

One of my favorite Larry stories ever so far, can't wait for more between them to happen!