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It was a fucking tragedy. It was as if the world had eaten two pounds of beans and decided to take a dump on Kismet's head on that Friday morning. Her skull was pounding, her throat was dry, and the sunlight filtering through her broken blinds felt like a slow, painful death. The icing on the cake, her alarm screaming at her, made her almost homicidal. Groaning, she reached over and slammed her palm against the snooze button, turning over and wiping the sleep from her eyes.

On Saturdays she opened the pub and got it ready for the coming evening, and she hated it. Mostly she hated waking up early with a hangover, but the two almost always coincided.

Sitting up, she stretched her arms above her head before getting up and padding to her bathroom to throw something on. Sliding on her boots and tying a bandana in her hair, she left. Kismet's flat wasn't very far from her job, close enough she didn't need a cab but far enough to be an inconvenience. She only called a cab when she was proper fucked and couldn't even walk in zigzags, much less a straight line.

Three Wise Monks Pub sat on the corner of Lancaster and Wellington, and it was the only place to be Friday and Saturday nights. So every Saturday, Kismet had to come into work early -9 o'clock- to count inventory and make sure the place was set for the upcoming night.

Walking up to the door, Kismet took out her set of keys and unlocked the door, stepping in and turning on the lights.

"Thank god for the cleaning crew," she mumbled, her eyes scanning the spotless counters and tables. If she remembered correctly, there'd been a bar fight the night before and, of course, there'd been a mess to clean up.

Kismet was inside for two and a half hours, counting inventory, bringing new bottles out, making sure everything on the small stage was alright. Making sure all the lights were off and locking up the inside, she stepped back into the brisk November air and locked the door.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes? Hello beautiful."

Kismet looked up from the now locked door in confusion, turning to the unfamiliar voice that had addressed her.


He had luscious curly locks and stood a little taller than Kismet. His full lips set in a smirk and his bright green eyes were mesmerizing. He was fit, no one could disagree, and he was staring at Kismet like a lion sizing up his prey.

"I haven't seen you around," he said softly, taking a small step towards her. "Granted, I've been away for a little while. Are you new?"

Kismet made a face. "No, I'm not new. And I'm not interested, either. Sorry mate."

The handsome stranger chuckled, countering, "C'mon, I bet I could show you a pretty good time."

Kismet's face dropped, stunned at this strangers bluntness. He was nice to look at, of course, and the way he was looking at her had caused her heart to pound nervously once or twice, but alas- no, she was not interested.

Her phone ringing woke her up, in a sense, and she reached into her back pocket without taking her eyes off this man and brought her phone to her ear.

"Yes?" She answered.

"Are you done in the pub?"

Kismet decided now would be a nice time to make an exit, and without a second glance she left her stranger standing in front of the pub.

"Yeah, I am. What're you doing?"

Myka laughed on her side of the phone, "I'm hungry, can I come over?"

"Yeah, bring some drinks."

"Right, love. I'll see you in a bit."

Kismet hung up her phone and walked the three and a half blocks back to her flat, throwing her keys onto her mattress and heading for the small kitchen.

Her flat was small, you could say. But if you did, it would be an understatement. Really, it was a room with a bathroom and a small kitchen area, the only source of heat in the cold months being the heater beside her bed. She liked it, Kismet did. She might've preferred a larger place, but this was what she could afford and the distance to her job was quite agreeable. So she stayed in the small flat nestled on Grover’s street -as if she had a choice.

Kismet had pulled out a microwave pizza and by the time it was cooked and had cooled down, Myka was at her door. She knocked once before opening the door herself and throwing herself onto Kismet's full sized bed. Stretching, Myka smiled at her friend.

"Ay, slag. You miss me?"

Kismet rolled her eyes, "I saw you yesterday." Myka sighed.

"Shame, because I sure missed you."

Kismet laughed, jumping onto her bed and wrapping her arms around her best friend, burying her face into her neck.

"I missed you too," she mumbled, laughing. Myka pushed her off, demanding food. Quickly, Kismet brought the plate of pizza over to the bed, placing it between them and taking a bite.

Kismet was peeling off a pepperoni and tossing it in her mouth when she asked, "Did you bring the drinks?" Myka nodded, moving some of her messy blonde hair out of her face.

"They're in the car, will you go get them?"


"Bitch." Myka laughed, pulling herself off the bed and leaving the flat to go get the drinks from her small town car. Kismet had polished off two more slices by the time she got back, earning a glare from her friend.

Kis put her slice down and picked up a bottle, twisting off the cap and taking back a swig.

"So I met this guy today." Kismet said casually, taking another bite. Myka raised an eyebrow, otherwise busy with all the cheese falling off her slice. She gestured for her to go on.

"He hit on me, quite directly actually."

"And what did you say?" Myka inquired.

"To fuck off," Kismet said obviously, quickly adding, "Basically."

"Was he fit?"

Kismet rolled her brown eyes, that would be her question. "He was pretty, yes. He did look a bit familiar, actually. Now that I think about it." She racked her brain for a place, a time, maybe a name, but came up empty handed. "Don't know where I know him from, though."

"Maybe from your dreams?" Myka teased, batting her lashes. Kismet guffawed, pushing her shoulder playfully.

"What can I get you tonight?"

"Uhm- just a bottle of ale, if you will."

"Coming right up."

Kismet turned away from the customer, grabbing the first bottle she saw and handed it to the man who'd asked for it with a smile.

"Here you are."

He nodded, leaving a ten in front of her with a, "Thanks love."

She gave him a quick nod before returning to wiping whatever spills had come in contact with the counter and adding any extra money to the cash register.

Myka was suddenly beside her, quickly asking if she wanted to go for a drink after work. Which meant stay after closing and drink whatever they could get their hands on, promising to pay it back later. Kismet shrugged, and Myka promised to be back for a better answer. Kis laughed and blindly turned to the next costumer, routinely asking what they'd like without even a second glance.

"You, if you're on the menu."

Kismet was used to these kind of advances during work, so she didn't blink twice. "Ale it is." She said, grabbing a cup and the nozzle to fill it with. Handing him the cup, she stopped when his hand wrapped around hers. She looked up at the stranger, eyebrows raised and a snarky remark on her lips but stopped when she saw who it was, instead sneering.

"You again?" she demanded. The curly headed boy winked, leaning over the counter towards her.

"Yeah, me again. Did you miss me?"

Kismet glared at the boy before glancing behind him, where his friend stood. He had short, shaggy brown hair in disarray, sweet blue-ish green eyes, and a pretty smile. He watched the scene from behind his pal, a goofy smile on his face.

"Harry, come on I don't think the lass is interested."

"Your mate's right," Kismet nodded. "I'm not interested."

"No no, don't listen to Louis." Harry laughed, "He doesn't know what he's talking about. He doesn't see what I see."

"And just what do you see?"

"A pretty bird that is so obviously in love with me she doesn't even know it herself. What, you don't see that as well?"

Kismet rolled her eyes, grabbing her wash cloth and moving to clean up another small spill. "Goodbye, Harry. Nice meeting you Louis."

Harry followed her down the length of the bar. "Are you breaking up with me already, pet?"

Kismet stopped. "Yeah, we'll put it that way. Goodbye, so long, and fuck off."

Harry smirked. "Sure thing love, I'll see you later."

With that he and Louis left, leaving a rather large tip of the counter. Kismet picked it up and turned it over in her hands, waiting for her imagination to quit playing tricks on her and make that number smaller.

"Was that him? Ohh, he sure was a looker, wasn't he?"

Kismet looked over at Myka, rolling her eyes. "You want him? Go and get him."

Myka didn't respond, instead staring at the door the two boys had just left from, thinking. "Actually," She said after a moment, "I think I know where you've seen him before."


Oh dear diary, I met a boy. He made my doll heart light up with joy.
-Marina & the Diamonds

Kismet's outfit.

So, I decided to post my story from Mibba on here! Hope you all like it :3


Update please :D
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